Freddy Vs. Jason

Snapshot_199.pngSo,   October’s quickly growing to a close, and I just have loads of free and cheap stuff I wish I could’ve shown you.  But, since time marches on, I sat down and thought what would be an ultimate Mix Match Missy costume. The answer finally came to me during  Legendaire‘s Halloween Sale.  Legendaire has a complete Friday the 13th outfit up for 91L, and I I had already scored a complete Freddy Krueger Costume at Brii Underground’s Halloween Hunt for 2 lindens. Freddy vs Jason!  But, not a big gory Hollywood movie, but playing out right on me, having my costume be BOTH!  The finishing touches are minimal, just some nail polish, some jewelry,  and hair, everything else was included in one or the other complete costumes.

This pond chair is a potentially free gift during Hocus Pocus 2017!

So, Nightmare on Elm Street, may always remain the scariest of horror movies to me, because I not only watched it way to young at 10, but I watched it at my Grandmother’s house, and of course she actually lives on an Elm Street. So much that I almost didn’t even hunt for the costume! But I sucked it up, because knowing Brii Underground, I would have found something I liked in the box. And look here, I used all but the shorts and sweater! My hat, bloody makeup, Freddy’s claw, bloody scratches tattoo, bloody stockings, and bloody boots are all included.

While not pictured, the shorts and sweater come in the following sizes.

  • Standard xxs-L with alpha layer
  • Maitreya
  • Belleza -Freya, Isis, Venus
  • Slink – Physique, Hourglas
  • TMP

The boots, hat, and 2 piece claw and glove are mesh.

The makeup, scratches, and stockings come in classic tattoo, omega, and Maitreya appliers.


For Jason, I dug into the complete Friday the 13th outfit on sale at Legendaire. I used everything in it except for the boots, which are a black pair of mesh ankle-high combat boots.  I did a few alterations to the accessories.  Jason’s Machete, comes as bento, but alas I don’t yet have bento hands, so forgive me for being a poor model.  Anyway, the machete comes attached to the right, but I did some moving and rotating to put it to my left to give me that dual-wielding terror of both Jason and Freddy combined.  Jason’s mask comes attached to the face, as any normal mask would, but I rotated it around to the back as if I’d just slid it out of the way for when I’d need it again.  Makes me look pretty frightful in all angles if you ask me!

Jason’s clothing comes in the following sizes:

  • Standard xxs-L
  • Maitreya
  • Belleza -Freya, Isis, Venus
  • Slink – Physique, Hourglas
  • TMP

FYI!  Legendaire also has FREE group join today!!  Go get it and snag yourself a ton of gifts!


I’ve covered some things from The Mad Circus Event in a few other posts, but my hair is a FREE gift set out by Firelight at their stall.  The Celebration Tuxedo Hair comes rigged and unrigged with a hud for blacks and whites.  Trick or Treat Lane also got a couple of honorable mentions, and I just had to show off this “*SO Teddy Massacre Choker” which was the treat set out by Secret October.

Yesterday Chop Zuey set out some free Halloween gifts for anyone!  “The Skull of Corruption Earrings” are pretty gruesome, and just one of the 4 free gifts set out.

While hard to see in most of my shots, I’ve polished my nails with Hello Dave’s current group gift “The Witching VIPs” and of course, couldn’t resist using the claw length option for the nails on my “Tudoto Mesh Body.”  The Hello Dave group is 100 lindens to join.


I hope you find my idea fun and unique, I certainly enjoyed plotting it out for you!

Get it:

Hat, tattoos, makeup, boots, claws, stockings:   Brii Underground “Miss Krueger Terror Style Complete Outfit” 2L during Halloween Hunt at the mainstore:

Jumpsuit, Jason’s Mask, Jason’s Machete:  Legendaire “Legendaire Friday the 13th” -91L

Hair:  Firelight “Celebration Tuxedo”  FREE at The Mad Circus Event

Necklace:  Secret October “SO Teddy Massacre Choker”  FREE at Trick or Treat Lane

Nails:  Hello Dave “The Witching VIPs”  Group gift/group 100 L to join

Earrings: Chop Zuey “The Skull of Corruption”  FREE gift to anyone

Skin:  “AG. Anna Skin (T1, black eyebrows, cleavage)”   The Free Dove  group gift/ group FREE to join.

