Mom’s Night Out


“The mom version of a girls night out is going anywhere without your kids.”

Middle of Christmas vacation and I need a break!!!  Even if I just have to run to the coffee shop, sadly not in London, grab a cup of coffee that someone else makes, and enjoy the lack of the sound of cartoons on the tv and feeling  the house growing dirtier by the moment (this will still happen, but I won’t have to feel it.)  I can click away on my laptop without my son shoving his tablet in my face to watch “Ben The Dog” eat beans and fart (literal several times daily occurrence at my house.)  But, I still have to look cute!  I can’t go in my mom uniform of yoga pants and whatever tee has the least stains.  So, good thing I have an adorable dress, some FREE and cheap accessories, and a new little trick that I’ve learned to share with you today.

Hairstyles I’ve mastered as a mom: ponytail, messy ponytail, messy bun, really messy bun, messy.

So let’s start with my hair.  This sassy pony is Nyne‘s group gift #25 “Hela”.  The Nyne group is FREE to join, which means you can get this hair for FREE!  But here’s the thing.  I’m modeling it in black with silver streaks, and the group gifts come with the limited gift hud, which most assuredly doesn’t have black in it.  I accidentally stumbled upon the knowledge that if you have purchased a Nyne hair, the color hud from your purchased hair works with the gift hair. (Sometimes being a distracted mom who changes hairs but forgets to remove the HUD when she got interrupted to watch the dog fart pays off.) Well, I have purchased a Nyne hair with a black and whites hud, so now I have a black and white hud to wear with all my Nyne VIP gift hairs!  It’s opened up all 25 of my Nyne gift hairs up for daily use. I don’t often want to be anything but black, and black with my natural silver glitter is even better yet, and I have that now with all of these hairs!  If you’re new to Nyne and join today, there are 6 gifts currently available. Including the “Ferrida” hair that I blogged here.


Kids these days are so nice.  They call me Magnificent. Intelligent. Loving. Friendly.

I took advantage of the free group join during the holidays for Chic Moda.  Boy am I glad I did, I didn’t find out until the very last minute and swept in under the wire on New Year’s Eve. Ya, this tired mama stayed home and away from the drunks, so this was an added bonus.  I’m wearing the brand new January group gift. The “Oliva” dress just hugs every curve to perfection.  The texture appears a soft and cozy knit, but the cut gives it a sexy edge that takes it to a perfect casual dress for wearing out, especially with the belt cinching the waist at the smallest part. I can’t believe I forgot to get a shot of the back, but I love the detail here, as the dress buttons up the back with black buttons. It also has a scooped neck, in case you’re wondering since I’m covering that with the scarf.  I can’t exactly determine the color, it appears olive and black in some windlights, and burlap brown with a chocolate belt in others.  I rolled with it as olive with black.

The Chic Moda group is now back to 200L to join.  When I strolled through there was the current gift, plus 4 months of past group gifts out, as well as 3 lucky letter boards to try.  Apparently, the big news is that the Ds are now working on lucky letters! Oh and there’s a new VIP room to hang out in while you watch those lucky letters. The chat group is very friendly and quite active so far.  I see myself enjoying this group very much!

It’s actually not a blankie around my neck for once.

My scarf is one of those fantastic dollarbie marketplace deals from N-Uno.  In a fatpack no less! There are 6 colors in the Alana Scarf Fatpack, and they are resizable for you to get the right fit.  N-Uno has several dollarbie gifts on the marketplace to snag, if you go check out the store’s page, be sure to search for fatpacks first, then go back and look at the individual gifts up for a linden.  Several of the individual items are in fatpacks, but not all, so be sure to check back if you see something else you like.

Nor a diaper bag over my shoulder.

