The Good, The Bad, and There Ain’t No Ugly


Horse and pose by Fashiowl! Was a gift during the February Shop till you drop event.

Dazzle’s March Round is now open! This month’s theme is the Zebra Revolution.  I kind of wonder why the Zebra’s need break free of tyranny? I mean, they are kinda in prison on the reserves or in zoos, and do too many people think they are white with black stripes when some are really black with white stripes?  Bad jokes and silliness aside, the zebra theme can really inspire many forms of creativity, from bold and wild, to earthy and serene, and even whimsical and childish.  I’m looking forward to this round, and really glad that I have something to show you already! I did already let the cat out the bag in my last post and said I had a Stetson to show off.  As any good cowboy knows,  letting a cat out of a bag is whole lot easier than putting it back in.  But what I didn’t know was that He (the He of my stories) was going to be in them as well, with another color of the hat.

Dazzle March Main Banner.png

I really was chomping at the bit to show off this new Western hat design by Stone’s Works. Today was also a date day for He and I, and there are two shades of this hat. I figured we might switch out our skyrockets in flight for a bit of horseplay.  I sent him a text telling him to show up today in his jeans and boots, and as expected my gentleman cowboy was up for the job. Up on the horse that is!  Ok, I will admit to being fully at fault for any naughty direction your mind may have gone there, but I am in no way repentant about it.

Exposeur is having a huge Marketplace sale, and I snagged the whole set of “Cowgirl Up” poses for only 50L

I know, you ladies are likely grumpy with me for leaving him out of this pic, he is pretty hot, isn’t he? But the Dazzle exclusive is actually the white hat. Ok, in full disclosure, maybe I really liked some of these solo shots I took yesterday, so it’s possible I’m being a bit of an egomaniac and hiding behind the exclusive title to show off? This is the one with a limited sales time, however, so, Nah, I’m being a good girl and doing the write thing, not to be confused with the right thing, as that’s something I rarely do.


I may have mentioned a few times The “Stallion Cowboy Hat” in white is the exclusive this round.  What I really like about it is the contrast of the black of the soft and dynamic back feather, against the pristine white.  Once again, luckily it’s Second Life, as any Western hat of mine would not be pristine for long, even a dress hat. The silver brim design also is bold enough with the tooled horseheads over onyx, to not wash out as often can happen when silver accents are added to a white object. Instead of a side buckle, there’s a larger round onyx and ring buckle at the back,  with a trailing cross design, and adds some more flair along with the fun, dynamic flexi feathers.

The pose is with the horse, but I had to get the apple myself!

Most of the rest of my outfit, other than my basics, either is no longer available or doesn’t cut the mustard for cheapness, but I do always list everything on my style card, and today his clothes will be as well.  With the exception of Exposeur’s 50 linden marketplace sale, which runs thru tomorrow, I only have another of The Little Black Dress’s dollarbie lipstick samples to send you to snag.  Today, I’m wearing the “*LBD* Rosy Large – Nudes Sampler”, comes as standard tattoo, Omega, Akeruka, Catwa, and LeLutka appliers.  I do feel like I’m ripping ya’ll off on a big information packed deals post, but I’ll take the slap on the hand for being bad this time.

Which brings us back to the title.  According to him, the horse is always good, and that he’d be the huckleberry and take the ugly, which leaves me with bad.  I do my best to meet expectations.  On second thought, this is likely exactly what he had in mind.  I really can’t let him claim the ugly title either because unlike me being bad, him being ugly is totally false!  I am not, however, bad enough to give all the details for the rest of our afternoon!



Get it!


Hat:  Stone’s Works “Stallion Hat”  -225L @Dazzle

Hair: ArGrace (hairbase 4) Midnight (I’m guessing came with his hair, the mens seem to run around 225L)

Skin: Ooh-la-licious “Male skin” -500L

Shirt:  Horr Menswear “Tacoma” -100L

Jeans:  Horr Menswear “Bridgeport” -150L

Boots: {CA} CALIGULA “CA Western Classic” -499L

Body:  Slink


Hat:  Stone’s Works “Stallion Hat” -225L @ Dazzle

Hair:  Truth “Farryn” -300L (single color pack)

Skin: Avi-Glam  “AG. Anna Skin (T1, black eyebrows, cleavage)” @   The Free Dove – group gift/group FREE to join.

Glasses: ArisAris “***ArisAris AA26 Charismatic Sunglasses Music”-99L

Lipstick: The Little Black Dress “*LBD* Rosy Large – Nudes Sampler” –1L on Marketplace

Necktie: Moonstar by the Sea “*V* ebony cowgirl necktie – resizeable” -180L

Vest and Jeans: Bens Boutique “Denin on Denim outfit Hud Driven” -200L

Boots:  KC Couture “Dallas Cowgirl Boots” -195L

Body: Slink Hourglass

The Scene

Sim:  $60L Plus Rentals – camping scene

The Horse:  Fashiowl Poses “White Horse” -past event gift

Grasses:  Lunaria “Fluffy Grass” – group gift/group FREE to join

Red Maple Tree:  Simply Shelby “Spring Maple with wildflowers – vip april” -group gift/group FREE to join!

Sittin’ Tree:  Stone’s Works “Sittin’ Tree V 3 2015” -450L






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