Body:  Violet Studios Tudoto Mesh Body 2,000L

Eyelashes – ATIA’s (marketplace only)  “Swag Bag ” “Plume” – FREE

Bad Kitty

befunky cat

The kitty is actually pretty content, she got some great deals.  However, I find a happy kitty is the most likely to misbehave.  I’m wearing another low priced COMPLETE costume from Legendaire, along with a bunch of FREE or cheap touches I personally wanted to add to the look, including a group gift from Blacklace Lingerie, another 10L STEAL from The Mad Circus Event,  a fished item from Sn@tch’s latest pond stocking, a FREE game prize (game not yet covered!) and FREE boots from The Free Dove.

The “Catwoman” Costume from Legendaire is still on sale for 91 lindens.  It comes with the leather catsuit, silver studded ears headband, heart and stud collar, tail, and a pair of thigh boots I opted to leave off and put on these “bad kitty” stockings instead.

The costume and boots come in the following sizes:

  • xxs-l (catsuit only)
  • Belleza – Freya, Isis, Venus
  • Slink – Physique and Hourglass
  • Maitreya


Leather and Lace

I’ve always been partial to the classic combo of leather and lace.  My bra and garter are part of a recent gift from Blacklace Lingerie.  I LOVE LOVE LOVE the way that BlackLace has several options in the HUDs for their applied designs, that allow you to customize which pieces of the lingerie you wear (see pic below for an example of a FREE hunt price from Blacklace.) For the outfit, I opted for the fuller bra only option on top, and the garter only option on bottom from the “Niki Spiderwebbed and Lace set” that is a current free gift.  The Blacklace Lingerie group is 100L to join.

This example of how Blacklace allows options for application is from the FREE
hunt gift (landmark given at the group gift area of the mainstore)

I really wanted to wear these “::LL:: Black Bad Kitty Stockings” that I picked up for 10L at The Mad Circus Event (some other finds from that event here.)  The box also contained a  pink version of the stockings.  Thanks to Blacklace allowing me the option to just use their excellent garter, I was able to mix and match these in.

My lacy face mask is actually a face tattoo from Sn@tch in their latest fishing outfit, set out on the 25th.  It’s still there, so pop down quick for your opportunity to fish up all 22 items included in this set, as always obtained with your 7seas Fishing pole and time spent. (Speaking of time spent…I need to get back over there and finish up, I still don’t have the hair!)  The “Sn@tch Mystery Woman Mask and Makeup Black”  is found in two separate fished objects, one for classic tattoo, and one for omega applier.  These are FREE when you use your pole!  Since the makeup didn’t include lips, I slicked on another from my Little Black Dress “Supreme Lipsticks with Appliers” in this case “*LBD* Large Red Supreme Lipstick”.

Since the only reason I didn’t want to wear the boots included in the costume was the excellent opportunity to wear my bad kitty stockings, I instead slipped on these FREE boots put out by !Rebel Hope Designs at The Free Dove. In the box for the “Milan Suede Scrunch Boots” are 10 colors, obviously, I’m wearing black!  They are mesh, and with hiding my feet fit perfectly.  You can also opt to leave the buckles off, but I am wearing them.

This just leaves my nails to be discussed.  The nails are from the home run ritter of Halloween event gifts, Deadly Passions Koffin Nails.  This “Mischievious Binx” set is from the “Hocus Pocus 2017” game put on by Moochie.  Maybe all the recent blogging of Deadly Passions increased my mojo enough that when I tried my magic there, the old pumpkin just gave it up.  See all of the details in the following pic.


Hocus Pocus is a totally fun game!  Several designers have joined in.  Using the free HUD to make it easier, you pop into each store and attempt to charm, befuddle, or cajole the pumpkin into giving you a free gift.  If your magic isn’t strong enough, you have the option to buy the item for 50L or come back the next day to try again.  There were 9 total days to attempt your hocus pocus, and a couple days have already passed.  So start asap if you want any of the items included for FREE!

