Tale As Old as Time


Pose By West End “Sadness 1”


The actual tale that’s as old as time here, is that once again I’m posting a post with hours to go to snag the majority of what’s here.  I debated it, but I was so completely enchanted with the gifts on the Enchantment hunt that even though I finished late last night, I’m on bright and early this morning to pound this post out so it can be both praised, and give you a few hours to rush it!  So I figured instead of my story or ramblings about the stores and why I love something, I’m just going to do one of my annotated style cards. I know, I know, I’m the pits, but if I have a handsome 40+ male reader, I’d accept a spanking for my bad behavior.

Pose by HelaMiyo “Ego4”  dollarbie! in box of 45 poses for 45 Lindens

Hair:  Ali&Ali “A&A Zintha Hair Light Brown” *colorable with edit to shade/darken only  @   The Free Dove – group gift/group FREE to join.

Rose in Hair: Epic “*Epic* Dark Red Hair Rose!”  FREE Enchantment Hunt prize *prize includes sexy rose applier lingerie

Skin: Avi-Glam  “AG. Anna Skin (T1, black eyebrows, cleavage)” @   The Free Dove – group gift/group FREE to join.

Eyelashes:  ATIA’s  “Plume” in Swag Bag  –FREE!

Eyelashes and Eyeliner tattoo:  Blacklace Beauty “Eyelashes and liner 1” – 99L (fatpack)

Lipstick: Little Black Dress “*LBD*Glossy Sheer Lipstick – Ruby” – 149L (fatpack)

Glasses: OLQINU “tasseled glasses <saint>”  Very Missy Modified past event gift 

I specifically included OLQINU because they are also on the Enchantment Hunt, with an item that I did not use for this set.

Rings:  Slipper “Slipper – Bella Ring” *bento for Maitreya or Slink Hands – FREE Enchantment Hunt prize

Necklace:  Beloved Jewelry “Beloved Jewelry: Quassia Necklace” -SALE that includes matching earrings -60L thru Thursday.  Has the new 33 gem texture HUD, as well as 12 metals, and choice of accent and main gem.  I used Gold 1 and Tanzanite as both main and accent gems.

Hand held rose: Whymsical Marketplace“A Father’s Gift” –  FREE Enchantment Hunt prize

Pose By Aerial “Shoes”- group gift/group FREE to join

Dress: Charm “Dress Luana -Yellow” -possible Lucky Letter?  If not current one then 150L

Shoes: 1313 Mockingbird Lane “(*<*) 1313 Belle Slippers” FREE Enchantment Hunt prize


Photoboth:  HelaMiyo FREE gift (used own textures on walls and floor

Stained Glass: Harshlands “[HL] Stained Glass Romance” FREE Enchantment Hunt prize

Bench:  MOoH!  “Tree Bench Belle” – FREE Enchantment Hunt prize

Roses and Pitchers: Zerkalo “[ zerkalo ] Fresh Roses – Red” FREE @ Gacha Gardens / group FREE to join


Now go get it!

Slacker Day!


Finally, loungewear again! Now, I know, that I have said many, many times that I don’t have a style.  However, if I’m not roleplaying in some fashion, I’m running around ultra casual, it’s what I do, it’s the real me, I’m a slob.  I just even realized that I’m wearing something similar as I write this, only the purples and pinks are more jewel-toned!  Everything I’ve got on is mostly FREE for another day or two at least, the group gifts can remain longer, and my Free Dove stuff isn’t going anywhere soon.

Shop Till You Drop

Truth had a booth at Shop Till You Drop, and this Astra Valentine’s gift was FREE to all there.  It was a super generous gift with ALL of Truth’s color HUDs, and a style HUD.  Since the event ended on the 26th, I decided to show off this hair as a thank you, and in conjunction with mentioning that the 50% items are still in the marketplace if you missed the event (search VDAY).  This hair is also for sale on the MP, but not 50% off, the full fatpack will cost you 1250 lindens, 400 lindens for the variety pack, or 250L for a single color hud.  I know I had alot of trouble getting in until towards the end of the event, and others may have just given up.  I finally snagged the Farryn hair that I’ve been drooling over for a couple of months now for just 150 lindens for the single color pack.  I do have plans for that hair and this blog in the works, but the magic eightball said NO when I asked if I’d get that post out by the end of the month.  Spoiler alert, that loosey-goosey gorgeous french braid looks amazing under a white Stetson.  Stay tuned if you’re craving a western look!

*Noon SLT update, Group Notice sent out that Astra is available at the Truth Front Desk for FREE!  


Gacha Garden

I had so many goodies to show off from this round of the Gacha Gardens that didn’t even get around to showing off my Justice Liza Dress gacha RARE win (and only on the 2nd pull!)  I did blog a few things here, and here, but, seeing as Gimme Gacha events rank among my favorites, I’ll give another little shout out and hope it drags another body into the event. I’m wearing A*S’s  “Candy Heart collar love” which was the gift set out at the A*S gacha stall at the Gacha Garden Event.  You’ll need to be a member of the Gimme Gacha group to snag any of the gifts, but the group is FREE to join (and imo a very fun group to remain in for chat and gacha trading!)  It ends on the 28th, so if you haven’t gotten down there yet, shake your tail feather!


Sealed With a Kiss

If you’re like me and doing all you can to catch up on all you missed in terms of hunts and events this month, you should put The Sealed With a Kiss Hunt on your list! I found these pink floral chucks at Poeme for just 1 linden!  They are unrigged and modifiable, so they’ll work with any feet!  If you love em, head down and snag them by the end of the 28th!


I ❤ Group gifts!

Justice is one of my absolute favorite stores to get my everyday looks.  Absolutely everything I’ve demoed or purchased from there is rigged amazingly well, little if any glitches, even with my slider so far to the right on my boobs, and I definitely have my body fat slider some to the right as well! I barely have to use my alpha hud at all. I often joke in group chat about how much I love how her stuff does “justice” to my hiney in such a way that even I can’t stop staring at it. (See what I did there? And see me wearing the Bailee Jeans that started this love affair here.)

