Naughty Nala


Indulge me while I tell you a quick story.  I’m getting ready to walk the dog, Nala, and the doorbell rings.  It’s a blustery day, so I was finishing up adjusting my hat pins so one of my favorite hats would stay put on my head.  Any other day I may have tossed on a beanie and been done, but there’s this new handsome neighbor…  Oh sorry, I’m digressing as I think of him, the man is that distracting!  Anyway, I looked through the peephole before opening the door and it’s him!  Remember what I said about him distracting me? Well, I didn’t think to keep Nala the escape artist back and she bolted out the door.  Boston terriers, as much as I love them, are hyper, wily, and quick! Of course, I rush right after her, calling over my shoulder to Mr. Tall, Dark, and Handsome, that I’ll be right back.  Hurried, distracted over that tall drink of water standing on my porch, naturally, I forgot my coat.  I made it as far as the fence when he caught up to me.


“Ma’am, I’ll catch her, run and fetch your coat, it’s too cold out here.”

I would almost cringe at ma’am,  I’m of that certain age, you know, where I don’t really want to be a ma’am, but I’m really past the age of Miss (even though family and most friends still call me Missy.)  But, I detect a western drawl and reading far too many romance novels lately, I think cowboy and the “Ma’am” is now really hot sounding to me.  I think I may have actually blushed, at my age no less, then nodded, afraid I wouldn’t sound as casual as I’d like and give away my attraction to him.  To be honest, I’m super glad that he did send me back, as it hit me how big of a klutz I am and I was running on ice and snow, in high heels, no less,  and I definitely didn’t want him seeing me falling flat on my face.

I head back into my house and slip into the coat I had plotted to wear on my walk-the-dog-and-look-amazing-for-the-hottie excursion. I somehow also have the presence of mind to grab Nala’s basket as she’ll likely balk at coming back, and no way am I going to ruin this coat carrying a wet, squirming, likely now stinking, dog.

By the time I make it to where Hot Cowboy (as I have decided to dub him) has caught Nala, I have to laugh at her squirming so hard her whole body is a big wiggle and covering his face in kisses ( the lucky dog.)  Now, I’ve always been a bit irritated when I read in those cheesy romance novels that are my guilty pleasure when the author has to say that when some part of hero and heroine’s bodies first touch that there is an immediate spark, I even roll my eyes. However, when our hands brush as he’s handing Nala over to me, I definitely felt something, looked up into his face, and we just kind of stared at each other for a moment.

“Would you like to have dinner with me?”

I did a quick mental happy dance before accepting.  I do give the condition that he must allow me to pay as a thank you for rescuing naughty Nala.

“No Ma’am,” he argues, “my Mama might whack me with her wooden spoon if I let a lady pay for a first date.”

Hello!  I was mentally swooning there, but I somehow managed to graciously accept his offer.  He walked me back to my porch, informing me that he had come by because he noticed one of my trees was bowing a bit too much under the weight of the snow, and that he had planned to trim it for me, but didn’t want me to get distressed over a strange man up in my tree.  Sheepishly adding that asking me on a date was a spur of the moment decision.  We got back to the porch far too quickly, where he reached over, brushing me again, and opens the door for me, and instead of goodbye, a simple, “I’ll see you Friday at 6.”

Nala may or may not have gotten a treat instead of a scold for her antics.

Stay with me for the details!

Alright, so I just posted about Legendaire two days ago.   Anyway, today I’m wearing two of her surprise box items, and the new “DG Coat 3” and boot set she has up for only 119 lindens.  Now, I don’t know about you, but since I mix and match I divide price paid based on how many useable items I get from a purchase.  So, since we have both coat and boots (not to mention a hud of your choice of 4 patterns for the coat,) in my mind that’s 60 lindens for each item. If you’re not a fan of patterns, alternatively there is available the “DG Coat” with a HUD of 10 solid colors. The coat comes in 5 standard sizes,  Freya, Isis, Maitreya, Hourglass and Physique.  The boots come in a plain fitmesh, large fitmesh, all of the above fitmesh, and TMP and Venus regular and large sizes.

Nala herself is from a surprise box and only cost 10 lindens.  Nala comes with a HUD for her basket so you can coordinate not to clash with your outfit.  My sunglasses are also from a surprise box that was 10 lindens.  The “Monica Sunglasses Brown Lens” also comes with the “Miuki Necklace” which I haven’t shown but is a cute black and gold ribbon choker with pearls. (Missy Math = 5 lindens for the glasses!)  When you click to buy the surprise boxes, you can see exactly what you are getting, so don’t worry you won’t have to go through the entire store and buy them all sight unseen.