One thing is for sure, this bad kitty look of mine has been popular with the males.  I’ve certainly gotten tons of attention as I pop around Second Life today while wearing it.

Get it:

Catsuit, Ears, Tail, Choker:  Legendaire “Catwoman” -91L

Hair:  Magika “Please”  group gift/group 150L to join.

Lacy Mask Tatoo:  Sn@tch “Sn@tch Mystery Woman Mask and Makeup Black – currently FREE fishing object

Lipstick:  Little Black Dress “Large Red Supreme Lipstick” which comes in a fatpack with 12 shades, 2 sizes of each shade large and regular, in classic avatar tattoo, omega, akeruka, Catwa, Lelutka – 149L

Lacy Bra and Garter:  Blacklace Lingerie “Niki”  group gift/group 100L to join

Stockings:  Love Lace “::LL:: Black Bad Kitty Stockings” -10L at Mad Circus Event

Boots: !Rebel Hope “Milan Suede Scrunch Boots – Black”   The Free Dove. group gift FREE, group FREE to join.

Nails:  Dark Passions “Mischievous Binx”  FREE or 50L depending on your magic during the Hocus Pocus 2017 Game.

Eyelashes: ATIA’s (marketplace only)  “Plume” in Swag Bag  –FREE!

Body:  Violet Studios “Tudoto Mesh Body”- 2,000L

Skin: Avi-Glam  “AG. Anna Skin (T1, black eyebrows, cleavage)”   The Free Dove. group gift FREE, group FREE to join.


T-Minus 9 Months and Holding


Umm, ya.  So, Aunt Flo and Cousin Tom came to town.  Maybe it was all the blood at Birthright, but my sn@tchbox is definitely decorated in red roses. Not a pleasant visit, if you get my drift. My grumpiness is only offset by the fact that my entire look only cost 10 lindens.  FREE Hair, FREE clothes, FREE jewelry, FREE makeup. FREE nail polish! (I can’t be the only one seeing alot of red.) The only thing I paid for was my shoes, and at 10 lindens a pair, I may go back again and pick up more colors.


Massacre at the Y

Well, Massacre at Bloodright too.  I don’t want to give too many spoilers about the game itself since I am technically giving some spoilers by showing some of the gifts, but one thing it is is BLOODY! From my outfit, the graphic tee and rainbow ombre nails were gifts located within the game, and I added in a couple of shots of myself with a couple of prop gifts I sn@tched up in Birthright as well.This frieken awesome graphic tee is one of the gifts set out by Raven’s Gaze.  The “All Smiles” shirt comes in fitmesh S-L, Freya, Isis, Venus, Maitreya, Physique and Hourglass. The small through large sizing is a true fitmesh, not standard sizes, which I greatly appreciate, not having a mainstream body.

My nails are one of the gifts set out by Kosmetic, and are the Gel Glitter Nails Ombre.  It has a huge selection of 18 vibrant, sparkly, ombre polishes that span the rainbow. In the box are appliers for Omega, Slink, Maitreya, and Vista.

Since the kitty has a nosebleed I needed something to cuddle.  The thought of cuddling up with a male voodoo doll made me a little giddy!  Luckily I had just snagged the “Carver Voodoo Doll” made by Infamous.  Also, veg and read is another favorite pastime during the dark week. The “Spinsterella Tome” that was a gift from Deady Nightshade just cracked me up.  Both props are pictured above. These props are also in Birthright.


 Chaise by Koncepto, #Whatever by isuka, rug by Lagom.  All are past gifts from somewhere 😉


At High Tide

My cozy pants are from R&R Swag and are the current gift for the SL Frees and Offers.  The sweatpants come in standard sizes. The gift also comes with classic and Omega applied tank and matching flip flops for Maitreya, Belleza, and Slink flat feet.  There are also several gifts available upstairs for group members, including a Halloween outfit to relax in.  The R&R Swag group is FREE to join. There’s a relaxing pier located just outside the store, that has some fun furniture and a 7Seas fishing area.  I have word that they have plans to expand the 7seas past standard items in the future.