The scarf helped me to model Poeme‘s January group gift, which I absolutely wanted to wear with this dress, but as accessories are mostly not bento designed,  it cut through my cleavage, there’s a hint of that showing in a few of my shots, but mostly the scarf helps mask that area, and give the strap of the purse the appearance of laying between my cleavage instead of how silly 2nd life has it cutting through my dress.  Maybe one day, SL will be able to introduce mesh over mesh layering?  A girl can dream. Anyway, this purse is copy/mod so you can adjust it.  Maybe you’ll have better skill than I at this.Plus, it is January, and not only January but one with bitterly cold record lows, brr, so the scarf is a very welcome addition! The “Pueblo Fridged Suede Bag” group gift comes in this shadow half of them are for the group only.color, a nice neutral to go with nearly everything.  The Poeme group is only 1L to join!  There’s also brand new lucky letters and midnight mania boards up at Poeme, and

“Where is your other shoe?” said every parent ever.

I’m wearing an older, but still available group gift from Hilly Haalan.  The “Alanis Boots” come sized for Maitreya, all Slink and Belleza mesh bodies, as well as a fitmesh classic size.  Also included is a texture change hud with 5 options for the boots, 3 prints and 2 solids in blacks and browns. They also come with both shoes as one object, therefore I will never need to search for the other!

MILF (Man, I love fishing.)

I picked up my waffly print black stockings from Tiar Mainstore.  It’s in a fatpack of 10 black nylons of different patterns, all with panties, and was only 99 lindens. Here’s a Missy pro-tip.  If you want to snag this fatpack of nylons, grab your 7seas Fishing Pole, head down to Tiar, and cast your line in the fishing pond in one corner of the courtyard.  You can catch a 50, 100 or 500L gift card, so with a little time, you might get them for 49 lindens or FREE, or anything else in the store you choose.  There are also a few clothing items that you can fish up as well.


I have kids, I’m sure looking tired is just my face now.

Thank god there’s makeup! For my cosmetics, I’m wearing two new buys.  My eyeshadow is from Dulce Secrets and is a steal at 55 lindens. You can find the Divinity Eyeshadow right next to the door around the corner from the SL Frees and Offers gift.  In the box are 6 shadows with a dark liner and a touch of sparkle.  I’m wearing “Superstitious.”  There are appliers for Catwa, Lelutka, and Omega in the box, along with classic avatar tattoo.  I’ve attached the vendor ad so you can see in better detail, plus see the shades that I am not wearing.


For my lipstick, I’m modeling one of the new nudes in the latest fatpack from The Little Black Dress.  I blogged the sample that was available in group notices in this post.   I’m wearing “*LBD Nude Lipstick 3 LG.”  There are 6 shades in 2 sizes in the fatpack with appliers for Catwa, LeLutka, Omega, and Areruka, as well as classic avatar tattoo.  This fatpack costs only 99 lindens.  Also including the vendor ad for this, so you can see the other colors as well.


Get it!

Hair:  Nyne “Hela” – group gift/group FREE to join

Dress:  Chic Moda “Olivia” -group gift/group 200L to join

Nylons: Tiar Mainstore ” Tiar omega 10 black tights w panties”  -99L (fatpack)

Boots:  Hilly Haalan “Alanis” -group gift/group FREE to join

Purse:  Poeme “Pueblo Fringed Suede Bag” – group gift/group 1L to join

Scarf:  N-Uno “Alanis Scarf” – 1L on Marketplace (fatpack)

Skin: Avi-Glam  “AG. Anna Skin (T1, black eyebrows, cleavage)” @   The Free Dove – group gift/group FREE to join.

Eyelashes:  ATIA’s  “Plume” in Swag Bag  –FREE!

Eyelashes and Eyeliner tattoo:  Blacklace Beauty “Eyelashes and liner 1” – 99L (fatpack)

Glasses:  Really Rockabilly! Zef’s Catty Horned Rimmed Birth Control Specs – 99L

Lipstick:  The Little Black Dress “*LBD* Nude 3 Lipstick LG” -99L (fatpack)

Eyeshadow:  Dulce Secrets  “::DS:: Superstitious Divinity Eyeshadow” -55L (fatpack)

Body:  Slink Hourglass




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