Hints and Slurs For Grow Your Awareness Hunt

Hi!  Hope you have a blast looking for these lovely prizes.  Feel free to join the Mixmatchmissy group, joiner is located at the first stop here,if you’d like to get help or give help to fellow hunters!  I also, belatedly, and working up a hints and landmarks notecard which will be at the group house from the hunt poster.

I haven’t heard back with the final hints and textures from those not listed, but I hope they’ll trickle in a bit late, especially as I’ve seen previews of works in progress on a few, and am looking forward to them!





Mixmatchmissy Hint:  I’m not beary good at hiding things.





Salty Hint:  The heart of the matter.





Moonstar Hint: “Hiding and watching from behind the stairs.”





 Spyralle (Park Place Store) Hint:   “Above the blue horizon”





[iK01] Industrial Kitty HINT = Have a sip of pop, and rise above and find your prize! 😀





Po^Z Hint “I am sitting on desk, waiting”

G Sloane





13 *there is also an autism tank for men, and tee for women in the box with the prizes.

Men’s hint:  “Look up, look round, your pants are falling down”

Women’s Hint: Bakers Dozen





Stone’s Works Hint : A dragon lights your way





FxM  “Have you looked behind the desk?” *

*She apologizes for the delay, but she had a serious real-life emergency.  I’m glad she is back and her situation improving!  Keep sending well wishes if you were.



Glint: HINT: Looking for an awesome job. There are applications all around me




Feli’s Framed U!  Hint: Stop before you go around the world and you will solve this puzzle.






Third Moon Creations Hint: Among the Barks lays the leprechaun, with his hat full of gold!





MOoH!  Hint: Let this snake shine a light on autism awareness

limited logo A

 Limited Edition: Hint: spring is in the air





Really Rockabilly!Hint:  Riddle of the Sphynx





The Odditorium Hint: Bear with it – it’s on display.





Beloved Jewelry Hint : Center Display






EKC  Find the copy versions or buy the transfer versions for your friends – We suggest hunting though because its funner. Hunt Hint : To the world you may be one person, but to one person you may be the world..

Madcatcreations - new logo





Storax Tree Hint: Look near the hunt poster.





The Little Black Dress Hint: Be aware – your skin might be shiny!

Hint2: I hope your awareness rose even higher with this hunt

Emerald Couture-New-Logo 1-1-18.png

Emerald Couture  I can do the Bunny Hop




Shoe-ddiction  Have a seat next to Marlon.


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