My kicks are from Poeme, and were a 10 linden STEAL at The Cart Sale at the Wash.  These “Sugar Skull Chucks”  (I’m wearing Jet) are available in several colors for 10L each on their cart. They are  mesh and adjustable.  An aside, which doesn’t reflect on Poeme, I had a hard time getting them to work well with my Tudoto flat feet, but they worked perfectly when I used the Slink flat feet.  I grabbed the magenta pair as well, and really really thinking about going back for a few more colors.  I just have always loved sugar skulls.  Speaking of which, there’s also a Sugar Skull necklace with HUD for 50L on the cart, which while I’m not wearing it in this outfit, I totally bought it.  I also blogged about a FREE gift from The Cart Sale here, each cart has a freebie


Pose by DQ Fem Model Set 3 Gift for the Fab Free Group


Bitchy Witchy Week

I totally need to Mello out when it’s that time of the month, and so I did at Mello!  Mello has 18 total lucky letter boards, it’s a place where I chill out when I don’t feel like doing much and peeking in to see if my M popped up.  While there, I got this sassy pony, “Into You” with the black magic HUD.  I opted for a black to purple fade, because fun. The bandana also has a HUD to change between a few dark colors, and the hair comes in rigged and unrigged mesh.  The sparkly little stars on the wall are a group gift in the store.  The group isn’t needed for the lucky boards, but it is FREE to join and there are a few gifts out.  There is also a Poe Bun’s gift for the SL Frees and Offers.

Happy Fun Time

Fake it till you make it, right?  I had to add some colorful touches, because they feel happy, even if I’m not.  A quick rundown because all the designers have been discussed by me previously, but you’re seeing something different from each.

Lips: The Little Black Dress “*LBD* Shiny Sheer Lipstick-Violet” Which I bought in 149L in a fatpack with 12 shades for classic avatar tattoo and Slink Applier.  Another lip from that fatpack shown here.

Eyes:  Dulce Secrets “Milky Way Eyeshadow”  Which is in that huge box at the Free Dove. FREE!  I’ve been wearing Dulce Secrets often, so check my back posts for other goodies from the box.

Necklace and Earrings:  Beloved Jewelry “Bead Choker (multi gem) and Bead Multi Gem Earrings.  In the past group gifts box.

Bracelets:  I used all 3 colors that came in that huge box of gifts from Glitterati by Sapphire , and adjusted the placement on my arm so they’d all be visible.  They are the “September Dress Bracelets” in turquoise, purple, and platinum.

Special thanks to Pink Passion for the use of the Baby Girl Room and PhotoStudio!   Pink Passion is a super adorable little store, with a free group, as well as a gift for the Fab Free gift.  She’s also running a store hunt right now, and there is a midnight madness board, and 4 lucky letter boards.

Anyone got a Midol?

Get it:

Hair:  Mello “Into You – Black Magic”  FREE lucky letter prize!

Eyeshadow:  Dulce Secrets “Milky Way Eyeshadow ”  in box “Dulce Secrets 2017 Free Dove Collection” at The Free Dove group gift/Free Dove group FREE to join

Glasses:  Really Rockabilly! Zef’s Horned Rimmed Birth Control Specs – 99L

Eyelashes: ATIA’s (marketplace only)  “Plume” in Swag Bag  –FREE!

Face light: ATIA’s (marketplace only)  Swag Bag  –FREE!

Body:  Violet Studios “Tudoto Mesh Body”- 2,000L

Earrings and Necklace: Beloved Jewelry   “Bead Multi gem Set”  group gift/ group FREE to join.

Bracelets: Glitterati by Sapphire “September Dress Bracelets” group gift/group 100L to join

Graphic Tee:  Raven’s Gaze “All Smiles”  game prize in Bloodright

Prop:  Infamous “Carver Voodoo Doll” game prize in Bloodright

Prop:  Deadly Nightshade “Spinsterella Tome – handheld” game prize in Bloodright

Sweatpants:  R&R Swag in SL Frees and Offers  gift

Shoes:  Poeme  “Sugar Skull Chucks – Jet” 10L at The Cart Sale at the Wash

Lips: The Little Black Dress “*LBD* Shiny Sheer Lipstick-Violet” Which I bought in 149L in a fatpack with 12 shades for classic avatar tattoo and Slink Applier.

