The Free Dove Challenge #1


So, here it is, my first official post as an official blogger for The Free Dove! I’m pretty excited about it!  It makes me want to tell my first Free Dove story.  So, if any of you actually read my introductory blog post (which I don’t think anyone did).  My Second Life Story started over 3 years ago.  Well, I didn’t know anyone, and I couldn’t figure a thing out, and where I landed not another person was helpful, so I quit. I came back last summer to join a friend, who promised to tutor me.  He was, unfortunately male, and one of those males who has a couple of shirts, a pair of jeans, and a swimsuit. Not really help in the fashion department, bless his heart, but accepting of whatever I chose, basically.  The first random person who saw me struggling with how I looked, directed me to the Freebie Galaxy.  Which, I’m not knocking it, it was a great way to explore and get introduced into various things like rezzing, and understanding where system layers go.

Fast forward a month or so, and I bought my first mesh body.  Now I have zero clothes again.  Auntie Google finally introduced me to this special store, The Free Dove, where everything is FREE!  I was in H-E-A-V-E-N.  I literally grabbed everything, because I can’t ever do anything the easy way and have bought a mainstream body, and the Violet Studios suggestion was just to try on everything and see what works!  I went back to my friend’s linden house and happily spent days playing paper dolls with my new clothes, hair, makeup, and skins.   Things have sort of snowballed from there in terms of my paper dolls obsessions, prompting me to channel it productively and start this blog.  But, this is where it began, this is the reason I am fashion obsessed in Second Life, and obsessed with outfitting myself for FREE as much as I can.  And at The Free Dove, I can do that.

If you’ve been a reader, you will have noticed that I naturally have included The Free Dove in many posts, but if you check the tag you will find that ALL of my posts include The Free Dove, because that is where my favorite skin is from. I’m sorry and not sorry for this, sorry because there’s no easy way for a reader to check what outfits and accessories that I have already covered, and not sorry, because as my favorite skin is from The Free Dove, both the store, and the designer who created it, Avi-Glam, are highlighted in each post I make, as is deserved and fitting.

All this backstory brings us to The Free Dove Challenge, where I will post a head to toe look entirely put together at The Free Dove, and start a new tag “Free Dove Challenge” so that those posts can be tracked.   The hard part for me was deciding where to start for my first one!  I narrowed it down this way.  I haven’t blogged a long dress in a while, I haven’t blogged anything but cold weather fashion lately and there is half the world that doesn’t have cold weather right now, and I’ve really really been wanting to blog Spyralle again, and my plans for blogging her Regency Bonnets for Jane Austen’s Birthday went right out the window. I’ll refresh memories, I totally fell in love with the hunt offering from Spyralle back in October at the Rock Your Rack 2017 Event, and wore it here and here.  But, even more than just liking her designs, which are very unique, I like Kerryth as a person, my interactions with her were very uplifting as a new blogger, and she made a lasting impression on me as someone who I wanted to support in Second Life.  I want my blog to be a positive place for those who deserve it, and in my own pitiful way, offer my blog as thanks for their contributions, and a way to bring their creations to life.  I can certainly say that I’ve found a very supportive group of friends, and while I don’t interact with Kerryth as much as I do some other designers, she was among the first.

So, what you really want to know about is the CLOTHES! From the top of my head to the tip of my toes, every single thing can be found at The Free Dove!  (minus my mesh body).


What seems to be a simple slip dress is elevated to a beautiful work of art in the hands of Kerryth of Spyralle.  The pattern of swirls in lights and shadows, that mimics the natural design elements of sea-shells, wings, leaves, flower petals, and even the wind, gives this dress an ethereal quality that makes it seem to glow in places, even though it’s not.  The National Tropical Botanical Garden is in Koloa Hawaii, and I get the same feeling of peace and beauty with this design as I did years ago gazing upon the truly amazing trees there.  Check it out if you don’t believe me on the website for the Allerton Garden!  Ok, now that my fangirl gushing is done, I should tell you that the “Koloa” slip dress comes in 5 standard sizes! I’m also adding in a shot of the back of this beauty.  All casual clothing, such as this dress, is located in the center of the store. With this particular dress being in the aisle that faces the makeup and skins section.


This back shot also gives you a nice view of how the hair from Mutiny in Heaven that I am modeling tumbles gracefully down my back. The “!MiH Phyde hair for The Free Dove” comes in this rich brown or a honey blonde, with options for larger or standard breasts in each shade. You can locate this and all of the FREE hairs available along the back wall of the store, near the dressing areas.

