Free Dove Challenge #7


Pose by Po^Z  which is a gift at The Free Dove!


It seems unfair of me to call this look a challenge because really it’s just 3 boxes of things, 4 counting my skin. And while at least for this post, there are no March Free Dove Mini Hunt items shown, I am wearing one of the special St. Patrick’s Day items set up on the seasonal platform, which is to the left of the jewelry from the main landing point. I’m mentioning this area because, even I sometimes forget to check that area for each Holiday, and even less when I actually get to blog it on time. However, skin aside, which I always have to remind myself about because it’s always there, everything I am wearing today is NEW to The Free Dove!  And of course, everything at The Free Dove is a group gift , and the group is FREE to join, so this and all my other Free Dove Challenge posts are 100% FREE to anyone, mesh body aside.

It’d only been less than 2 full weeks since I’d been inside The Free Dove when I was starting to seek out the mini-hunt items, but when I was in there last night again to seek out the inspiration for my look, there were just simply loads of new things. I walked out with so many new bags and boxes that I was having a hard time choosing one.  But, I was sitting there in my skybox rental, and for no reason when I changed over the last time from a blank box that I used my photo studio in, I chose the fishing cabin scene. Well, ok, maybe I chose it because He is an outdoorsy sort, and I thought he’d enjoy it.  But sitting there, mentally running over what I’d picked up, my mind settled on this cute little overalls set.  It’s kind of the perfect mesh for me being there in his outdoorsy world, appropriate, but just with that extra flash of style.


Pose by HelaMiyo Look in the sky 4


So the top, pants, bracelet, and shoes are part of one gift from Composer Girls Fashion.  This is a new to me designer, so I went to nose around the main store to get the scoop to put here on the blog. So here’s what I discovered.  Most items come as complete outfits like this one did, bonus.  There’s one set that you can buy as a mix-n-match, totally LOVE this idea for some reason *innocent look*.  They have a discount store at The Free Dove Plaza, again love. There is a free for anyone outfit available, as well as gifts for the Sexy Fashionable Gorgeous Me, Avantguardista,  and Mesh Avatar Appearance Maniacs groups as well as this and another Free Dove offering.  Also, there is a group gift (pay 1 get 1), and the group is FREE to join! With everything being full outfits this is a ton of generosity!  Pop in and check out this really cute store, you won’t regret it!


This adorbs very Missy hair; dark, shiny, straight, precision cut, is just one of three new gift hairs from Posh Couture at The Free Dove! The “Kiko Mesh Hair” gift comes with the darks hud. I blogged another gift hair at The Dove from this designer of yesterday, but since that post was gargantuan, I didn’t write up the store, I’m doing that now! I found myself wandering into this huge, bright, modern shop.  There’s everything from head to toe in the shop. With two blogs in a row, I’m definitely one of their new hair fans!  The Posh Couture group is 500L to join, and I didn’t get all the details, but there are at least a monthly group gift and VIP sales for grou members.  The store also participates in my 60 Linden Secret grid wide sale, as well as 70 Linden weekends; today there was one offering for 60 Linden Secret, and 2, a hair and lingerie, for 70 Linden Weekends. They are also participating in the Darkness Inside 2 Hunt.

Gem Poses “Sunkissed 2”

My hand just wasn’t doing enough to keep the sun out of my eyes, so I popped on this pair of green sunglasses that is out as a seasonal/holiday gift from Prism.  I also find it super fun that there is a top of the head version of these too, you know, how we wear them pushed up when the shade isn’t needed.  It was my also my first visit to Prism, and I found it to be full of classic fashion.  There was a marketplace link next to the desk that led to some dollarbie gifts and promotionally priced items.  They are also, excitingly, and I need to get my butt moving on this hunt, participating in the Steam VIII Hunt.

And that’s it for my 7th Free Dove challenge, as I didn’t put any makeup on over my Avi-Glam Anna skin that I always wear that’s from The Free Dove.  This challenge has 2 brand new designers that have joined the Free Dove team, with brand new gifts if you’ve not been down to the store lately! I’m thinking my next one will feature items from the March Mini-Hunt, so stay tuned, it should be in just a few days, so I can get caught up on my complete look posts!




Get it!
Hair:  Posh Couture “{PP} Kiko Mesh Hair” – @   The Free Dove – group gift/group FREE to join.

Prism “Aviator Sunglasses Green – Nose”  @   The Free Dove – group gift/group FREE to join.

Skin: Avi-Glam  “AG. Anna Skin (T1, black eyebrows, cleavage)” @   The Free Dove – group gift/group FREE to

Full Outfit (top, overalls, bracelet, shoes: Composer Girls Fashion – “!GCF – Tan Paris Bib Overall Outfit” @   The Free Dove – group gift/group FREE to join.

Body:  Slink Hourglass

Sim: Fishing Cabin Scene @ $60L Plus Rentals

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