Eyes:  Dulce Secrets “Milky Way Eyeshadow”  Which is in that huge box at the Free Dove. FREE!

Sim:  Private (with chaise and grey couch shots, that couch is not mine but is made by ReAct, see photo comment for other info)

Sim: Pink Passion Bed and Cuddle rug as well as polka dot backdrop

Moonlight Revels

Pose by LW Poses “The Pace of Nature” 10L Squirrel included.

Over hill, over dale,
Thorough bush, thorough brier,
Over park, over pale,
Thorough flood, thorough fire;
I do wander every where,
Swifter than the moon’s sphere.
And I serve the Fairy Queen,
To dew her orbs upon the green.
The cowslips tall her pensioners be;
In their gold coats spots you see;
Those be rubies, fairy favors;
In those freckles live their savors

~Shakespeare “A Midsummer Night’s Dream”

I’m a Fairy Princess!!!

Something about me this Halloween, when I dress up I want to go GLAM!  I snagged this fairy costume for cheap!  It’s got way more accessories and options that I chose not to use for this particular look.  Including a sparkly eyepatch, twirly flexi, lace-up sandals, and everything also comes in pink, with a spare purple set of wings. I found this dress at the Halloween Sale at Legendaire this morning with a low price tag of only 91 Lindens, all that stuff included.  Digging into my folder of accessories, ALL FREE even HAIR (another of the many from Nyne that I blogged more detail about here, in this case, “Wiva”.) I was able to totally pull off a decked out fairy that I can re-use after Halloween for roleplay.

The dress, of course, is the foundation.  As I said, it came in this huge package all for 91 lindens at Legendaire. Included in the box are dresses in pink and blue in the following sizes:

  • Standard Size Mesh XXS-L
  • Slink – Physique and Hourglass

The Shoes come in more sizes, also both blue and pink:

  • Slink – Physique and Hourglass
  • Maitreya
  • Belleza – Isis, Freya

There’s also the following accessories:

  • Jeweled flower eyepatch in pink and blue
  • Flexiskirt in pink and blue
  • Gem and Gold Wings in purple and blue


I’ve got quite a bit going on with my makeup here.  On top of my skin layer, I am wearing Dulce Secrets “Stella Luna Eyeshadow – Mazarine,” which I picked up for 1L in the mainstore.  The pack for the “Stella Luna Eyeshadow” comes in 6 shades of either classic tattoo or omega applier.  On top of that, I used face gems, which were also designed by Dulce Secrets, “The Wings of Hope Diamond Gems,” which were included in that big box of makeup at the Free Dove I’ve written about a few times.   My forehead gems is the September group gift at Glint, “moon n stars bindi”, and is still available.  The Glint group is FREE to join. I went simple with my lips and slicked on The Little Black Dress’ “*LBD*Glossy Sheer Lipstick – Baby”, which I bought in a fatpack with 12 shades for classic avatar tattoo and Slink Applier)


My earrings and necklace are a  FREE group gift from Moondance Jewels.  The Moondance Jewels group is also FREE to join, and happens to share shop space with Dulce Secrets.  The “Moondance Jewels Breeze” includes the necklace that drapes perfectly amidst my cleavage, as well as the matching earrings.  Also included is a huge HUD to customize the gemstones, metals, and size.

My tiara was made by Glitzz.  Here’s the thing, I’ve never bought a tiara.  I know it was free from somewhere, either was one of those free group gift from one of the gift groups with blogs, or a past event.  I did, however, stroll through the Glitzz store, and searched the marketplace and it was at neither.  Sorry!  I tried!  On the bright side, while I was looking for the Alva Tiara, I happened to notice that the lucky chairs at Glitzz don’t require a group, and there are 5 of them, on a pretty quick countdown.  Also a hunt prize somewhere for the Once Upon a Nightmare Event.