The dress is long and flowing, so you really can’t see my shoes, although I’m wearing them, just in case anyone peeks at my tootsies while I walk. Baby Monkey has a fantastic gift out in the shoes section with classic round toe pumps with a HUD of 10 basic colors.  The “Leana Pumps Basics” come sized for Slink, Maitreya, Belleza, and classic avatar MID feet.   You can locate the shoes section in the front center area of the store, between casual clothing and lingerie and in front of makeup and skins.

I’m including the vendor ad for the shoes so you can see exactly what’s included.  I happen to be wearing them in this nice, neutral nude which is shown.



Speaking of skins and makeup, it’s no secret to readers of this blog that I always wear a skin from The Free Dove.  Avi-Glam is the generous designer who has offered up the AG. Anna Skin for members of The Free Dove.  I am a pale person, and when looking for free skins when I started, I had a heck of a time finding one that wasn’t essentially “tanned.”  This skin is not!  It comes in tiers 0 and 1, and has options for blond or black eyebrows.  There is the skin for classic avatar, as well as Slink and Omega appliers in the box, with and without the option to apply a cleavage shadow.  I like when both classic and applier skins are in the same box, as I use a mesh body, and a standard/classic head.  So I utilize both the system skin and the applier version.

Over my skin I’ve added a few simple and fresh makeup options from that HUGE box of cosmetics that I often mention, and use, that Dulce Secrets has out.  From that huge box makeup, (thank goodness there are previews in the textures), I’ve plucked out and applied the “::DS:: Fresh Love Lips”, “::DS:: Rosy Glow Blush”, and the “::DS:: Fresh Smoke Eyeshadow”.  I’m also wearing a pair of mesh eyelashes found in the box, for that extra bump of eye drama. The gift in the makeup section is named “Dulce Secrets 2017 Free Dove Collection.”  It’s early yet, but I wouldn’t be surprised if a 2018 collection was coming shortly, so be sure to hurry down and grab this totally amazing gift. But there’s not only makeup in the box, there’s clothing, skins, eyes, non-bento shapes, and slink nail appliers as well.  It’s 100% a few different complete avatars in a box.  Both classic and mesh avatars as well, as appliers are included.

One last detail in my jewelry, I’ve actually blogged the earrings from this set before, it’s a lovely matched set that is versatile to use with many outfits.  In the Jewelry section, straight in from the entrance at the landing point, you’ll find this offering from Tempestuous named “Your Majesty”.  A simple gold chain with a teardrop pearl and diamond solitaire along with matched drop earrings.

I hope you enjoyed my Free Dove Challenge, I’ll be doing them a few times a month!  Best thing is that head to toe, completely and totally, with the exception of my mesh body, everything shown is completely FREE to members of The Free Dove Group, which is also FREE to join!

Get it:

Hair:   Mutiny in Heaven “!MiH Phyde For Free Dove”  @   The Free Dove – group gift/group FREE to join.

Skin: Avi-Glam  “AG. Anna Skin (T1, black eyebrows, cleavage)” @   The Free Dove – group gift/group FREE to join.

Eyelashes: Dulce Secrets “::DS Mesh Eyelashes” in box “Dulce Secrets 2017 Free Dove Collection @   The Free Dove – group gift/group FREE to join.

Eyeshadow: Dulce Secrets “::DS:: Fresh Smoke Eyeshadow”  in box “Dulce Secrets 2017 Free Dove Collection @   The Free Dove – group gift/group FREE to join.

Blush:  Dulce Secrets: “::DS:: Rosy Glow Blush” in box “Dulce Secrets 2017 Free Dove Collection @   The Free Dove – group gift/group FREE to join.

Lips:  Dulce Secrets: “::DS:: Fresh Love Lips”  in box “Dulce Secrets 2017 Free Dove Collection @   The Free Dove – group gift/group FREE to join.

Shoes:  Baby Monkey “”Leana Pumps Basics”@   The Free Dove – group gift/group FREE to join.

Necklace and Earrings:   Tempetuous “Your Majesty”  at The Free Dove group gift/Free Dove group FREE to join

Body:  Violet Studios “Tudoto Mesh Body”- 2,000L

Hands: Violet Studios – “Fusion 2 – Bento Hands Version 2.0″  200 lindens

Sim:  Skybox scene from $60L Plus Rentals

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