I have a penchant for mixing patterns in the same color scheme…

Glitterati by Sapphire is the creator of my cheeky hat.  I like the contrast of the cheetah print with the stripes of the coat in the same tones. It is the hat from the (still available) June 2014 group gift.

Now, let me tell you about Glitterati’s past group gift box.  Holy cow was it fun!  There are, I think, 90 something dresses inside.  They go way back to when there were only system layers, so some are those.  However, many of those include items that can still be used, like jewelry, hats, and misc flexies.  Confession time, I save my flexis, I like to twirl in them, and often will dig through when I get a cute applied top to see what will match up, anyway, this box definitely added quite a few to my collection!  Sapphire also usually keeps up 3 months of current gifts and all of her past anniversary gifts.  The Glitterati group is 100 lindens to join, but you get close to or over 100 outfits for that price, plus all future gifts.

I have another confession, about those system clothes, that I naturally won’t really use.  I have this addiction to playing paper doll.  I guess I never grew out of them as a little girl.  Anyway, I had a blast going back to my original classic avatar and trying everything on.  There’s always this little thrill when you open a box and don’t know what’s inside, and I also just really love seeing the evolution and creativity of those who make Second Life what it is.

What I Had on Underneath

I’ve got two fished up items from Sn@tch applied under my coat.  (Click on the above pictures to get a better detail.) The sweater is the “Sooner Sweater” and comes with system layers and omega appliers.  The fished version is from a past fishing bag and came with 2colors. If you’re in the Sn@tch group, wonderful folks that they are, you may be able to snag an extra from someone.  If not, and you love it, you can buy the full fatpack of 9 dark colors for 250 lindens.  I even searched the marketplace for you!

The “Which Witch Tights” are in the current fishing pool, standard layer and omega applier fished up separately.  These are FREE if you spend the time to fish them, and wisely if you ask me, invest in a 7 Seas Fishing Pole. Go soon, Ivey apologized to the group that she didn’t switch it out this week, so it will likely be gone soon. As if I’d complain after seeing Birthright and all that involved!  Sorry for all the teasers about Birthright, I’ve still only posted one game gift, but the game was amazing!  I constantly see why Sn@tch is one of the top-rated groups in game, Ivey and her team work their butts off and keep it fun!


The Finishing Touches

My hair the “Freeze” group gift from Sintiklia, it comes with all of the color huds, and 3 separate bangs to mix and match or wear singly.   The Sintiklia group is 100 lindens to join.  There are 7 lucky letter boards which don’t require a group, and currently a free hunt gift for the Once Upon a Nightmare event.

My earrings are from Earthstones and are one of the many group gifts available.  The “Twisted Hoop Earrings” that I am wearing here are the silver and mother of pearl version.  You can also head over to The Free Dove, and snag the gold and mother of pearl version for FREE.   The Earthstones group is 250L to join.

The only makeup I’m wearing here over my skin is ATIA’s “Nutmeg Wet Lip Tatto” for 25L on the marketplace.

The following 3 pictures are stills I grabbed while wearing Tuty’s FREE animation overrider “Lucky Girl”.

Hope you enjoyed my short story and my “lucky look.”  I’m off to go prepare for my date.

Get it:

Hat: Glitterati by Sapphire “Group Gift June 2014 – Hat”  group gift/group 100L to join

Hair:   Sintiklia “Freeze” group gift/group 100L to join.

Sunglasses: Legendaire “Monica Sunglasses Brown Lens” – in surprise box- 10L

Earrings: Earthstones “Twisted Hoop Earrings – Silver group gift/group 250 lindens to join.

Lipstick: ATIA’s “Nutmeg Wet Lip Tatto” for 25L on the marketplace.

Coat: Legendaire “DG 3 Coat” (with boots) -119L

Boots: Legendaire “Harmani Boots” comes in package for “DG Coat 3” -119L

Sweater:  Sn@tch “Sooner Sweater”  from  past Fall Fishing Bag – or Marketplace Fatpack 250L

Leggings:  Sn@tch “Which Witch Tights” current fishing reward at Sn@tch City

Skin: Avi-Glam  “AG. Anna Skin (T1, black eyebrows, cleavage)”   The Free Dove. group gift FREE, group FREE to join.

Body:  Violet Studios “Tudoto Mesh Body”- 2,000L

Boston Terrier in Basket: Legendaire “Nala the Dog”  in surprise box -10L

AO:  Tuty’s “Lucky Girl” – FREE gift to anyone

Sim:Hikaru Snowy Winter

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