L is For….


Pose by Aerial “Shoes” – group gift/group FREE to join (group Artis Photography and Poses)


Laundry Day

The basement is the perfect place to hibernate when one has a hangover.  Not that I personally have one, even though the morning after a late night in my 40s feels like a hangover did in my 20s, but I suspect many readers have one today!  However, as a mom, hard to enter the basement without noticing the ever huge pile of laundry, so slipping into my comfies to work my way through it with all the speed and agility of the sloth that I feel.  (Not, Dear Dalriada and Dear Vaygah, that I am implying that your fashion would be the only thing left to wear!)

I was glad when MoOh! got their January group gift right on the first, requiring of me the exact amount of effort I wanted to put into finding an outfit for today’s post, little to none, seeing as the notice had the taxi.  After I struggled through those 3 or so clicks to port in, snag the gift, and teleport home, I was overjoyed to slip into the oh so comfy track-suit in the box and collapse on the sofa.  Eventually toddling my way down to the basement to escape the glare of the sun off the snow.


Pose and coffee cup by WetCat, WOH4 gift “coffee 2”

The MoOh! “Isabelle” outfit, comes with the tracksuit pants, crop hoodie, and a color hud for 6 colors; pink, baby blue, turquoise (as shown), red, grey, and black.  Sizes available are standard XXS-L with an alpha layer, Maitreya, TMP, both Slinks, and all 3 Bellezas. Of course, while I was in the shop, I did extend the effort for a couple of more clicks, one to grab this month’s 150L gift card, and the other to enter this month’s 500L gift card raffle.  The group gift, monthly gift card, and raffle chance are all perks of joining the MoOh! in world group which costs 100L. There are also 3 lucky chairs in the shop for members.  If you pay close attention, you may notice that I can be a bit of a group hopper( I even pay to rejoin at times!)  I can’t help it, SL limits me too much!  MoOh! is one of the few that I don’t drop, besides all the benefits I’ve listed of being a member, the owner is a dear, and she keeps things fresh with events and hunts throughout the month.  Plus, I just love her style.  The saying on this shirt sums it up pretty well for me.  “Naughty, but nice.”  That’s pretty much me in a nutshell.  Heck, I even love Special K Cereal, and if that doesn’t fit right into that category I don’t know what does!  (chocolate almond please?)

Also, befitting the effort I wanted to expend today, Truth‘s December VIP hair came just in the nick of time, and all I had to do was grab it out of notices!  It seems that for the past few months, each time I’ve opened a new VIP gift, I’ve said to myself, ok this is my now go-to hair.  I did it again this morning too!  As always with VIP gift hair, the “Tinsley Hair” comes with all of the Truth Color HUDs, and a stylist HUD.  In this hud, you can turn off long hair wisps in the front and back, with two options of long wisps in the front, switch sides of the roll, and toggle on or off two sets of shorter wisps in the front.  The Truth VIP group is 350L to get in on the once a month VIP hair gifts, and worth every stinking linden.

I did model for you the “Serenity” Skin by Alaskametro ❤ that I wore the eyeshadow out of in my last post.  I do really like it, it’s clean under the eyes, it seems all others I’ve tried have had some sort of shadow there.  I must admit, skins are my least favorite thing in Second Life, I’m not a collector of those on purpose, I’d rather stay basic and play with makeup.  I have folders full of unopened skins just in case I do get a wild hair up my hiney in order to try them out.  I don’t know if I see that happening with this totally clean skin from Aleskametro and my typical skin from Avi-glam suiting my needs.   Both of those I snagged at The Free Dove.  This particular skin though, I think I may have misspoken in the last post.  I think I snagged it at November’s Free Dove Mini-Hunt.  Which is ok, I may be modeling something that you can’t grab as I did, if it’s still available even, but I can tell you that The Free Dove is not a one and done freebie store.  They do get new gifts all the time, but on top of that, there is a hunt between The Free Dove store and selected designers’ stores every month.  A pretty large hunt as well, as there are usually 4 designers who each spread 10 gifts between their own shops and The Free Dove.  You’ll need The Free Dove tag to snag the hunt prizes and any gifts in the store, but the Free Dove group is FREE to join, and all hunt prizes are also FREE!


