Walking in Clouds


“When there’s snow on the ground.  I like to pretend I’m walking on clouds.”

– Takayuki  Ikkaku

I saw my first snowflakes here on Halloween.  They didn’t stick but reminded me that winter is right around the corner here in Michigan.  Time to get my winter wardrobe in order so I don’t get stuck in the cold! Legendaire has a promo/new release that’s just adorable! At only 98 Lindens for 5 mix and match items, plus a surprise not listed in the sale advert, it’s  a great deal!  I added a few basic touches, and I’m ready to romp in the snow!

Warm and Cozy

The “You Will Float Too” outfit is centered around this cheery yellow puffer coat with hood, it comes in sizes for classic avatar, Slink, Belleza, and Maitreya. Then there are 2 pairs of resizable wellies.  I’m wearing the red, but there is also a black pair.  The jeans are also in the box and come in standard layer or omega applier.  The surprise hint is that there is a lacy corset if you click to apply the top layer on the omega!  It also comes with a bright red balloon to hold onto!  Missy Math this is 16 lindes per item in the box!

While you’re down at Legendaire there’s a 60% off sale going on and many items in the Outlet portion are SUPER DUPER CHEAP.



I loved the wellies, but I picked up these “Yeti Fur Boots” when I joined KC Couture shoes yesterday and wanted to show them off.  So, here I slipped them on.  They come with a HUGE HUD that allows you to customize the colors of the fur, main body, heel and sole, and the laces independently. I love these, and am already picturing them paired up with almost all of my winter outfits!  The KC Couture group is only 25 L to join, and for that, you get several free gifts, access to mini-madness boards, as well as lucky letters!

Layer for Warmth

My scarf I slipped out of the No Cabide 12k Members Gift box, which is the “Sara outfit.”  and comes with everything shown in the pic below.  If you aren’t a member of the No Cabide group you can pick it up for 59 lindens on the Marketplace.Sara_Outfit_MP

My shirt is from Sn@tch’s Fall Fishing Bag,  which I fished for free back in September in 2 shades, brown and khaki.  I like the way it comes down on the hands for warmth. While Sn@tch has restocked the pond a few times since, and this item is no longer available to purchase, I’m showing it off to convince my deal finders to invest in that 7seas fishing pole and fish for sn@tch’s grab bags!  I’ve only been fishing at Sn@tch for a couple of months, and have gotten over 70 items for that, not including the fishing I do at Glint, Tiar, and R&R Swag, and any others I may find!


Since the hood of the puffer coat does cover the back of the head, I merely slipped out some bangs from a hairstyle.  In this case, I used the bangs from the “Tami” group gift hair from Sintiklia. If these aren’t your thing, there’s also a group gift up that is a bangs pack, and a few hairstyles with separate bangs of various styles in hairs on their lucky letter boards.  The Sintiklia group is 100 lindens to join, but that is not needed for the lucky letter boards!


My makeup is from 2 separate dollarbie items I snagged on the Marketplace.  My lips are from my favorite The Little Black Dress, and there are 3 separate colors you can snag.  I’m wearing “*LBD* Dark Luxe Lipstick – cherry”, and they come with standard tattoo, omega, and catwa appliers.

My eyeshadow is just one make up option in a dollarbie I snagged from Glamorize, and is the eyeshadow from the “Sweet Combo Makeup” which also comes with seperate lips or full face makeup and is made for classic avatar tattoo.


Last, but not least, since  Deadly Passions Koffin Nails had so many hits for me throughout October Events, I went and joined the group.  My yellow and blue nails are a group gift currently up in the store.  I’ve posted the Omega hud above for you to see the color options that come in the palette, but there are also Slinkand Maitreyaa applier huds included.



Get it!:

Coat, applied jeans, wellies, red balloon:  Legendaire “You Will Float Too” -98L

Scarf:  No Cabide “Sara” 12k Members group gift – FREE or 59L on MP

Optional Fur Boots:  KC Couture “Yeti fur boots” -group gift/group 25L to join

Applied Henley Tee:  Sn@tch – unavailable – past Fall fishing bag

Hair:  Sintiklia “Tami” bangs only  group gift/gift 100L to join

Lipstick:  The Little Black Dress “Cherry- Dark Luxe Lipstick” – marketplace 1L

Eyeshadow: Glamorize “Sweet Combo” – marketplace 1L

Glasses:  Really Rockabilly! Zef’s Catty Horned Rimmed Birth Control Specs – 99L

Eyelashes: ATIA’s (marketplace only)  “Plume” in Swag Bag  –FREE!

Skin: Avi-Glam  “AG. Anna Skin (T1, black eyebrows, cleavage)”   The Free Dove. group gift FREE, group FREE to join. (shown here without added makeup)

Body:  Violet Studios Tudoto Mesh Body 2,000L

Nails:  Deadly Passions Koffin Nails “Carnival Colors”  group gift/group 100L to join.


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