Baby, It’s Cold Outside


So very nice…

I guess one of the best things about a non-mainstream body, is that I can really wear Slink or Maitreya tops, and plain ol’ fitmesh tops work awesome, as long as they aren’t too long.  I run into problems at the hips and rump where they just show way too big, and my alpha hud on the Tudoto Mesh Body can’t help that.  So, when I saw this “Rock It” outfit at ALB Designs and ShuShu the other day that was set out for the Maitreya Gifts Sales and News group,  I grabbed it because it’s stinking adorable!

The sweater, beanie, and boots are part of the gift, also included is a skirt.  Sadly, I absolutely can’t wear anything but Physique or standard sizes on the bottom.  So, I didn’t add the skirt. Actually, there are two skirts, a red and blue!  This outfit only comes sizes for Maitreya, but I was able to remove my feet and make the boots work, thankfully because I love them!  I also had to go back to my plain ol’ hands and take off the bento as they cut through the long cuffs on the sweater. The Maitreya Gifts Sales and News Group is FREE to join!

Just a side note, not sure if it’s my computer or what, but the texture of the sweater was soft before I jacked it up to max graphics for the photo. I always play/shop/explore on lower graphics setting, but set everything to ultra graphics when I do photoshoots for the blog. Here’s a shot of that.


I’ll take your hat, your hair looks swell…

Since literally all of my hair poked through the beanie, even the hair part for under a hat that I wore the other day that was also designed by ALB, I mixed and matched three bangs that are in two different hairs from  Sintiklia.  Two are from a FREE hair I won off a lucky letter board, Freeze, which I wore for another posting under a hat. The wispy bangs over the forehead are part of a bangs group gift that is currently set out.  The  Sintiklia group is 100 Lindens to join, but you don’t need to join to play the lucky letters.

So really I’d better scurry …

My darling snowflake earrings are a group gift set out for the Zombie Suicide group.  The Zombie Suicide VIP group is usually 200 lindens to join, however, right now for a limited time the group is FREE to join.  So if you want to save 200 lindens, pick up some great gifts, and enjoy the future perks of the VIP group, hurry and join while you can for FREE!


At least I’m gonna say that I tried…

I had a real dilemma in finding something to wear on the bottom.  Any mesh pants that I had that matched covered the boots, none of my skirts had the vibe I was wanting, and the included skirts just didn’t fit.  Next, I went into my folder for applied jeans, none of them looked just right. Then I remembered that when I was in Lillou’s Designs the other day I picked up another pack of the Loona tights I wore in yesterday’s post.  The “Loona Tights 4” are the current gift for the Omega Obsessions group at Lillou’s.  Like the “Loona Tights 3” there are 6 different applied tights in this pack, and come with standard layers or with an Omega applier. The snowy white knit in the set just tickled my fancy.  The Omega Obsessions group is FREE to join.

The tights were a bit bland on their own, and my skinny hips needed a bit of something to balance the large top, so I got a bit creative here.  I’m wearing two different belts that were included in outfits by Ydena that are found in the huge  “Ydena Past Group Gifts” at The Free Dove.  I pulled out the belts from the Bianca, and Ambia outfits.  Both of these belts were modifiable, and while there’s no way I could make a prim, I can move it and apply textures and change colors, so I did that.  For the Bianca, belt, I used a knit texture that I picked up at the The 10th Anniversary Cart Sale at The Wash from Blades of Fire, choosing a pale and neutral “Knit Gallery.” Then I adjusted the tint, until at least in my eyes, it’s close to the color of the boots.  Then over that, I stretched and moved the metal link Ambia belt until it fit over the wider cloth of the Bianca belt.  I did a little mostly unsuccessful fiddling to try to get the color to match the chain on the boots, but it’s pretty close. I probably would have been much better off finding a belly chain, but I didn’t have one, and had already spent way more time figuring out this outfit than I intended.  So there we have it, I hope you like the effect I went for, even if it’s not the best execution of it.  I do enjoy having some full perm items though, it helps with mix and matching.  So I always pick up free textures when I see em, and have bought a few others.