Then there’s the fact that the owner, Valentine, is one of the genuinely nicest people that I’ve had the privilege to meet in Second Life.  Currently, at Justice, there are 3 group gifts available for women, including these lavender leggings, and one gift for men.  Group privileges also give a percentage of credit when you make a purchase.  To my great delight, she often participates in Fly Buy Fridays!  I lurrrrveeeee Fly Buy Fridays, getting that little sales HUD is the highlight of my SL shopping week!  There’s also gachas in the store for us gacha lovers, and she participates in several events as well.  Oh, and do you know what the sugar sprinkles on top of all this delightfulness is?  The Justice group is FREE to join!

This pose isn’t included in the set from Belle Poses, but I’m using the furniture with a pose that’s in the 9-year Anniversary pack, which is 45 poses for 45 lindens, by HelaMiyo! Am I the only one who hangs their head over the end of the couch like this when I’m bored? It does feel pretty great on my back however.  Although with 1st World gravity my face would be behind the juggs, I am past 40 now!

Anyway, if you read that little photo caption, I’m hanging here to show off these glasses, which I have blogged before, but wanted to mention again, because it’s been 6 months and they are still available! Blankline is actually a men’s store, but when it comes to plastic black frames, I’m a fan and don’t discriminate.  Take the teleport, and yes it will say men’s something or other, but you’re in the right place, you can join the group there at the desk and there’s a picture frame behind it that has these hip nerdy glasses as a group gift.  The Blankline group is FREE to join!  Take your men along, because there are some pretty fantastic men’s clothes here.


These pink reverse french nails are group gift #183 “Coffee House Pinup” From Hello Dave. It’s last week’s group gift, this week has #184 and #185 given, so if you’ve not joined Hello Dave yet, for 100L, you can still get this in the Past Group Gift’s box, which has all the group gifts from 149- current.   Hello Dave gives a new nail palette each week as group gifts!

The Group of Groups!

So, I’ve already told the store about finding The Free Dove via google, which started my fascination with SL fashion, but it was when I found what is my favorite blog SL blog ever that I expanded my knowledge to things like,  furnishings, decor, events, hunts, poses.  I still read it daily, and often link back to it, it’s also here on WordPress.  If you didn’t guess by all those hints it’s Fabulously Free in SL! However on top of sharing all the finds they go out and hunt for, there’s also a TON of designers who support their group and offer FREE gifts to its members.  These totally FUN LED lighted jelly bracelets are one such gift.  Zendra has generously made these exclusive for the FabFree group, and it’s easy to see why as it’s rainbow colors just like the FabFree group logo! If you’re not already a member of the FabFree group, it’s FREE to join!  Just head down to Zendra and use the FabFree group tag to snag these fun bracelets!

Missy Recommended Buys

My shirt, sigh, there are two points I need to get across here.  One is, that I need to blog more often. Two, since I didn’t blog them in time, you should take it upon yourself to check the weekly riot offerings at Sn@tch, and the best way to get in on the riots is by joining the Sn@tch VIP group which is 200L. I rioted for these a couple of weeks ago and got them at rock bottom, 50 lindens.  The Lucy tanks are a fantastic basic to have, there’s a HUD of 30 colors and a ton of sizes, but I’m not going to go into all that because I’m not sure if they are still available!  I checked the Marketplace, and they aren’t listed there, but the store is pretty huge so they might be there at normal price, I didn’t run around and look, I’m too LAZY for that!


The couch, game controllers, and every pose  (6 total) above not captioned with a different designer are a set from BellePoses.  You can snag the Smart Girl poses and props for 99 lindens on the marketplace, or in the main store!

Everything else has been blogged before, including the skin, lipstick, and earrings from The Free Dove.  Check the style card for all the links and credits!  My 3 parting poses are just me being goofy, and are not from the included poses in the Smart Girls set, but the props are, naturally.

Get it!

Hair:  Truth “Astra” (see pricing above)

Skin: Avi-Glam  “AG. Anna Skin (T1, black eyebrows, cleavage)” @   The Free Dove – group gift/group FREE to join.

Eyelashes:  ATIA’s  “Plume” in Swag Bag  –FREE!

Eyelashes and Eyeliner tattoo:  Blacklace Beauty “Eyelashes and liner 1” – 99L (fatpack)

Glasses:  BlankLine, “Glasses” – group gift/group FREE to join

Lips:  Dulce Secrets “::DS:: Pouty Pink Lips” @   The Free Dove – group gift/group FREE to join.

Earrings:  Poeme “Poeme Haunted Pearl Earrings -Potion SLV”  @   The Free Dove – group gift/group FREE to join.

Choker: A*S “Candy Heart collar love”  FREE @ Gacha Gardens / group FREE to join

Tank top: Sn@tch “Lucy Ribbed Tank”

Bracelets: Zendra “Bracelet Rubber band Led” – gift for FabFree group/ FabFree FREE to join!

Leggings:  Justice “Abbie Leggings -Lavender” -group gift/group FREE to join!

Shoes: Poeme “Happy Valentine’s Sneakers” -1L hunt prize for  The Sealed With a Kiss Hunt

Couch, controller, poses:  Belle Poses “Smart Girls” -99L

Body:  Slink Hourglass

Sim:  Skybox scene from $60L Plus Rentals









Free Dove Challenge #6


I couldn’t resist getting one more Free Dove hunt post out for this short month, so you’d have a chance to get down there and grab it!  This outfit is also chock full of things that make my Second Life stuff giddy; flexi-skirt, artistic details, vibrant color, Spyralle’s fractal textures, Dulce Secret’s makeups, and jewelry from an early favorite of mine, who is regularly featured on my blog, Glint.  Not to slight the other fantastic designers here, I just have somewhat special relationships with the 3 designers above! This look could be roleplay, or it could just be an extra-special boho-inspired look with the vivid colors of both the outfit and the beaded accessories I’ve paired with it.

Furthermore, once again I’ll be offering my personally designed glasses for this look for FREE to anyone who drops me a notecard mentioning The Free Dove and includes their calling card, or sends me an instant message if I’m online! I’ve decided to offer all of my designs that I use with these glasses that match up my custom looks that I blog in all posts on the Marketplace for just a linden.  All of the ones that I use in Free Dove Challenge Posts will be always be FREE by in-game request, as well as offered on my Marketplace page for 1 linden if you prefer that route.


