Pretty in Pink


May I admire you again today?”  Duckie – Pretty in Pink

Having a mesh body that isn’t mainstream can leave you fiddling with hiding body parts, distressed over a super cute skirt making you look like you’re packing some major saddlebags, or ditching an outfit altogether because the glitchy parts just won’t hide without leaving a visible gap.  Some days I just say forget it, and turn to my folder of omega applied clothing.  After snagging a fatpack of applied sweaters from Jellyroll out of their lucky chair, I knew exactly what I wanted to pair with it, and luck would have it, the pinks were a perfect match!  A quick dig through accessories and I found an outfit sexy enough to fish for jewelry with.  After all, one can’t fish out diamonds in cargo jeans, can they? Ok, Ok, I may have also had a date.





“This is a really volcanic ensemble you’re wearing, it’s really marvelous!” – Duckie – Pretty in Pink

The “Pipi Sweater” looks soft and wooly, the colors in the HUD are bright and vibrant, and frankly, the design is fantastic.  So often applied clothing can look ultra fake, almost like a comical crayon drawing on my skin, but not the case here, if I didn’t know better, I could almost swear it was mesh.  The “Pipi Sweater” fatpack comes with a hud of 16 colors, with or without an undershirt, for Omega appliers, as well as a box of system layers.

“But it’s all so easy
All you got to do is try
Try a little tenderness”

Songwriters: Jimmy Campbell / Reg Connelly / Harry M Woods
Try a Little Tenderness lyrics © Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC

One can hardly be truly ‘Pretty in Pink’ without at least something floral as an homage. My pink velour and floral lace pants, along with the lacy bandeau,  were a surprise gift within a gift from Tiffany Designs.  Currently, the Maitreya Gifts Sales and News Group gift from Tiffany Designs is shown as the dark blue “Kallos Outfit”, however, when one opens the box, there are also appliers for the pink “Minna Outfit” that I am currently rocking.  I left off the undershirt of the “Pipi Sweater” from Jellyroll, and instead applied the lacy bandeau from Tiffany Designs as a tattoo layer. This allowed the cloth of the sweater to cover most, and the deep V showcased the lace of the bandeau.  One other thing I did, was to use the legs bellbottoms option on the hud for my Tudoto Mesh Body to give the pants a more natural looking drape across my shins. The “Minna Outfit” comes with appliers for Omega, Maitreya, Belleza, Slink, and TMP mesh bodies; along with a system layer.  Tiffany Designs also has free gifts set out for the FabFree Group, Fashion Days Group, and several that are free to anyone.


The last few details of my outfit include these oversized cat-eye sunglasses which are a group gift from Gypsy Chic. The CatGlasses come in 5 colors, and are just one of the gifts available for your group join fee of 5 lindens.  The necklace and earrings I picked up at The Free Dove and were set out by Chop Zuey, The Free Dove group is free to join.  I’m wearing the “Lacey Pumps” which are a group gift available at Slipper.  They come with a hud of choice between 3 colors, and silver or gold for the heel.  The Slipper group is 49L to join.  Finally, I’ve polished my nails with one of Hello Dave‘s past group gifts, gift 149 Baroque Pinup.  The Hello Dave group is 100L to join.


“I’m off like a dirty shirt.”Duckie, Pretty in Pink

Get it:

Hair: Magika  “Honest” – group gift/group 150L to join

Glasses: Really Rockabilly! “Zef’s Horned Rimmed Birth Control Specs” – 99L

Sunglasses:  Gypsy Chic “CatGlasses” – Group gift, group 5L to join.

Eyelashes – ATIA’s (marketplace only)  “Swag Bag” – FREE

Make up:  ATIA Pewter Rose Makeover, Marketplace only, 275L

Skin:  “AG. Anna Skin (T1, black eyebrows, cleavage)”   The Free Dove  group gift/ group FREE to join.

Body:  Violet Studios Tudoto Mesh Body 2,000L

Sweater:  JellyRoll “Pipi Sweater”  FREE Lucky Chair prize

Pants and Bandeau:  Tiffany Designs “Minna Outfit”  group gift/ Maitreya Gifts Sales and News Group FREE to join

Jewelry: Chop Zuey ” Les Petits Fleurs Demi Parure”   The Free Dove.  group gift/ group FREE to join.

Nails:  Hello Dave “Group gift 149 Baroque Pin up” in All Past Group gifts group gift/group 100L to join.

Shoes:  Slipper “Lacey Pumps”  group gift/ group 49L to join.

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