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Hints and Slurs For Grow Your Awareness Hunt

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About the Hunt

April is Autism Awareness Month.  I think most of us know that autism is and how affects 1 in 50 Children.  However, my dream for Autism Awareness month is to see a deeper empathy in us neurotypical people that allows us to accept and fully include these unique individuals in our communities.  We will all be richer for it.  This list of generous designers has aided me in my mission to turn some hearts and minds towards to persons with Autism.  Please pay it forward by thinking of how you can assist at least one person with autism into feeling safe, included, and valued.

Autism is complex, and when my son was first diagnosed it was hard to wrap my mind around exactly what it would mean for him and my family. I don’t seek to educate on exactly what it is, I don’t feel I have the capacity to do that, even after all of these years.  But there are a few things I’d everyone to think about.

  • Just because someone can’t speak doesn’t mean they don’t have anything to say.
  • They can often understand better than they can express, so keep that in mind when talking about an autistic person in their presence.
  • Forcing eye-contact is not necessary for an autistic person to have a flow of communication with you, it’s not that they aren’t engaged with you, they are protecting themselves from stimuli that makes it difficult from them to process what is going on, and may overwhelm them.
  • Stop the micro-aggressions!  This is the side-eye glances or the small comments to parents who are struggling with their children in public, or to autistic adults who may need to engage in mannerisms that seem odd to you.  They add up, they hurt.  Remember that these individuals aren’t giving people a hard time, they are having a hard time. Even tiny compassion goes a long way.
  • Think about how you can make your environment more friendly to the sensory needs of individuals with autism.  The more comfortable they are, the more they don’t have to work to shut down excess stimuli, the more engagement they will give.  As as I have said, that engagement makes us all richer.

And now some of the previews I have had trickle in, this is what we are excited for!

Hints and Slurs For Grow Your Awareness Hunt


I’m looking for a few more folks to help me show off some previews and get the word out about the hunt.  Please use the contact form or drop me  a notecard in game with the following information:

SsL User name: (calling card dropped on note is preferred)

Blog url:

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Additional Information (including additional contacts or preferred ways of communication other than IM)


Thank you!