Things have been busy, and a bit stressful  lately in 1st Life, so if you’ll excuse me, since I’ve already at some point discussed every single designer that I am wearing today on my blog, and everything is at the Dove, I’m just going to breeze through my outfit, by designer, items, and sizes available, if applicable.  There are 3 hunt items in this look, that will be gone by March 1st, so I’ll be sure to note those as well! Going from head to toe!

Hair:  Sentinus Design“Melek Fitted Mesh Hair.”  With a full color-hud, as well as an additional size for larger breasts.

Skin:  Avi-Glam  “AG. Anna Skin (T1, black eyebrows, cleavage.) There are both system skins and omega appliers, for blonde or black eyebrows, with or without cleavage shadowing.

Glasses:  Mesh by -Leo-, design by me.  Available for FREE to anyone who contacts me and requests them.  I’ve also made them available on the marketplace for 1 linden if you’d rather.

All of my makeup and my nail polish is all from one gift.  The Dulce Secrets 2017 Free Dove Collection.

  • Eyeshadow “::DS:: Wings of Hope Sapphire Eyeshadow”
  • Lipstick “::DS:: Fresh Purple Lips”
  • Nailpolish: “::DS:: Fresh Water Pearl Slink Nail Appliers”

Earrings:  Rebel Hope Designs “!Rebel Hope – Island Girl Green Earrings”

Necklace:  Glint “Pewter tree of life necklace”  HUNT ITEM- FEBRUARY ONLY!

Bracelets:  Spyralle “Spyralle Betty Bakelite Bangle L&R – Blue” HUNT ITEM- FEBRUARY ONLY! (p.s.  I love Bakelite!)

Crop Top:  Spyralle “Spyralle Daya Top Blue2206”HUNT ITEM- FEBRUARY ONLY!

Prim Skirt and Hip Wrap: Spyralle “Daya: (prim skirt blue 2206, and hip-wrap blue2206) HUNT ITEM- FEBRUARY ONLY!

Foot gems:  Glint “Bead flower foot cords”  (available in Maitreya, Slink, and Belleza flat)HUNT ITEM- FEBRUARY ONLY!  


I took off the prim skirt here and wore the applier pants layer as a pair of tight capris so I could show the versatility of the outfit, as well as these adorable perfectly coordinating foot cords from Glint.

Anyway, this whole post serves as an annotated style card this time, so forgive my laziness and I’ll just sign off with my usual photoset.  Hurry down and grab your February hunt prizes, with special thanks to the sponsors this month, Anny’s Fashion, Glint, and Spyralle. Everything in this post not labeled hunt is found at The Free Dove, and the hunt items may be between The Free Dove or in the designer’s main store.  Additional note, Spyralle, which is usually pay-to-join group, is FREE this month in conjunction with this hunt (you’ll need this tag for the 3 Spyralle items that are at the mainstore in this hunt!)  You’ll need to be in The Free Dove group to snag everything here, but the group is, and will always be, FREE to join!

Party Doll


50’s Diner located at Urban Corner

Well, I saw a gal walkin’ down the street
The kind of a gal I would love to meet
She had blonde*black hair and eyes of blue
Baby, I’m a-gonna have a party with you

*Missy edit =)

I’m just about 10 days late and more than a dollar short in bringing you this new release from Really Rockabilly! I was super busy earlier getting stuff out from Dazzle, then knocked out with a migraine thanks to the rains. I know, excuses, excuses, the blog hasn’t been updated as often as I’d like this week, and everything else aside that’s all on me!

If you want to get into any 1950s roleplay at all, or even just have a few clothing items for dress up, then the most basic piece should be a black dress with a swing skirt and a halter top.  This dress is all that, plus a bit of 50s Ode to Pink with the skirt panel inserts and bodice. Additionally, there’s a full set of applier lingerie with this outfit, bra, garter, fishnet stockings, and panties.  There’s an inset of the black and pink hearts and swirls patterns in the bra, as well as a back seam and darkened heels on the stockings.

Pic snapped in an Adult Sim, Grandma’s Dirty Kitchen

There are several sizes of the Really Rockabilly Black Valentine’s Swirl Dress:

  • Standard Sizes XS-L
  • Fitmesh Sizes XS-L
  • Slink Hourglass & Physique
  • Maitreya
  • TMP
  • Belleza Venus

The Really Rockabilly Black Valentine Lingerie comes as the following:

  • Standard Avatar Layers
  • Omega Applier
  • Maitreya Applier
  • Slink Foot Applier for stand-alone Slink Feet

This entire mix and match set is only 225 lindens.  There’s a little bonus if you go down to the Really Rockabilly Mainstore to snag this, there’s a dollarbie pink version of the dress in standard sizes, minus the lingerie, as the Valentine’s Day gift! Either are a great option to wear and head down to the Ace Cafe one afternoon to dance away when there’s a DJ. Generally between 2-4pm SL time, but there are sometimes other sets as well!


Speaking of gifts, my pretty pink pendant necklace and earring set is the February group gift from Hedonistic Housewife.  If you’ve never found this fun little shop, it’s chock full of 1950s clothing and accessories.  They currently have the cutest swing skirts with net petticoats for just 50 lindens.  Even better, the Hedonistic Housewife group is FREE to join, and there are 3 jewelry group gifts currently available, along with several roleplay freebies in system and standard sizing mesh.


I snagged these adorable mary jane’s on the marketplace.  They were just 99 lindens, and come with a HUD of colors of solid and fun retro patterns.  They are rigged for Slink Mid Feet.  Sticking with accessories, my hairbow is one with a HUD that came with Sn@tch’s “Jewel Hair” that I picked up on a past in-store hunt.

Pose by An Lar– one from the Pip Mini-Series.

Mini Tutorial

Ever since I picked up a pose stand that I can load from HelaMiyo, I’ve been far more interested in posing for pics where I can use it, which means rez ability. I love using the pose stand because I can position it rather than try to move myself to the perfect spot, and put poses in fun positions like I did with the Sittin’ Tree from Stone’s Works in my last post.  You can snag the pose stand along with a photo studio for FREE in the VIP room at HelaMiyo, there’s also a public photo studio with a backdrop in the room with 45 loaded poses. So what I did here was to make my little scene, using the photo studio and pose stand.

