Be Still my Briiting Heart!



I slapped on another comfy Halloween inspired outfit to take myself over to Brii Underground for their Halloween Hunt.  Before I even get into blogging about what I chose to wear here, I have to go nuts over Brii today!   I was just there for a new gift, not 2 days ago…and today they have not only another new gift, a new dollarbie, the Halloween hunt ongoing, and refreshed the lucky chair items, they have all new gifts for SL Frees and Offers, The Omega Obsession, and FitMesh Fanatics groups!  I should have a bandit outfit on, because that’s what I’m making out like.  I’ll be here all afternoon between the hunt and the lucky chairs, without even a single bored moment!  I just had to hurry up and post this without outfit info, as I was too excited to sit on the information!  I’ll follow up with another blog about what I am wearing!

A note on the other groups mentioned.  You’ve seen me post about FabFree, and those 3 groups operate in a similar manner.  The groups are free to join, and various stores throughout the SL universe set out gifts for group members.   There are group joiners at each store that participates, and the group chat, notices, and webpages are great sources of information.






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