Black and Blue Friday


I think this is a better name for the Day after Thanksgiving shopping madness.  Luckily, the bruises in Second Life are just tattoos, and they don’t hurt! Anyway, I just tossed a couple of recent group gifts together to show off these shoes that were a fantastic deal at an early starting Black Friday Sale. If you promise not to push and shove, I’ll also share about a lucky letter prize and a dollarbie, as well as some other information I know you’ll love!

It’s No Amazon Prime But Group Membership Does Have Benefits!

  • My hair is October’s Gift from Truth.  I’ve blogged the “Makena Hair” before, but I used the style hud and left the ponytails down in the back rather than twirl them up into buns.  The hud lets you have these bangs, or the bangs on the other side,  or roll them up, and the two inverted French braids can either end in ponytails or buns, The Truth group is 350 lindens to join, and lifetime benefits include a free VIP hair every month, and 10% store credit for every purchase you make.
  • My top is by Arcane Spellcaster and is one of the 3 gifts up currently for group members.  There are 5 group gifts a month, and they get cycled out so this one may not have long left!  The “Zeidy Top -Azure” comes sized for Maitreya, Belleza, and Slink.  The way the Slink fits me, I’m going to make an educated guess and say it’s sized for Physique.  The Arcane Spellcaster group is 250 lindens to join, and besides the 5 monthly gifts, there is also a group lucky chair.
  • My pants are Belle Epoque‘s latest gift for the Teleport Hub group.  The “Naia pants” come in 5 colors; black, red, yellow, blue, and white and are only sized for Maitreya.  That said, I don’t know what it is about Belle Epoque, but her Maitreya fitmeshes have always fit me really well, and I don’t get the big gap above the butt like most Maitreya bottoms with Janire’s designs. The Teleport Hub group is 10 lindens to join, and grants you access to news and gifts from designers across the grid.
  • The table I am leaning against is from a group-only lucky board win at The Vintage Touch.  The “Sail Away Console Table” is both copy and edit.  There are also 3 group gifts up for group members and a Midnight Madness board that anyone can slap.  The best bit though, is that the Vintage Touch is FREE to join!
  • If you leave The Vintage Touch, cross the courtyard over into Poeme to pick up the autographed Liz Taylor picture I have displayed on the table.  It’s FREE to anyone. When you enter the store, look on the table to the left, under the sign that says “All You Need is Love.” But while you are there, you may as well join the Poeme group for 1 linden and snag the fall group gift, then saunter up the stairs and check out the lucky letters and midnight madness boards.  3 lucky letters are for anyone, and 3 for group only, one midnight madness board for anyone, and one group only.  There’s also gifts for the Teleport Hub and SL Frees and Offers groups.
  • I talk all the time about the oodles of gifts from Legendaire.  As I’m typing this, I got a notice that group join is temporarily FREE!  This is great news.  Not only is there a huge wall of past group gifts, there’s a steady rotation of new ones!  Not to mention that being in the group lets you know when Kim is putting something up for 1 Hour 1 Linden, and having her fabulous sales.
  • Snapshot_028.png

Speaking of Sales at Legendaire….

Well, and speaking of Black Friday, there’s another 60% off Sale going on which kicked off a bit early for Black Friday.  Many past things that I blogged are stupidly cheap at the moment. Click the Legendaire tag (here I linked it,) and see what I’ve blogged then take even more off, even the Halloween costumes are set out in the back area of the Outlet side, near the past group gifts and marked way down.  But not only that, I picked up these “Sweet Dreams Heels” for 24 Lindens! (They are in the same area as those costumes)  I don’t know about you, but Sugar Skulls are a year-round thing for me, not just on the Day of the Dead, just especially on The Day of the Dead!  These shoes come with either silver or gold heels and accents, and there’s a hud to choose between 6 different textures all with Sugar Skulls! I mean 24 lindens for shoes with so many options and FREE group join, there’s no reason not to go!


All That Glitters Doesn’t Have To Cost You Alot of Gold

How about costing you nothin’? The “Vintage Beaded Multi-Stone Set” I’m wearing here cycles through the two lucky letter boards at Glint.  There is a hud included that not only resizes, but has a texture change to choose between 10 different options for the gem!  Pro-tip:  If you’re heading down to Glint to try your luck at nabbing this, grab your 7seas Fishing pole and fish up some other FREE jewelry while you wait to see your letter!


This Moonstone and Silver Alley Cat Belly piercing I picked up at Tempestuous for 1 Linden!


Ok, so maybe the only black and blue I had after my shopping trips today is the fact that I’m wearing black pants and a blue shirt!  But you gotta admit, it was a catchy title!


Get it!

Hair:  Truth “Makena” -October group gift/group 250L to join

Shirt:  Arcane Spellcaster “Zeidy Top-Azure”  group gift/group 250L to join

Pants:  Belle Epoque “Naia Pants”  gift for Teleport Hub Group/Teleport Hub 10L to join

Shoes:  Legendaire “Sweet Dreams Heels” SALE! 24L

Necklace and Earrings:  Glint “Beaded Multi-stone Set”  FREE Lucky Letter Prize!

Navel Piercing:  Tempestuous “Alley Cat Belly Piercing” -1L

Console:  The Vintage Touch “Sail Away Console Table” Group Lucky Letter Prize/group FREE to join

Liz Tailor Pin-up Pic: Poeme “{Poeme} Beach Love from Liz T” –FREE

Jar:  Little Llama “Jar of Sand”

Body:  Violet Studios “Tudoto Mesh Body”- 2,000L

Hands: Violet Studios – “Fusion 2 – Bento Hands Version 2.0″ – 200L

Skin: Avi-Glam  “AG. Anna Skin (T1, black eyebrows, cleavage)” @   The Free Dove – group gift/group FREE to join.

Eyelashes:  ATIA’s  “Plume” in Swag Bag  –FREE!

Full Face Makeup:  ATIA’s “Pewter Rose Makeover” SALE!  138L

Glasses:  Really Rockabilly! Zef’s Catty Horned Rimmed Birth Control Specs – 99L

Nails:  Hello Dave!  “Bubblegum Split”  -group gift/group 100L to join

Sim:  Skybox scene from $60L Plus Rentals

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