Headshot of Bento pose “November Group gift” by HERA – group 10L to join



I should state that I did add a few makeup touches to the skin.  It comes with a plain nude lip, which is good, but I wanted a pop of color in my lipstick.  So I have added ATIA’s “Camellia Wet Lip Tattoo” which can be snagged for 25L solo, or for 88L for the “Summer Nights Wet Lip Tattoos Fatpack” which has 8 shades, making it 11L per shade.  I’m also wearing the “Plume” pair of mesh eyelashes that are in the FREE “Grab Bag” at the front of the store, and the Blacklace Beauty liner and eyelash tattoo that I picked up last month in a fatpack and have made a basic component to all of my makeup. I’ve also got a dark eyebrow on over the light fluff, as you can see, I have no idea where I got this, I think it’s from Freebie Galaxy days and has just never needed to be replaced! So just keep in mind that these details have been added to the “Serenity Skin” that I’m wearing.

You can also notice in the above pic, that I’m wearing a ring.  This is group gift # 18 from Beloved Jewelry, which can be snagged for 1 linden on the desk in the Emerald Bay Store.  I’m going to channel the laziness and post the notice that Kimbra sent us, for the rest of info.  “Texture Change Gem Dome Ring. Copy Only. Set for Bento attachment R Ring Finger. 22 Gem Choices. 12 Metal Options.  LIMITED TIME ONLY. This will be for sale soon 🙂 Only at the Emerald Bay location for 1L until January 3rd!”  So hurry and snag it now!  The Beloved Jewelry group is FREE to join!  (P.S. group gift 19is also in notices.)

I’m also wearing the “*LBD* Color Change Glasses” group gift I showed off last week with an entirely different texture.  This time I left the texture as is, and just changed the color to match up with my clothing.  The Little Black Dress group is still FREE to join!

While they aren’t currently cheap, does it count if I did buy my socks way back on a Black Friday sale? *giggles*  Anyway, these striped socks are the result of Vaygah of Pink Cream Pie fulfilling our wishes.  Since certain pinkie pies, of whom I am jealous of, have everything in the store already purchased, they hinted to Vay to make us a striped version of the Hazel socks, and Vaygah being the awesomeness that she is, had these done and up in time for the sale.  Naturally, I bought a few pairs when they were 50% off.  These striped Hazel socks are really a 2 for 1 anyway.  When you buy a single color for 200L, like I did these turquoise ones, you get both the turquoise and white, and the turquoise and black striped pair, for both high and flat feet.  These come sized for Slink Hourglass, Belleza Isis and Freya, and Maitreya.

Well, it seems someone else needs the washer and dryer so I need to get off my hind end and switch mine out!  Have a Happy New Year everyone!  Oh and be sure to check my Flickr as I generally show off a different pose than in the blog!  I think I’ve got a good one this time! (pose below with the puppy is from the WOH4, sorry I didn’t get to post it in time for you to still grab it, but it’s by Spotcat, and yes the puppy is included!)

Get it!

Hair:  Truth “Tinsel Hair” -group gift/group 350L to join

Skin (face):  Alaskametro<3 “Serenity Skin” (past Free Dove Hunt)

Skin (body): Avi-Glam  “AG. Anna Skin (T1, black eyebrows, cleavage)” @   The Free Dove – group gift/group FREE to join.

Eyelashes:  ATIA’s  “Plume” in Swag Bag  –FREE!

Eyelashes and Eyeliner tattoo:  Blacklace Beauty “Eyelashes and liner 1” -fatpack 99L

Glasses:  The Little Black Dress “*LBD* Color change glasses” -Group gift/group FREE to join

Lipstick:  ATIA’s “Camilla Summer Nights Wet Lip Tattoo” single 25L or 88L in fatpack of 8 shades

Tracksuit:  MoOh! “Isabelle outfit” – group gift/group 100L to join

Socks:  Pink Cream Pie “Hazel Stripe Socks [Turquoise] (Hazel flat white)” -200L

Ring:  Beloved Jewelry “Texture Change Gem Dome Ring” -group gift #18 1L at Emerald Bay Store until January 3rd.  Group FREE to join!

Washer and Dryer:  X-Clusives Animations “Spin Cycle Sex Laundry” (past Advent gift, may still be available for 99L)

Sim:  Skybox scene from $60L Plus Rentals




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