First, I’ll talk about how to load the pose stand.  Rez it and click open, then go to the contents tab.  Open your inventory and I like to ctrl+click on all the animations that I want to load into the stand, and then just drag them over and drop them into the pose stand.  Now keep in mind, no-copy poses will leave your inventory and only be in the stand, but copy poses will stay in your inventory as well as being in the pose stand.  The pose stand is copy, so you can create a few different ones to make it easier when you scroll through.  For example, I have one for stand poses, one for sit poses, and one for action poses.  However, if you put a pose that’s no-copy, that particular pose stand becomes no copy as well.  Therefore, you’ll want to make your copies of the pose stand before you drag a no-copy animation into the stand.  It’s pretty simple, a little bit of organization can save you quite a bit of time when you’re snapping pics, and allow more control so you can get better-positioned shots.  Be sure to snag all the dollarbie poses you like and The Fab Free and SL Frees and Offers gifts while you are there!


Now my scene.  This is the HelaMiyo photobooth that I set up in.  This is modify, so I edited it and used select face to apply textures.  The back wall is a stucco wall with a window, the window is actually transparent, and you’re seeing through it is what I’ve got outside. Sadly, this texture is unavailable as I got it, as the sim has closed. I applied that to the back wall, then added the sheer curtains, which are also sadly unavailable.  To the left and right walls, as well as the ceiling, although not pictured, I just used plain stucco.  On the floor, I used a 50s pattern that I googled to look like a rug.  Which brings me to a Missy trick, that works for photography only.  Instead of paying 10 lindens for each texture upload, you can add a local texture; this won’t last when you teleport, log out, or try to transfer the item, but it will stay as a preview as long as you are in the same sim, which is perfect for just snapping pics. So, overall I was able to create a little living room scene, with lighting control from the photobooth, which is FREE from HelaMiyo!

Just a couple of furnishing credits, as most of what’s shown is past gifts.  The two green chairs, one with a pillow, and one without are from The Vintage Touch, and are available as lucky letters!  The Vintage Touch group is FREE to join!

The wool and knitting themed framed pictures are from Cwtch. Which, I’m sorry to say has now closed, as of January, which makes me sad.  They were a group gift, and are not even available on the marketplace store, which is where you can find some well-priced items. I’m happy now that I have them! I’ve blogged stuff from Cwtch before, so I thought a little note about the store closing was appropriate.

I’m sorry my usual story and pep wasn’t in this post.  I guess the Winter Blahs are turning into the Spring Rain Migraines combined with Winter Break for the little monster of mine, and no rest for the wicked!  I did dump alot of info on you, with the new (to the blog) 50s store, and my little mini photography tutorial, so I hope at the very least you enjoyed that!  Now, get out there and get gussied up and go boppin’!

Get it!

Hair: Truth “Sissy 2 (Black and White 06) – 50L

Bow:  Sn@tch “:::Sn@tch Jewel Hair Bow:::”

Skin: Avi-Glam  “AG. Anna Skin (T1, black eyebrows, cleavage)” @   The Free Dove – group gift/group FREE to join.

Eyelashes:  ATIA’s  “Plume” in Swag Bag  –FREE!

Eyelashes and Eyeliner tattoo:  Blacklace Beauty “Eyelashes and liner 1” – 99L (fatpack)

Glasses:  Really Rockabilly! Zef’s Catty Horned Rimmed Birth Control Specs – 99L

Eyeliner:  ATIA “ATIA’s Soft Focus 1 Eyeliner” -fatpack 88L

Lipstick:   Sn@tch “:::Sn@tch Luscious Lipstick (Fuschia-T):::” – fatpack 150L

Necklace and Earrings: Hedonistic Housewife “H.H. Pinky Drop” group gift/group FREE to join

Dress + Lingerie:  Really Rockabilly! “Zef’s Really Rockabilly Black Valentine Lingerie and Dress” – 225L

Shoes:  Alyce “Slink Mary Jane Heels” – 99L on Marketplace

Body:  Slink Hourglass

Sims:  Urban Corner, Grandma’s Dirty Kitchen, and $60L Plus Rentals


Chairs: Vintage Touch “Vintage Touch Curvacious Chair Set (Prairie)” -Lucky Letter win!

Framed Prints:  Cwtch “Wool Themed Decor” -unavailable

Hanging Beads: The Half Moon Market “Retro Beaded Wall Hanging” past Gacha Gardens gift

Side Table: Silence “Chandler End Table – Pink Tile” –September 2017 Imaginarium Event Gift

Snowglobe: Infinity “SnowQueen Music BOX Globe” – past Redeux gift

Free Dove Challenge #5


I have some exciting news in this Free Dove Challenge post!  As you may already be aware, I’m rather attached to my glasses.  I’ve worn them since I was 8 , nearly 34 years now, never got along well with contacts, although I usually buy a box or two every so often for emergency reasons, like lost or broken glasses.  I reached an agreement with Paloma, that I could wear this pair of FULL PERM glasses in my Free Dove Challenge posts if I offered to send a pair to anyone who asks.  I can’t set a box out at the Dove, as I’m not a designer with a store, but I can, and will, send them to anyone who drops me a notecard saying they want them.  Oh, and please drag your calling card to the notecard to make it easier for me to do this.  The sky’s the limit with what you can do with these,  color them, or pick up some textures to apply, I’ve even got a tutorial here on my blog if you’re not sure how to do that. Today I tried to color them to highlight the amazing look on my dress, using an iridescent texture that I uploaded, and then coloring over that, as it was mostly blue, I could use a pink that would match the purples in the outfit, and show pink in the lighter areas.  Now that exciting announcement is over I can present my head to toe look fromThe Free Dove!


Here’s a fun fact.  The hair I’m wearing today was what I wore for the longest time as my main hair, my first favorite hair. I still do wear it quite a bit despite several folders full of hair now.  My personal favorite is when designers mix mesh hair with flexi-prim hair, as I’ve mentioned before, likely more than a few times.  This hair from Tameless, “Beatrice”, is the start of that love affair.  It comes with a naturals HUD of 30 different shades.  I love to wear this hair when I’m outdoors, it just looks like the wind is blowing through my hair as I move around.

