Lucky Letters


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This certainly won’t be a comprehensive list of Lucky Letter chairs and boards in Second Life, but as I blog them, I’ll add them to the list for quick reference later. Not promised to be a current list, although I will do my best to keep it updated.


Brii Underground (group required, group FREE to join)


G Sloane

The Little Black Dress (group required, group FREE to join)

Mosquito’s Way (group required, group FREE to join)


Pink Cream Pie (group required, group 250L to join)

Rowena’s Designs Mainstore

Scandalize (group required, group 100L to join) *temporarily gone


Tiar Mainstore

MOoH! (group required, group 100L to join)

Earthworx (group required/group 100L to join) *board is mostly inactive

Poeme  And furniture across the lot at Vintage Touch

 KC Couture (group required/ group 25L to join)

Insomnia Store(group required/group FREE to join!)

Petite Mort& Oubliette (both stores have combined into one group which is currently FREE to join)

Mara’s Mysteries

Mishmash Fusion

EKC Designs

Finale Couture (group required/group 100L to join)


NYDesign (group required/group FREE to join)

HHVET Victoriana (group required/group FREE to join)

Belle Epoque

Arcane Spellcaster (group required/group 250L to join)


Sexy Shoppers Freebie Market (group required/group 1L to join)

Chic Moda (group required/group 50L to join)

Dulce Secrets

 X-Clusives Animations

Simply Shelby

Vicarious Youth

Caboodle (group required/group 25l to join)

Zuri Jewelry

MadCat Creations (group required/group 1L to join)

ADN Creations (group required/group FREE to join)

Firelight Hair Discount Store @ Free Dove Plaza

Firelight Mainstore

Firelight Satelite Store


*13 (group required/group FREE to join!)


Just 4 Fun

Kosmetic  (some are public, some are group only, group FREE to join)

Sweet E’s at The Free Dove Plaza

Limited Editions

Pr!tty (group required, 3/2018 temp FREE to join)