Got Lucky!

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While I was stalking around Brii Underground yesterday, I was able to grab a quick breather in a lucky letter chair.  For acting as a temporary seat warmer, I was rewarded with The “Minerva” Black Version Summer Style Complete Outfit. I immediately slipped into the skirt, belt,  cute little mules, and makeup that came in the package.



I left off the tattoos, they really aren’t my thing, and replaced the standard size top with another Lucky Letter item, Metallic Top I recently won at Scandalize, that was somewhat similar and came in fitted mesh.  I realize that I could always adjust my shape to make any item work, but the material point is I don’t want to.  Missy is busty, and busty she will remain.  This cute little shirt from Scandalize comes with a color hud with 11 choices for the top, and your choice of gold or silver for the chain halter and back strap.  The Scandalize lucky boards are group only and the group costs 100L to join.  However, Scandalize has one of the most abundant group gift walls I’ve yet to run across.  I mean seriously, look at this!  Snapshot_101.png Plus these lucky boards, which I notice that in the past day or two have gained the 7th board. Snapshot_103.png

The jewelry set I have on is from a delightful little store I stumbled upon while looking for vintage clothing.  The Little Black Dress was a total gem of a find!  This Onyx and Diamond set comes with earrings, necklace, and bracelet; and was one of several group gifts set out.  The group is also free to join!  This shop even has a few free complete avatar packages set out that comes with everything to outfit you from head to toe, hair, makeup, skin, the works!  Her styles are what I like to call classic and even classic retro at times.   On top of the several gifts, there is even a lucky chair downstairs that cycles through several different items.  If you’ve avoided the mesh and bento craze, she has several quality options for classic avatars, but just about everything I’ve tried works well with mesh as well, through the use of the provided appliers when needed.

This is my everyday go-to hair, and it was a group gift!  It’s from the wildly popular Truth and was the group gift for August.  While you may have missed this particular hair, membership to the Truth group will land you a free exclusive hair each month, that comes complete with style and all of the color huds.  The Truth group is one of the pricier groups that I have joined at 350L, but in my opinion is worth every penny spent.  If you stop in at Truth, don’t forget to check out the discount room, I’ve grabbed several quality hairstyles there for 50L each.  While it’s not currently shown on the past VIP hairstyles for sale board, the Elie hair I am wearing may just show up soon, and while you’ll have to pay 500L for it in that case, know that if I hadn’t been in the group when this was out, I would have gladly paid it, it’s that good.  Natural looking, low complexity count, and several style options, not to mention, that it looks almost exactly like my first life hairstyle!

Here on the porch of the Linden house, I have set out a past hunt reward from Earthworx that I scored for 1L hunting it down during the recently ended Around the Grid hunt.  The white version here was the exclusive hunt gift.  It has some fantastic cuddles to use with your special someone, and even a few naughty options if you happen to get lucky!  (Not advocating breaking the rules and making love outside a Linden House..but you know stuff happens sometimes, and no one ever really sees nor complains *wink*.) If you do love it though, it is still available in a couple of shades of brown for a low price tag of $99L on the marketplace.  Earthworx is likely my favorite furniture store, and while not posted here, they offer gifts for the FabFree and Third Life groups in their shop.  They are also very active in grid-wide sales, events, and hunts.  There are several hunts upcoming that I am anticipating finding the moment they come available!  They offer a VIP group with discounts, a couple of gifts, and a lucky chair for a one time fee of 100L. Once again, I am referring to my other favorite SL blog, FabFree, who showcased EarthWorx as their store of the week last Friday. 

The charming Climbing Ivy Backdrop shown I use as a sort of privacy screen just in case of naughty moments.  It is the free gift from Cwtch for the fab free group.   Cwtch is just a darling furniture store, with a sense of humor!  One of these days I will have the prim space (which means not sharing a linden house) to have one of every wall decor item that is for sale in that store (and I guess the lindens too!) That day is not today.  Oh and if I can convince you to stop in Cwtch for a poke around, slap the Midnight Madness board, I am totally lusting over the poster set that’s the reward!

I thought it looked like a giggle…now that I see it on the blog I think I look more like I’m going to be sick!  But I’m really giggling over these posters, and I want them, so go slap that board!


Get it:

Skirt, Shoes, Makeup:   Brii Underground “Minerva”  Current Lucky Chair prize!  Group FREE to join!

Shirt:   Scandalize “Metallic Top”  Lucky Board prize!  Group 100L to join.

Jewelry:  The Little Black Dress  “Onyx Jewelry Group Gift” 0L/Group FREE to join!

Hair:  Truth  “Elie” currently unavailable.  Past group gift, group 350L to join.

Some poses:  Some of these last 3 snaps are actually funny stills I took when playing around with a Drunk AO I picked up while exploring Zef Brody’s sim around Really Rockabilly!

Glasses:  Really Rockabilly! Zef’s Horned Rimmed Birth Control Specs – $99L

Eyelashes – ATIA’s (marketplace only)  Swag Bag  $0L

Skin:  AG. Anna Skin (T1, black eyebrows, cleavage)   The Free Dove. group gift $0L, group FREE to join.

Body:  Violet Studios Tudoto Mesh Body $2,000L

White Leather Lover’s Lounge Chair:  Past exclusive hunt item.  Currently available on MP in a couple of shades of brown for $99L

Climbing Ivy Backdrop:  Cwtch  Current FabFree group gift/ Fabfree group FREE to join!

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