My make up is of course from that huge box of goodies from Dulce Secrets.  Today I’m modeling ::DS:: Rosy Glow Blush, ::DS:: Mystical Abyss Makeup, and ::DS:: Pouty Pink Lips.  I’m still discovering makeup in this box, and I just found and love this lipstick, and the mystical abyss makeup’s eyeshadow is simply perfect for this outfit!  I think I want to find some more of these pouty lips too. I couldn’t be more pleased with how the makeup turned out today.  My skin is my usual AG.Anna from Avi-Glam that is exclusive to The Free Dove!

This necklace is also something I wore very often when I first discovered The Free Dove. EarthStones Lora Necklace – Turquoise Silver also comes with matching earrings which didn’t show through my hair. but they are just as lovely.  Alternatively, there is a Lora set in gold and sunstone which is another favorite of mine as well.


I’m also super excited that Spyralle is in this month’s Mini hunt!  More Kerryth love from me, she deserves and I wish I could do more!  I simply love her fractal designs, I’m also really into lavenders and blues lately, so I was super happy to unbox this set.  The “Spyralle Florette Minidress Periwinkle” also comes with an omega applier for the knee-length capris.  There are several sizes in the box, standard sizes xs-L, Maitreya, both Slinks, all 3 Bellezas, as well as TMP.  This beauty will only be at The Dove until the end of the month, so head down and hunt it up!  There are 5 hunt prizes to be found at the Dove, and 3 at Spyralle’s new main store.  You’ll need to be a member of The Free Dove to snag those there, and excitingly Spyralle’s group is FREE to join until March 1st, so you can join that wonderful group in order to hunt down the 3 prizes there.

Only in 2L could I do a backbend in high heels on a tree branch!  Pose by HelaMiyo!

How daring was I to scale this tree in strappy high heels!  These well-coordinated kicks are a gift from Shoe-ddiction, whom I featured a couple of times in January as they did the mini-hunt that month.  But these “Denim Love Blackberry” aren’t a hunt item, they are right there in the shoe section to be snagged!  There are a Slink high version and an unrigged version in the box.


The Tree

Now, everything on my body is from The Free Dove, which is my challenge rules!  However, I have to give designer credit for this tree that I fell in absolute love with. It inspires my creativity, and I plan on using often for photography.  I won’t forget to get in a few cuddles with my sweetie either.  However, the really good nis thatthat this designer is a Free Dove supporter with gifts in the store, and also a participant in this month’s Dazzle.  He’s also a new favorite of mine, whom I’ve blogged 3 times already this month!  If you haven’t’ already guessed by those hints, I’ll tell you that it’s from Stone’s Works. It also breaks my self-imposed blog guidelines of 100L or less, but I don’t care!  I love it!

The “Sittin Tree v 3 2015” has 12 PG couple’s poses, but a few can be used for single shots, and I did, the first pic on the blog is the first pose in the menu. I also lined up some poses with my pose stand for some silly and fun action shots.  I plan to use it for holding up some swings and hanging chairs that I have acquired. All in all, I imagine hours of fun and great pics in the future with this lovely tree.  It has 6 land impact, which is ok considering it’s huge, as you can see. It costs 425 lindens, but thanks to the now past Valentine’s Hunt where I found a 200 linden gift card, I Missy Mathed it down to 225 lindens.  If you want to purchase this it’s out in the yard of the store, to your right when you teleport in.

The flowers underneath are not included, but they are FREE!  Lunaria has several beautiful ground covers as gifts for the FREE to join group. I scattered several of them around to look like a field of flowers, overlapping at times.  Lunaria is a store to be seen if you like elegant, feminine designs with a touch of fantasy. There’s also several lucky letters and a midnight madness board, and a couple of boxes of old gifts, along with several landscaping and clothing gifts available.


Ok, I’ve gone a little overboard on my furnishing credits in this Free Dove Challenge Post, but credit where credit is due, I like to give all the info on the designers I include, as is more than fair, as furnishings help show off my clothing in a way that, to me, brings the designs to life. However, the focus here is on the clothes, as it is a fashion blog overall, and of course the wonderful Free Dove.  Everything on my body can be found at The Free Dove.  You’ll need to be Blessed by a Dove to pick up these items, but the group is, and will always be to join!

Get it!

Hair:  Tameless “Beatrice” @   The Free Dove – group gift/group FREE to join.

Skin: Avi-Glam  “AG. Anna Skin (T1, black eyebrows, cleavage)” @   The Free Dove – group gift/group FREE to join.

Glasses: -LEO- FULL PERM – FREE with a notecard to me.

Eyeshadow:  Dulce Secrets “::DS:: Mystical Abyss Makeup” @   The Free Dove – group gift/group FREE to join.

Blush:  Dulce Secrets “::DS:: Rosy Glow Blush” @   The Free Dove – group gift/group FREE to join.

Lips:  Dulce Secrets “::DS:: Pouty Pink Lips” @   The Free Dove – group gift/group FREE to join.

Necklace:  Earthstones “Lora Necklace – Turquoise Silver”  @   The Free Dove – group gift/group FREE to join.

Mini Dress and Capris:  Spyralle “Spyralle Florette Minidress Periwinkle”@   The Free Dove – group gift/group FREE to join. (limited time, February Mini Hunt reward)

Shoes:  Shoe-ddiction “Denim Love Blackerry” @   The Free Dove – group gift/group FREE to join.

Body:  Slink Hourglass

The Landscaping

Tree:  Stone’s Work’s “Sittin Tree v 3 2015” -425L

Multiple Flowers and Grasses:  Lunaria – group gifts/group FREE to join

Sim:  $60L Plus Rentals


Love Me Not


Pose by HERA “Loser”



I’ve been neglecting to share my freebies lately! Going to rectify that today, I’ve got a lacy bodysuit to show off from Dazzle, but every other new thing today is FREE, including a FREE gift hair from Dazzle! Maybe it was my orneriness coming through, but I have to show off my anti-Valentine’s outfit I wore that night.