I wanted to stay a little glitzy today, so instead of using the lace-up sandals that came with the Fairy Dress, I opted to go with gold shoes, and instead slipped into another pair by Legendaire.  They are included in the group gift “Anise” which is one of the many outfits up in Legendaire’s huge past group gift area.  I’ve written more about Legendaire’s group here.

Get it:

Costume:  Legendaire “Fairy” – 91L

Hair:  Nyne  “Wiva”  – group gift/group FREE to join.

Eyeshadow: Dulce Secrets “Stella Luna Eyeshadow – Mazarine”  -1L

Face Gems: Dulce Secrets “The Wings of Hope Diamond Gems”  in box “Dulce Secrets 2017 Free Dove Collection” at The Free Dove group gift/Free Dove group FREE to join

Eyelashes:  ATIA’s (marketplace only)  “Plume” in Swag Bag  –FREE!

Lipstick: Little Black Dress “*LBD*Glossy Sheer Lipstick – Baby” – 149L (in fatpack with 12 shades for classic avatar tattoo and Slink Applier)

Bindi:  Glint “Moon n Stars Bindi”  -group gift/group FREE to join.

Necklace and Earrings:  Moondance Jewels “Breeze”  -group gift/group FREE to join

Shoes:   Legendaire “Anise” group gift/group 50L to join

Body:  Violet Studios “Tudoto Mesh Body”- 2,000L

Skin: Avi-Glam  “AG. Anna Skin (T1, black eyebrows, cleavage)”   The Free Dove. group gift FREE, group FREE to join.

Tiara:  Glitzz “Alva Tiara”

Nail Polish:  DMZ “Oh May” The Free Dove

Sim: Alurel (check out that Fairy Dance Circle ❤ )


Naughty Nala


Indulge me while I tell you a quick story.  I’m getting ready to walk the dog, Nala, and the doorbell rings.  It’s a blustery day, so I was finishing up adjusting my hat pins so one of my favorite hats would stay put on my head.  Any other day I may have tossed on a beanie and been done, but there’s this new handsome neighbor…  Oh sorry, I’m digressing as I think of him, the man is that distracting!  Anyway, I looked through the peephole before opening the door and it’s him!  Remember what I said about him distracting me? Well, I didn’t think to keep Nala the escape artist back and she bolted out the door.  Boston terriers, as much as I love them, are hyper, wily, and quick! Of course, I rush right after her, calling over my shoulder to Mr. Tall, Dark, and Handsome, that I’ll be right back.  Hurried, distracted over that tall drink of water standing on my porch, naturally, I forgot my coat.  I made it as far as the fence when he caught up to me.


“Ma’am, I’ll catch her, run and fetch your coat, it’s too cold out here.”

I would almost cringe at ma’am,  I’m of that certain age, you know, where I don’t really want to be a ma’am, but I’m really past the age of Miss (even though family and most friends still call me Missy.)  But, I detect a western drawl and reading far too many romance novels lately, I think cowboy and the “Ma’am” is now really hot sounding to me.  I think I may have actually blushed, at my age no less, then nodded, afraid I wouldn’t sound as casual as I’d like and give away my attraction to him.  To be honest, I’m super glad that he did send me back, as it hit me how big of a klutz I am and I was running on ice and snow, in high heels, no less,  and I definitely didn’t want him seeing me falling flat on my face.

I head back into my house and slip into the coat I had plotted to wear on my walk-the-dog-and-look-amazing-for-the-hottie excursion. I somehow also have the presence of mind to grab Nala’s basket as she’ll likely balk at coming back, and no way am I going to ruin this coat carrying a wet, squirming, likely now stinking, dog.

By the time I make it to where Hot Cowboy (as I have decided to dub him) has caught Nala, I have to laugh at her squirming so hard her whole body is a big wiggle and covering his face in kisses ( the lucky dog.)  Now, I’ve always been a bit irritated when I read in those cheesy romance novels that are my guilty pleasure when the author has to say that when some part of hero and heroine’s bodies first touch that there is an immediate spark, I even roll my eyes. However, when our hands brush as he’s handing Nala over to me, I definitely felt something, looked up into his face, and we just kind of stared at each other for a moment.

