Conjuring Steals and Deals


me exhausted after snatching all the hunts and gifts at Brii Today



So earlier today, I mentioned getting comfy in some Halloween themed clothes to hunt in, this is that outfit!

From Head to Toe:

Hat & Hair:  Sorcery by  Magika 0L group gift, group 150L to join

Glasses:  Really Rockabilly! Zef’s Horned Rimmed Birth Control Specs – $99L

Makeup:  Flaviane –   Brii Underground Part of an outfit from last month’s Burlesque Hunt 2L.  No longer available at 2L, but can be purchased on the Marketplace for 124L

Entire Flaviane Outfit shown here:


Necklace: Zombie Suicide – Azaria Wand Necklace (w/ color hud) VIP Group Gift/ Group 200L to join

Shirt – Facepalm Magik Words, 12L.  Exclusive for September’s (past) TWE12VE event.

+FCC+ Majik Words.png

Bracelets: No Cabide  Samara Set Bracelets – 15L at a past storewide hunt.

Pants: Rowena’s Designs Mainstore Larissa  Pants group gift as part of a set/ group FREE to join! The set comes with a knotted tee, pants, and hud to customize the colors of different areas of the clothing.

P.S. Rowena’s has several gifts, gifts for various SL freebie groups (like FabFree and SL Frees & Offers), lucky letter boards, midnight and mini mania, as well as many deeply discounted outfits through participation in grid-wide sales events such as 55 Thursdays.  There are also riot vends and a wall of 50% discounts for group members.


Just one corner of the deals and steals room at Rowena’s

Feet:  My Tudoto mesh body from Violet Studios does come with flat feet, however, shoes don’t fit them.  I have purchased Slink flat (and mid not shown) feet to be able to pair flat and mid shoes with my outfits.   These set me back 675L a pair. Tudoto’s feet for shoes, however, can nearly perfectly fit into any shoe designed for Slink High.  If you’re a reader who follows my blog and is a Tudoto mesh body user, be advised that the slink feet aren’t a perfectly seamless match, and I only use these with mesh pants or long skirts.

Shoes:  Blueberry  Georgina Group Gift Workout Shoes with Color Hud 0L group gift/ group 20L to join.  (6 total group gifts up at this time.)

You may be wondering why I’ve blogged about hunt and event gifts that are no longer available.  I have two reasons.  The first is to highlight the maker of the items because if you like this item, odds are good you’ll like more of theirs.  The second reason is to encourage you to get out and see various events and hunts never knowing which gem you may find!



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