Color Me Embarassed

I need to write an update to literally all of my old posts!  I finally got around to contacting the designer of ATIA, whose makeup I use daily and blog daily, to let her know that she was in the blog.  If I had done this earlier, I would have not only saved myself quite a few lindens but all my readers as well.

ATIA does have an in-world store, and prices are LOWER than the marketplace.  In fact, those lipstick fatpacks are 50% off even. 88 lindens will get you ATIA’s lipstick packs, so naturally, I picked up 3 more today!

I figured a correction and retraction was easier than rewriting all my old posts!  My apologies to ATIA, I honestly did search for them and never came up with an in-world location that worked, until I was sent the landmark today.

Use this link to visit the mainstore and find much lower prices for ATIA products.

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