Grow Your Awareness Hunt

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Firstly, this is not an application per se, no one who wants to support the Autistic Community will be denied entry.

Let me introduce myself. although some of you know me. I’m Missy, and the mother of a beautiful son with Autism, as well as a disability rights parent mentor (that is I help people get the services they need, and train them to self-advocate) As you may know, April is Autism Awareness Month. Let me state this is NOT a charity hunt. This grid-wide hunt is something that I’d like to do to spread some awareness, as well as get some traffic to some of my favorite stores. There is no entry fee, if you need some lindens to cover costs, let me know, I want this on ME!

I myself will set out a gift in the Plaza area of The Free Dove, with the same design as the hunt poster, minus the hunt info, and a few other stores have indicated interest already, those already committed have their logos in the above slideshow. Hunt objects will be placed in your own shops. Items do not need to be exclusive and do not have to say autism on them. Some ideas would be rainbows, puzzle pieces, trees, blue shirts, blue lighting, things promoting inclusiveness, anti bias-language, and on and on as far as your creativity allows!

Please drop me a notecard in game, or email me using the contact form on my blog with the following information:

Store Name *

SsL User name:

Store SLURL *

Link to Store Logo ( downloadable, or just drop the texture on your notecard) *

Additional Information (including additional contacts or preferred ways of communication other than IM)

Possible hunt reward item: