Growing My Awareness

Absolutely wonderful post by Kat over at FabFree, a favorite blog and blogger of mine. Please visit Fabfree, like this post, and considering supporting the group, they provide a great community service for designers and customers alike, and now me! =)

FabFree - Fabulously Free in SL

Rockin' the Polka Dots

Hello there, Fabulouses, and Happy April!  It’s always so exciting to have a new month roll around, so my pal Ripley and I can dust off his tracking harness and hit the trail.  My outfit today is from an April hunt that is not only fun, but also works to raise awareness about Autism, which affects 1 in 50 children.  I am so happy to do my part to support MixMatchMissy with this endeavor.  Her goal with this hunt is to encourage people to “pay it forward by thinking of how you can assist at least one person with autism into feeling safe, included, and valued.”  If you’d like to learn more about Autism or the Grow Your Awareness Hunt, please take a moment to visit MixMatchMissy’s blog post about the topic.

Rockin’ the Polka Dots

This adorable crimson frock with white polka dots from Thirteen is just simply adorable! …

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