This short, sexy, lacy bodysuit is enhanced with black satin that provides both modesty and design. The skin-tight lace stretches and hugs every curve to perfection.  Even better, this hot little number won’t cost you a lot at 99 lindens.  Visit the TRS Designs booth at Dazzle by the 26th of February to snag this deal! There’s a whole bunch of sizes in this, so no one should feel left out!  The “Evangeline Bodysuit” comes sized for the following:

  • Maitreya
  • Slink – Hourglass and Physique
  • Belleza – Freya, Isis, Venus
  • Tonic – Fine and Curvy
  • Ebody


Also at Dazzle is this soft and flowing partial updo from Ali & Ali as a FREE gift to anyone!  I love when hair has flexi-prim bits to make it soft and lifelike.  There’s also a male hair in the box, also in this dark rose color.  Both the Juliet and the Romeo Hair can be resized and brightness can be adjusted.  Head down to the Ali & Ali booth at Dazzle to check out their offerings and scoop up this FREE Hair!  Also while you are there, peek around at all the other stalls, there are a few 10 linden goodies to be snagged.


I’m showing off a couple of accessories that I snagged as gifts at the Gacha Gardens Event. My necklace is amusingly called “Love Me Knot – Infinity Choker” and is by Static, there are also 2 bracelets in the gift, in the same design as the choker.  My earrings are the gift from Supernatural and include a HUD of 7 gem colors.  You’ll need the Gimme Gacha group tag to snag these goodies, but the group is not only FREE to join, it’s a heck of a fun group to chat with.

Now that my single status mourning period is over, and the day has passed, I should let you know that everything else I’ve got on has been previously blogged and the details will be listed in the style card!

Get it!

Hair: Ali & Ali “Juliet Hair”  FREE @ Dazzle

Skin: Avi-Glam  “AG. Anna Skin (T1, black eyebrows, cleavage)” @   The Free Dove – group gift/group FREE to join.

Eyelashes:  ATIA’s  “Plume” in Swag Bag  –FREE!

Eyelashes and Eyeliner tattoo:  Blacklace Beauty “Eyelashes and liner 1” – 99L (fatpack)

Eyeshadow:  Slack Girl “::SG:: Fume Shadow 08” – Group Gift/Group 100L to join

Lipstick:  Sn@tch “:::Sn@tch Luscious Lipstick (Oxblood-T):::” – Fatpack (24 shades) – 150L

Glasses:  Really Rockabilly! Zef’s Catty Horned Rimmed Birth Control Specs – 99L

Bodysuit:  TRS Designs “Evangeline Bodysuit” -99L  @ Dazzle

Earrings: Supernatural “.::Supernatural::. Harper Earrings” FREE @ Gacha Gardens

Choker:  Static “”Love Me Knot – Infinity Choker” –  FREE @ Gacha Gardens

Boots:  Hilly Haalan “[hh] GIFT Alanis Boots” – group gift/group FREE to join

Black Rose:  Happy Little Pixels “.HLP. Love Me Not Rose” – unavailable




Afternoon Delight



So, I had let him have his evening Valentine’s date, thinking that was all we were going to do, but I had some other ideas. I decided to go for asking him to come home for lunch on Monday to avoid suspicion. Mischievous me decided that I would further make it look like I was the present itself. No spoilers! I’ll reveal what’s actually in that big box later.  But I will tell you that there are a few exclusive well priced items in this post, and several 15 linden and below finds!


What better to feed the ruse than to slip into something small and lacy, especially a small and lacy that he hadn’t seen?  This heart cut-out lacy black little number is by TRS Designs and is exclusive at this round of Dazzle! The accents and edging are in a shiny black satin, which adds additional appeal to a traditional black teddy.  But what does it cost you say?  This sultry little number comes to only 99 lindens, and includes some of the harder to find sizes.  It comes rigged for Maitreya both Slinks, and all 3 Bellezas, as well as TMP, Eve Pulpy & Slim, and Altamura.  This little deal and access to this exclusive lingerie will vanish forever on February 25th!


What About  The Bob?

First life Missy confession time.  I’ve rocked this version of the classic Vidal Sassoon Bob for nearly 23 years now. Wow, doing the math on that made me feel old! I do grow it long in between cuts and generally donate my hair to Locks of Love,  a non-profit which makes wigs for children with alopecia. Once I get about 10 inches below my chin or roughly every two years, it goes right back to the VS bob.  My hair grows pretty fast! Since it’s totally me, I just had to buy this hair from Firelight, which is also exclusive at this round of Dazzle.  It perfectly reflects my 1st life hair, and you may have caught on that I often try to look as close as possible to first life me!  I bought the single color pack of blacks and whites for 125 lindens, which is a super great deal for such this timeless and iconic hairstyle which has remained in vogue for nearly 60 years. If you want more variety, the entire fatpack is still really low priced at only 349 lindens. As it too is exclusive to Dazzle, it will no longer be available after the 25th!


The Grand Details

The oversize pink gift I found in the marketplace by Icons of Style for just 14 lindens, I’m guessing it’s for a Valentine’s Day Sale, although it’s not specified.  All of the poses of me pictured with it are included, and more!  There are 20 fun and sexy poses, and 3 different color options for the package. The super-sized gift card featuring lyrics from the Dorris Day song Dream a Little Dreamand the larger than life Valentine’s Balloons are both 15 linden hunt gifts from the Stone’s Works hunt I told you about the other day.  Also from that same hunt, is my necklace of the beautiful treble clef red heart dangling on a silver chain.  Just head down to Stone’s Works and hunt up the 12 roses, for these and other great 15 linden finds!

Pose by HERA “Hold Me Forever” – From WOH4

Oh and my big secret gift that is hidden in the box?  It’s just lunch!  Hah, no salacious details on this blog today! Admit it though, you kept reading just in case I gave up any naughty details.  However, I find anticipation is half the pleasure! Oh, and of course, anything not mentioned has been blogged before and details are listed in the style card.

Get it!

Hair:  Firelight “Aida Gen2” black &whites -125L @Dazzle

Skin: Avi-Glam  “AG. Anna Skin (T1, black eyebrows, cleavage)” @   The Free Dove – group gift/group FREE to join.

