Pie Dream of….



♪♪ It’s a wonderful day for pie ♪♪

♪♪ You can ask all the birds in the sky ♪♪

♪♪ And they’ll tell you real sweet, with a musical tweet ♪♪

♪♪ It’s a wonderful day for pie ♪♪

Family Guy

What is it about pie and fall that go together like tacos and Tuesdays?  I couldn’t stop thinking about pie.  I hunted down a slice of delicious pumpkin. Then I got to thinking.  There’s another type of pie I like, but not to eat.  Pink Cream Pie is a totally fun little shop that was one of the first paid groups that I joined. I grabbed a couple of my favorite gifts from there, and as able to put this entire look together (sans glasses) for a grand total of 1 Linden.  That’s right, hair, makeup, jewelry, clothes, AND nails 1 little linden.

My blue flower “Kimmy” shirt, is one of the pieses from the 8 group-only lucky boards that are placed upstairs in the VIP room.  It comes in just about every size of fitmesh (14 of them!) and has an included alpha layer.  There is a hud to turn the bra off or on, or change the color to 1 of 11 choices. The shoes here have a similar pattern, not exact, and are the (still available) June group gift.  Additionally, although not pictured, the (still available) May group gift, a mini-dress is an exact match for these.  The group-gift version of the “Cynthia Heels”  has a hud option to change the colors for the sole, platform, and bow; and the main body remains in the shades of a grey pattern.  These shoes are sized for Maitreya, Belleza, and Slink Mid.

There are a few things I really enjoy about Pink Cream Pie.  But the biggest one is Vaygah herself.  Her quirky sense of humor shines through in all of her designs.  She’s often around to answer questions and has a few times since I’ve joined, just dropped random, fun surpieses on us, once even 250 lindens additional credit.  She’s recently increased her group membership fee to 250 Lindens from the 50 that I paid.  Don’t be daunted!  For this, you not only get monthly group gifts, access to 8 lucky boards, random fun stuff, and great customer service, but you also get 100 Lindens monthly in-store credit.  As much as I appreciate my groups that give monthly gift cards, the credit is so much easier to use and track, not to mention being able to save up for something special, instead of being limited to one gift card’s maximum and the rest being paid in straight lindens.

In Apple-pie Order

I fell in love with Brii Underground, as you can probably tell from how often the store is included in my outfits, the very first time I entered last month.  Her large store is extremely well organized and easy to navigate.  I’m often not a fan of really large stores because it can be hard to find things, completely not the case here.  Also, all of her outfits came, well, as outfits.  Although I personally tend to combine things for unique looks, there is often something really refreshing about slapping on everything in the box and being ready to go.  However, in this case, I did just sneak out the pair of jeans that were in the box for the “Singyn Metallic Rocker Style Complete Outfit.” Fairly sure I got this from a lucky chair in the past.  And while those chairs have been refreshed a few times since, and this one might not be free, you can bet your buns that there will be something there you’ll love and can snag for free or a linden between gifts, chair, and dollarbies.  I also just think that her complete outfits are quite reasonable for all that you get in the package. Anyway, now you can find this particular set now on the marketplace for 124L.



I Spied…

A post yesterday on FabFree, when I was checking emails on my phone that clued me into this brand new Bento Instant Crush Hairstyle by Exile in their marketplace store for 1 Linden!  I’m rocking it with this outfit, and loving it.

The Whole Pie

  1. The “peach lamme” lipstick I’m wearing is available in the marketplace,  for FREE, from ATIA in the oft-mentioned by me ATIA’s Swag Bag. I realized that I’ve never really said what is all that little goodie bag.  So here’s the list:
  • ATIA’s Semi-Frost Lip Tattoos in Coral, Peach Lamme and Wicked
  • ATIA’s Plume & High Drama Lashes w/fitting instructions
  • ATIA’s Azure Eyes
  • ATIA’s Hair Base Tattoo – Deep Auburn
  • ATIA’s Lacy Leaves Scanography Art

2. My turquoise nails are a FREE gift to the Mesh Avatar Fanatics Group from Inevitable Madness.  It comes with Maitreya and Omega appliers.

3.14.  My matching earrings and necklace are Earthstones’  Lora Set – Turquoise and Silver, available for FREE at the Free Dove.

I know, my pie puns are a little crusty, and I couldn’t resist tossing in the pi ( π) reference either.  I hope you’ve managed to tolerate my bad humor long enough to get the information on some absolutely fantastic deals!

Pie-Pie for now!


Get it:

Hair:  Exile, “Instant Crush Hairstyle”  Marketplace Dollarbie.

Glasses:  Really Rockabilly! Zef’s Horned Rimmed Birth Control Specs – 99L

Eyelashes – ATIA’s (marketplace only)  Swag Bag  – FREE! 

Lips: ATIA’s (marketplace only)  Swag Bag “peach lamme” – Free!

Skin:  AG.”Anna Skin” (T1, black eyebrows, cleavage)   @ The Free Dove. FREE gift/ group FREE to join.

Body:  Violet Studios Tudoto Mesh Body 2,000L

Jewelry:   Earthstones Lora -Turquoise and Silver @  The Free Dove. FREE gift/ group FREE to join.

Shirt:  Pink Cream Pie “Kimmy”  FREE lucky prize, group only/ Group 250L to join

Pants: Brii Underground past FREE lucky chair reward, group free to join.  Not currently in lucky chair, can be found on Marketplace for 124L.

Shoes:  Pink Cream Pie “Cynthia Heels” FREE group gift/ group 250L to join.

Nails:  Inevitable Madness  FREE gift/ Mesh Avatar Fanatics Group FREE to join


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