Thrill when you touch my hand…

My nails are Hello Dave!‘s group gift this week.  The “Frosted Panes” has a pallet of 5, for Omega, Slink, and Maitreya Appliers.  Since I have so very many polishes from Hello Dave, I wear and post them often.  Just yesterday I went into some huge detail about the group perks, so if you’re interested just click here and read it.  The Hello Dave! group is 100 lindens to join.

 Your eyes are like starlight now…

I guess I’ve left it up to assumptions that my eyes are my own, just alot of shifting of the colors on the system eyes until I got the perfect grey-blue shade to match 1st Life Missy.  However, the eyeshadow, eyeliner and, of course, the eyelashes are courtesy of ATIA.  I’m still working through the eyeshadow and eyeliner fatpacks I bought this week for 88 lindens, both come with 8 choices.  The eyshadow is from the “Smoke n’ Mirrors Eyeshadow fatpack” and I chose “Mink”.  The eyeliner is from the “Soft Focus Eyeliner fatpack” and I chose option 5. The eyelashes are my go-to pair, from the gift “Swag Bag” that’s FREE to anyone, and are the “Plume” pair.

 Oh, baby, you’ll freeze out there…

That big box of makeup from the “Dulce Secrets Free Dove 2017 Collection”, at, naturally, The Free Dove. I’ve dug into it yet again.  I added the “Winter Burn Blush” to give my cheeks that windburned look that I always get when I go out in the cold!  I did protect my lips with lipstick from The Little Black Dress.  You can snag this “*LBD* Supreme Scarlet Lipstick Sample” on the Marketplace for 1 little linden.  Fair warning!  You’ll fall in love with her lipsticks just like I did and end up going to the store and buying one or more fatpacks!

I’ve got to go away…

Baby it’s cold outside…

Get it!

Beanie, Sweater, and Boots:  ALB Designs and ShuShu “Rock It outfit” FREE for Maitreya Sales, Gifts and News group/group FREE to join

Hair: Sintiklia “Freeze bangs (1& 2 only)” -entire hairstyle is lucky letter prize – FREE

Hair:  Sintiklia “Bangs Pack Yoselin Group gift (bangs 1 only)”-group gift/group 100 lindens to join

Blush:  Dulce Secrets “Winter Burn Blush”  in box “Dulce Secrets 2017 Free Dove Collection @   The Free Dove – group gift/group FREE to join.

Glasses:  BlankLine, “Glasses” – group gift/group FREE to join

Tights:   Lillou’s Designs “Loona 4 Knit Tights” FREE for Omega Obsession group/group FREE to join

Red Belt:  Ydena “Bianca Belt” -modified with Blades of Fire “Knit Gallery” and personal tint.  Belt is in box “Past Ydena group gifts” @   The Free Dove – group gift/group FREE to join.

Gold Belt: Ydena “Ambia Belt” in box “Past Ydena group gifts” @   The Free Dove – group gift/group FREE to join.

Earrings:  Zombie Suicide “Z.S. Flake Earrings” – group gift/group TEMPORARILY FREE to join

Nails:  Hello Dave! “Frosted Panes”- group gift/group 100 lindens to join

Skin: Avi-Glam  “AG. Anna Skin (T1, black eyebrows, cleavage)” @   The Free Dove – group gift/group FREE to join.

Eyeliner:  ATIA’s “Soft focus 5” – 25L or 88L for fatpack of 8 liners

Eyelashes:  ATIA’s  “Plume” in Swag Bag  –FREE!

Eyeshadow:  ATIA’s “Mink Smoke ‘n Mirrors Eyeshadow” in fatpack -88L or 25L for individual eyeshadow.

Body:  Violet Studios “Tudoto Mesh Body”- 2,000L

Lipstick:  The Little Black Dress “LBD Scarlet Large Supreme Lipstick Tattoo” 1L on Marketplace

Sim:  Skybox scene from $60L Plus Rentals

Songwriters: Frank Wildhorn
Baby, It’s Cold Outside lyrics © Warner/Chappell Music, Inc

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