Eyelashes:  ATIA’s  “Plume” in Swag Bag  –FREE!

Eyelashes and Eyeliner tattoo:  Blacklace Beauty “Eyelashes and liner 1” – 99L (fatpack)

Lipstick:  Dulce Secrets “::DS:: Smooth Ruby Lips” (bonus in fatpack of 8 eyeshadows)  @ Dazzle

Eyeshadow:  Dulce Secrets “::DS:: Superstitious Divinity Eyeshadow” – in fapack -55L

Blush: Dulce Secrets “::DS:: Cherry Cute Blush” @   The Free Dove – group gift/group FREE to join.

Glasses:  The Little Black Dress “*LBD* Colour Change Glasses” – group gift/group FREE to join!

Lingerie:  TRS Designs “Heart Dress – Black Lace” -99L   @ Dazzle

Necklace:  Stone’s Works “Musical Heart Necklace” -15L hunt prize (through 2/14)

Shoes:  Alter “::ALTER:: Donatella – Stiletto Heels / Noir” gift for Teleport Hub Group at Sense Event/group 10L to join.

Body:  Slink Hourglass

Oversized Present & Poses:  Icons of Style “IOS Naughty Gift Box with 20 Poses” 14L on marketplace

Oversized Card: Stone’s Works “Dream A Little Dream Of Me! Stone’s Works Lrg” -15L hunt prize (through 2/14)

Balloons:  Stone’s Works “My Funny Valentine Balloons Stone’s Works” -15L hunt prize (through 2/14)

Sim:  Skybox scene at $60L Plus Rentals

Uncaptioned couple’s pose:  West End “One Love” -gift for FabFree group (FREE to join!)



“There’s a kind of magic in masks. Masks conceal one face, but they reveal another. The one that only comes out in darkness. I bet you could do just what you liked, behind a mask … ?”
― Terry PratchettMaskerade

Yes, yes, I know masquerade is spelled wrong in the title, I did so on purpose, as you can see from my quote above that Sir Terry Pratchett did also, so I’m in rather good company.  All that aside, it is Mardi Gras weekend, a time for revelry, maybe a bit of debauchery, certainly hedonism, and then there are the daiquiri machines.  Rum Runner, please?  Seeing as paczki (poonch-key) day, er Fat Tuesday falls on the 13th, it is time to take a break from the romance of Valentine’s day and have some good old-fashioned, if a bit naughty fun.  What can top being dressed to the nines and concealed by a mask? Because, as Terry Pratchett pointed out we can do what we like behind a mask.  I thought I would post this a bit before the big day so you can have an opportunity to snag it for yourself.  I apologize that you don’t get hear the tale of my wild night this way, and no I don’t promise details because what happens behind the mask, stays behind the mask!


See my laugh?  I’m all anticipation for Tuesday, that is if I can still fit in this dress after gorging myself on the calorie-laden golden balls of sticky sweet fried awesomeness that is the paczki. Even if I can’t wear the dress after, this totally rocking mask, veil, and pirate hat will still work, and even better no one will know it is me with that bloated belly.

Mein Hut der hat drei Ecken (My Hat Has Three Corners)

The “Pirate Veil & Mask Tricorn” is a divine work of original mesh from Stone’s Works.  The hat, mask, and a very delicate veil are all attached.  It has subtle sparkle, just enough to create a touch of drama without being overwhelming. I’m including several shots of the hat in this post because there’s not a single detail that’s worth missing.  For being such a hearty appearing hat, the work is intricate, there’s a bit of sheer black lace under the lacings on the top, allowing your hair color to shine through, the feathers softly plume in the back behind a gathering of red satin, the left side has a gorgeous rose made of ribbon, with an actual cameo in the center, on the right there is a metallic rose with the gently scrolling vine, and a silver chain between 2 more elegant cameos and drop heart beads, the entire hat is edged with delicate chantilly lace.  The mask speaks for itself, even as briefly as I wore it in public, people asked specifically about the mask, both male and female.  The veil was tricky to do justice in photographs, if you look closely at the laughing picture, you can see just a touch of the gossamer netting, and in the above picture some of the black beads that are dotted throughout it. I can hardly believe that work this detailed is only 275 lindens. There are also somewhat simpler versions in black paisley and green available for 250 lindens if those are your preferred colors.  Check here for Stone’s Work’s blogger manager’s post of the black paisley.


The black lace overlay red satin of the hat is mimicked in this dress.  The “Strapless Gown for Masque” is currently available by special order only and in standard sizes. I, however, think he needs to release this dress for sale for all!  It’s simply exquisite.  Message or drop a notecard to  Darkstone Aeon for further information.


Adding More Drama

I wanted some jewelry that was both elegant and if not beads, resembled them.  I took to the marketplace page for Beloved Jewelry, for both laziness, and trying to slip a fast one over on Kimbra so she wouldn’t refund my purchase as is her annoying habit of late. I found this “Drama Set” with texture change options for 9 metals and accent metals, and 12 gems for 265 lindens.  This set is modify and transfer and comes with a gift box for packaging if you chose to gift it in person.  I kind of ratted myself out on my purchase by messaging Kimbra and telling her not to dare (return my money), and she informed me that this was actually the first mesh piece she ever created.  I thought that was an interesting bit of trivia history for the store!  For this look I used etched pewter for the main metal, antique for the accent, and rubies for the gem.


News of a Hunt!

If you look at my Flickr, the shot I posted there shows a candle arrangement on top of the mantle.  Is just one of 12 hunt prizes at a store hunt by the creator of this hat and gown, Stone’s Works has running now until the 14th.  The roses are 15L each, and most are unisex. The sign is right, it is not easy! It was a really fun challenge, but I managed to get them all, just no asking just how long that took me allowed!  I will say that most of the prizes are valued at around 200L, so this is a great deal and well worth the difficulty rating.

Get it!

Hat:  Stone’s Works “Pirate Veil & Mask Tricorn” -275L

Hair:  Analog Dog “Rampion” – unavailable

Necklace and Earrings:  Beloved Jewelry “Drama Set” -265L

Skin: Avi-Glam  “AG. Anna Skin (T1, black eyebrows, cleavage)” @   The Free Dove – group gift/group FREE to join.

