My Sponsors and Review Policy.

My Vision and Policy

My number one rule is I only work with people who can play well with others.  Keep in mind that this is a mutual benefit to each other, I get to save a few lindens engaging in my hobby blog, and some time in seeking out things. You get the benefit of my enthusiasm, marketing, networking, and of course my words!  Please also be considerate of the fact that I actually pay for, rather than earn money for, the ability to blog for anyone, including for my official clients; through blog hosting, poses, props, photographer tools and other in-game necessities , such as paid photography groups, or tips to the Sims I use for pics.  This is my choice, and hobby which I enjoy. I love to celebrate the diversity, creativity, and contributions that many make to the community. I believe in positive community building because let’s face it, most of us don’t earn anything for what we do in game.  I do not accept pay-to-publish items or stores as everything is based on my integrity and opinions.  I do only which provides me pleasure to support.  The main point?  The pleasure is my compensation.

I am not currently looking for any full-time clients.  I have my hands very full and want to leave time for me to post about discoveries of new shops, those fabulous deals I love, as well as some designers and events that I very much appreciate and choose to cover regularly that I do not blog for in an official capacity.   I am, however, happy to review things and will do my best to fit them in.  One benefit of doing complete look posts is that it allows me to cover several designers at once, as well as poses, props, and furnishings. My official clients always take priority, so busy times for them are busy times for me as well.

If you would like to provide me with an item to review please contact me to discuss the item, any sales, prices, special features, sizing, and visions of how you feel it fits in the Second life world or how you would like it portrayed on the blog.  Alternatively, just drop the item and a notecard with that information to me in game. I can’t promise to review it immediately, or even at all if it doesn’t fit my personal preferences, which so I don’t sound conceited or snobbish are rather generous and diverse.  If I agree to blog an item, I am fully committed to following through and will approach it enthusiastically.

If you would like me to feature the shop and/or group. either with or without an item, please provide the information that would be of interest to my readers. Including the benefits of group membership,  as well as which sales, events, or hunts you participate in.

If you have lucky letters, camping chairs, 7Seas Fishing with custom content, or midnight/mini madness boards and would like to be included in the lists, I do not need to review you for this, just drop me a notecard with the slur, and if it requires group membership or not and I will instantly put it on the lists.  These lists get quite a bit of traffic, and I’m happy to support the shops which provide these popular features.

Thank you!