Guard Your Gacha!


I don’t get to roleplay nearly as often as I’d hoped I would. Maybe one day.  However, it hasn’t stopped me from acquiring outfits that may inspire my creativity in this direction. When Justice sent out a notice that these gorgeous, amazing, unique (take your pick) boots were going to be available at the Gacha Guardians Event, I knew immediately that I would be going to play for them.  Happily, the silver, which was the pair that I wanted, I got on the second pull. Also while there, I played the Fabia gacha for this sexy thick braid which went perfectly with my sexified warrior woman look (with glasses because I rarely can’t not have them!). The Gacha Guardians Event runs through the end of the month.

For the Justice Liza Boots it’s 75 Lindens a pull, and you chose your appropriate size. I’m going to include both the gacha key, and the Gift of the Guardians, which is awarded after 20 pulls, if you’re not familiar with Gacha Guardians it’s the treasure chest next to the machine. Also, the Liz Earrings that I am wearing is a FREE gift available next to the Gacha machine. I wanted to add one other note, not related to this event, but to Justice itself, they currently, and likely not for much longer, have FREE group join, and 3 fairly new group gifts for women, and one for men available. Justice clothes are personally a favorite of mine for casual looks, and are extremely well rigged.  For more examples, I’ve blogged some past Justice sales, but not yet group gifts, here and here.


I also couldn’t resist playing the Fabia machine for the Patti/Patty hair.  I actually didn’t mind if I didn’t get the rare this time, but I really had wanted both Patti and Patty in black, however, when my budget ran out I ended up with Patti (the braid style) in black, and Patty and Patti only in blonde.  I’m including the gacha key.

-FABIA- Mesh Hair _Patty_Patti_

I plan on adding a Patty and Patti in blonde, as well as a navy pair of the Liza boots to the gift pool I have for my Share Your Free Dove blog event, which I still haven’t gotten a single response for!  I’ve changed it to a choice of a few gifts, as well as made a facebook page to make entering easy.  I really want to give back to The Free Dove, and honor the amazing owner, Paloma; through some of my own gifts; gift cards, extra clothing and hair from my fishing trips at Sn@tch, as well as some gacha duplicates I have included from Belle Epoque, Justice, and Fabia (and more!).


Leather Breastplate and Underbust Corset, Oh My Heck!

MMC has this stunning silver breastplate and underbust corset for just 1 linden for group members.  The group is also FREE to join!  The mix and matcher in me loves the fact that the breastplate and corset are separates, and I’ve already tested around with various applier tops paired with the underbust, and am looking for a long peasant skirt.  Quite excited about it, truth be told. I love the detail of the leather work and the seams are straight, and there are several realistic details of leather included, and the specular properties are spot on.  There is a HUD for the “Rachel Corset” that includes 4 metallic shades. This set is rigged for Maitreya, Ebody, Slink Physique and Hourglass.  They do not, however, come with underwear, I applied this charcoal pair that was part of my 1950’s Housewife Dress from The Little Black Dress, which I’ve had a long while, and use the undergarments part of often, more than I use the dress for roleplay actually!


Last Chance!

My nails are the last thing in this look that is new to the blog and still available but only for a short time.  I’ve often blogged nails from the huge box of past gifts available from Hello Dave.  This silver ombre, from the palette “29 Shades of Dave” is no exception. It, however, is only available in a Slink Applier.  Also, Maia sent out a notice that all the gifts in the past gift box prior to her starting to design for Maitreya appliers will be shortly removed.  The group is 100L to join, and if you’re a Slink user that’s 188 gifts, if you’re Omega there’s slightly less, and if you’re Maitreya, there’s no need to hurry I suppose, unless you may switch bodies in the future and keep these babies filed away.

The rest of what I’ve included in this styled look is either unavailable or has been covered in this blog previously.  Check the style card at the end of this post for details.


Get it!

Hair:  Fabia “Patty -Black” – @ Gacha Guardians Event -75L a pull

Glasses: -LEO- “LEO Sale Glasses with Studs -Full Permissions” -1L on Marketplace (colored by me)

Eyeshadow: ATIA “ATIA’s Caviar Eye Shadow” 25L or 88L in “Smoke and Mirrors Fatpack” of 8 shadows

Skin: Avi-Glam  “AG. Anna Skin (T1, black eyebrows, cleavage)” @   The Free Dove – group gift/group FREE to join.

Eyelashes:  ATIA’s  “Plume” in Swag Bag  –FREE!

Eyelashes and Eyeliner tattoo:  Blacklace Beauty “Eyelashes and liner 1” – 99L (fatpack)

Lipstick: Elise “*elise* – MakeUp – Nocturne – 6” -past gift at The Chapter 4

Earrings:  Justice “Liza Earrings”  group gift for Gimme Gacha/group FREE to join @ Gacha Guardians Event

Necklace: Secrets -“Bey Necklace” & “Bey Necklace Large” –past gift at The Chapter 4

Breastplate & Corset:  MMC “Rachel Corset” 1L group gift/group FREE to join

Underwear: The Little Black Dress “applier layer from 1950’s Housewife Dress” -179L

Boots:  Justice “Liza Boots – Silver (rare)” 75L a pull @ Gacha Guardians Event

Body:  Slink Hourglass

Sim:  Kingdom of Alurel




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