Eyelashes:  ATIA’s  “Plume” in Swag Bag  –FREE!

Eyelashes and Eyeliner tattoo:  Blacklace Beauty “Eyelashes and liner 1” – 99L (fatpack)

Lipstick:  The Little Black Dress “LBD Scarlet Large Supreme Lipstick Tattoo” 1L on Marketplace

Lipstick 2 (gloss and yes it layers!) Little Black Dress “*LBD*Glossy Sheer Lipstick – Ruby” – 149L (fatpack)

Dress: Stone’s Works “STRAPLESS GOWN for Masque Stone’s Works”-Special Order only

Nails:  Hello Dave “Fade to Black”

Ring:  Beloved Jewelry ” “Texture Change Gem Dome Ring”

It’s All Here in Black and White


What’s black and white with just a little bit of red? My look today!  I’ve got 3 awesome and affordable Dazzle exclusives to share with you!  Also, I’m throwing in info on a FREE pair of black pumps from Alter, and Hello Dave’s latest group gift.  I’m really enjoying showing off all of these “Dazzle”ing looks this month! I hope you are all too because I don’t think anyone should begrudge a bit more passion in their life!


Chantilly Lace….

There’s more to this lingerie set from AvaGirl than just this lace applier top and bottom, but I wanted to show it in its bare element too, so you can see the mix and match potential of this lingerie on top of the fully styled look.  Let’s face it, mix and match potential is one of my personal biggest draws to any outfit, lacy underthings especially!  These underwear are just like my favorite 1st life pair of lacy black hipster panties, I see these sticking around in my applied underwear slot most of the time now.  The large darker flower over the nipple area makes this a perfect form-fitting black lace shirt to mix and match and I did, check out the final 3 pics at the end of the post, and you can see a last-minute shot that I did when I had to run out for a minute; it’s not a quality, styled shot, but you can see how fabulous this works with it!  So that makes 3 uses for this set, and when we add in the flexi skirt, with or without the bows we have options 4, 5 and 6!  In full disclosure, I opted not to wear the two bows above and below the breasts, as my massive mammaries overwhelmed them! However, since most of you are normal sized, you’ll be able to fully enjoy this beautiful detail.  The “Lila” lingerie from AvaGirl comes with standard layer, Omega, Slink, Belleza, and Maitreya appliers.  Along with a flexi-skirt and 2 attachable bows.  It’s a great all together, and fantastic as a mix and match set.  It’s exclusive at Dazzle until the 25th for 189 lindens.  Missy Math brings that to 38 lindens a component!


And a Pretty Face….

Digging back into that superb fatpack of “Smooth Eyeshadows”  that I picked up at Dazzle for 99 Lindens.  I’m wearing the “::DS:: Smooth Pearl Eyeshadow” and the “::DS:: Smooth Ruby Lips.” I’ve framed my face with Glint’s “Hearts and Beads Necklace and Earrings Set” which comes with a HUD of 8 colors each for the chain and gems, and 3 options for the beads.  It is a great deal at Dazzle, and I bought this set for only 50 lindens!


And a Pony Tail a….

..tied in a knot?  I’m wearing the “Chyna Hair” from Truth which I picked up in the discount section for only 50 lindens for a single color pack, well, in my case, 2, since it’s a blacks and whites pack.

Pose By PM “BestGiftEver1”

That Wiggle in the Walk

If you’re a member of the Teleport Hub group or want to be one, it’ll only cost you 10 lindens, then you should head down to the Sense Event before it ends, and scoop up these classic black pointy-toed pumps as a gift!  The “Donatella-Stilleto Heels/Noir” are placed as a gift for the Teleport Hub group by the event sponsor Alter.  Also if you get out your magnifying glass and look at the far end coffee table, I’ve set out a “Lemoncello Liquor & truffles tray” by Aphrodite that’s a dollarbie in the gift area.  There’s also a gown gift for women, and male gifts available to the event group, both by Alter as well.


And Giggle in the Talk

Actually, I’m going to quit talking.  Check the style card for the two other furnishing details, the candles, and the photo frame, the rest of the furnishing are part of the skybox scene in my rental.  I’ll also toss the details on my nail polish down there as well!  Anything else not mentioned has been previously blogged by moi , and will also be in the style card! Oh except for the pencil skirt, which I got on a Sn@tch riot, that’s just in the bonus shot I mentioned above that I would put at the end.

Get it!

Hair:  Truth “Chyna” -50L

Skin: Avi-Glam  “AG. Anna Skin (T1, black eyebrows, cleavage)” @   The Free Dove – group gift/group FREE to join.

Eyelashes:  ATIA’s  “Plume” in Swag Bag  –FREE!

Eyelashes and Eyeliner tattoo:  Blacklace Beauty “Eyelashes and liner 1” – 99L (fatpack)

Glasses:  Really Rockabilly! Zef’s Catty Horned Rimmed Birth Control Specs – 99L

Eyeshadow:  Dulce Secrets “::DS:: Smooth Pearl Eyeshadow” in fatpack -99L   @ Dazzle

Lipstick:  Dulce Secrets “::DS:: Smooth Ruby Lips” (bonus in fatpack of 8 eyeshadows)  @ Dazzle

Lingerie (applier top, panties, flexiskirt and bows):  AvaGirl “Lila” -189 @ Dazzle

Necklace and Earrings: Glint “Hearts and Beads Necklace and Earrings Set” -50L  @ Dazzle

Shoes:  Alter “::ALTER:: Donatella – Stiletto Heels / Noir” gift for Teleport Hub Group at Sense Event/group 10L to join.

Nail Polish:  Hello Dave Group gift #183 “Coffee Shop Pinup” group gift/group 100L to join

Golden Tray: Afrodite  “Lemoncello Liquor & truffles tray”-1L @ Sense Event

Picture Frame: Celestina’s Weddings “(CW) Gift Celestinas Portaretrato” gift at #TPP Valentine or Not Event

Candles:  Earthworx “EARTHWORX- Vintage Candles [White]”

Pencil skirt in one pic: Sn@tch “Cherry Pencil Skirt” – current riot, prices vary

Body:  Slink Hourglass

Sim:  Skybox scene from $60L Plus Rentals