Pie in The Sky


I had big plans full of pie puns and fun for you in this post, but I didn’t get a chance to sit down and write, so instead, you’re being treated to a rather rushed post so that there’ll be a few hours to snag this skirt before it’s gone.  The rest of the look will remain for a few days at least (some longer,) but the skirt only has until midnight SL time before it’s gone forever.

Pie Buy Fridays…er Fly Buy Fridays

Fly Buy Fridays are quickly shaping up to be the highlight of my week! Each weekend subscribers and group members are sent a HUD of the participating designers’ specials, ranging from 50-100L.  Not to slight anyone, but 4 of my favorite designers are participating; Pink Cream Pie, Justice, Chic Moda, and Slipper.  I don’t always get to blog my steals, but I was ahead of the game this weekend and should have it out Friday when I got my photos done, but life conspired and I almost didn’t get it out at all!  Seeing as I had the pics, and hopefully a few hours this afternoon, I’m trying to jam this post out, and still do it justice, forgive me for being a bit dryer than I hope to be.  Starting on Fridays, you can snag the HUD at that marketplace link for the week, or do as I did, subscribe to the Fly Buy Friday’s feed and have it sent to you as soon as it’s released! Additionally, there’s a FREE group to join if you prefer that route.  Me, I treasure my group space, so subscribe it is!  Whichever method you choose, snagging the HUD is easy as pie, as is using the slurl links and previews to go exactly where you need to be to scoop up these deals.


Excitedly, I slapped the HUD on as soon as I got it, and this skirt caught my pie.  There’s 10 different Valentine themed prints available this week from Pink Cream Pie for 50 little lindens each of the original mesh “Lucy Skirt.” As you can see, I bought the skirt in the “Valentine Hearts -Light Pink” print.  The Lucy Skirt comes sized for Maitreya, Hourglass, Freya, and Isis.  No matter how you slice it, this is a great deal.  Sorry, again, this came out so late, but hopefully, you now know to catch next week’s deals at the very least!


Having a Riot Down at Sn@tch

Every other week you can find me down at Sn@tch City, 7seas Fishing Pole in hand reeling in the latest Fish-4-This offering.  I always set up near the riot vends with the lucky letter boards in sight (there’s still one left of this latest batch I don’t have yet!)  Despite a bit of lag, there’s a benefit of setting up near the riots.  First, you’re counted towards dropping the prices, and even if you’re not paying attention, or needing what’s offered, you’re helping out others, which is always appreciated as often as we riot at Sn@tch.  Riot offerings stay up for 2 weeks and are updated weekly on Wednesdays when half are changed out. I got in on a riot this week and purchased this “Svana Hair” with all of the color HUDs for just 55 lindens.  There’s a regular and a large size in the package, and the large fit just perfectly over my rather large bust.


I fished up the choker, along with 23 other fabulous items, while I was there.  This current stocking of the 7seas pond contains Valentine themed lingerie, dresses, mini skirts, lipsticks, hair, shoes and this adorable heart choker in pink.  You’ll need your 7seas fishing pole (100L) to catch this loot, but it is reusable for all future 7seas fishing you may do, including the oft-updated Sn@tch!


Two Dollarbies!

For just one linden, you can purchase 2 components of this look.  The glasses, which I wear quite often, and are FULL PERM from -LEO- (marketplace link), and my eyeshadow which is just one of many that are fairly newly updated at Dulce Secrets. Soft pinks plus a thick black liner the “::DS:: Boheme Dream Eyeshadow” worked perfectly for my look and comes in standard tattoo, or Catwa, LeLutka, or Omega applier. The rest of my makeup, including the freebies I’m wearing, has been previously blogged so check the style card!

More Freebies!

I chose the “Lace Tops Gift<3” from Blueberry to match up with this skirt.  While this gift isn’t new, it is FREE to anyone!  There’s a long and a short version of the tank in the gift, I’m wearing the long, as well as a color HUD of 27 of Blueberry’s main colors, plus a shiny gold version with 5 choices of lace and ties.  It comes sized for Maitreya, and all Slink and Belleza Mesh bodies.  If you haven’t been down to Blueberry yet, it would be a great time to spend the 20 lindens to join the group and scoop up the rest of the gifts.


The Gacha Garden Event by Gimme Gacha opened on the first, I played quite a few, (will show those off later) and while I was there scooped every several gifts!  I haven’t opened them all, but I found this soft floral enamel  “[BREATHE]-Mona Bracelet”, by Breathe, obviously, set out a group gift for the Gimme Gacha group which is FREE to join!  The bracelet includes a resize script for that perfect fit! Also from Gacha Garden are two decorations I have placed on the room divider in the background of my shots. The pictures hanging off heart strings is by Dilly Dolls, and the multi-color hearts wall hanging is one of two in the gift from the Velvet Whip

Get it!

Hair:  Sn@tch “Svana Hair L” -Riot Vend -prices vary (55L is the lowest)

Glasses: -LEO- “LEO Sale Glasses with Studs -Full Permissions” -1L on Marketplace (colored by me)

Skin: Avi-Glam  “AG. Anna Skin (T1, black eyebrows, cleavage)” @   The Free Dove – group gift/group FREE to join.

Eyelashes:  ATIA’s  “Plume” in Swag Bag  –FREE!

Eyelashes and Eyeliner tattoo:  Blacklace Beauty “Eyelashes and liner 1” – 99L (fatpack)

Eyeshadow:   Dulce Secrets “::DS:: Boheme Dream Eyeshadow” -1L

Blush: Dulce Secrets “Rosy Glow Blush” @   The Free Dove – group gift/group FREE to join.

Lips: The Little Black Dress “*LBD*Candy Large Supreme Lipstick” which comes in a fatpack with 12 shades, 2 sizes of each shade large and regular, in classic avatar tattoo, Omega, Akeruka, Catwa, Lelutka – 149L

Choker: Sn@tch“21 :::Sn@tch Heart Choker (Pink):::” –FREE w/ 7Seas Fishing Pole

Tank Top:   Blueberry “Blueberry – Lace Tops Gift – Long” (in Pixie color) –FREE

Skirt:  Pink Cream Pie “Lucy Skirt [Valentine Hearts – pink]” – 50L (limited time!)

Bracelet:  Breathe “[BREATHE]-Mona Bracelet” gift at Gacha Garden/Gimme Gacha Group FREE to join

Shoes: Mosquito’s Way “Lorena” -past group gift color

Body:  Slink Hourglass

Sim:  Skybox scene from $60L Plus Rentals






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