“Would you like to have dinner with me?”

I did a quick mental happy dance before accepting.  I do give the condition that he must allow me to pay as a thank you for rescuing naughty Nala.

“No Ma’am,” he argues, “my Mama might whack me with her wooden spoon if I let a lady pay for a first date.”

Hello!  I was mentally swooning there, but I somehow managed to graciously accept his offer.  He walked me back to my porch, informing me that he had come by because he noticed one of my trees was bowing a bit too much under the weight of the snow, and that he had planned to trim it for me, but didn’t want me to get distressed over a strange man up in my tree.  Sheepishly adding that asking me on a date was a spur of the moment decision.  We got back to the porch far too quickly, where he reached over, brushing me again, and opens the door for me, and instead of goodbye, a simple, “I’ll see you Friday at 6.”

Nala may or may not have gotten a treat instead of a scold for her antics.

Stay with me for the details!

Alright, so I just posted about Legendaire two days ago.   Anyway, today I’m wearing two of her surprise box items, and the new “DG Coat 3” and boot set she has up for only 119 lindens.  Now, I don’t know about you, but since I mix and match I divide price paid based on how many useable items I get from a purchase.  So, since we have both coat and boots (not to mention a hud of your choice of 4 patterns for the coat,) in my mind that’s 60 lindens for each item. If you’re not a fan of patterns, alternatively there is available the “DG Coat” with a HUD of 10 solid colors. The coat comes in 5 standard sizes,  Freya, Isis, Maitreya, Hourglass and Physique.  The boots come in a plain fitmesh, large fitmesh, all of the above fitmesh, and TMP and Venus regular and large sizes.

Nala herself is from a surprise box and only cost 10 lindens.  Nala comes with a HUD for her basket so you can coordinate not to clash with your outfit.  My sunglasses are also from a surprise box that was 10 lindens.  The “Monica Sunglasses Brown Lens” also comes with the “Miuki Necklace” which I haven’t shown but is a cute black and gold ribbon choker with pearls. (Missy Math = 5 lindens for the glasses!)  When you click to buy the surprise boxes, you can see exactly what you are getting, so don’t worry you won’t have to go through the entire store and buy them all sight unseen.

I have a penchant for mixing patterns in the same color scheme…

Glitterati by Sapphire is the creator of my cheeky hat.  I like the contrast of the cheetah print with the stripes of the coat in the same tones. It is the hat from the (still available) June 2014 group gift.

Now, let me tell you about Glitterati’s past group gift box.  Holy cow was it fun!  There are, I think, 90 something dresses inside.  They go way back to when there were only system layers, so some are those.  However, many of those include items that can still be used, like jewelry, hats, and misc flexies.  Confession time, I save my flexis, I like to twirl in them, and often will dig through when I get a cute applied top to see what will match up, anyway, this box definitely added quite a few to my collection!  Sapphire also usually keeps up 3 months of current gifts and all of her past anniversary gifts.  The Glitterati group is 100 lindens to join, but you get close to or over 100 outfits for that price, plus all future gifts.

I have another confession, about those system clothes, that I naturally won’t really use.  I have this addiction to playing paper doll.  I guess I never grew out of them as a little girl.  Anyway, I had a blast going back to my original classic avatar and trying everything on.  There’s always this little thrill when you open a box and don’t know what’s inside, and I also just really love seeing the evolution and creativity of those who make Second Life what it is.

What I Had on Underneath

I’ve got two fished up items from Sn@tch applied under my coat.  (Click on the above pictures to get a better detail.) The sweater is the “Sooner Sweater” and comes with system layers and omega appliers.  The fished version is from a past fishing bag and came with 2colors. If you’re in the Sn@tch group, wonderful folks that they are, you may be able to snag an extra from someone.  If not, and you love it, you can buy the full fatpack of 9 dark colors for 250 lindens.  I even searched the marketplace for you!

The “Which Witch Tights” are in the current fishing pool, standard layer and omega applier fished up separately.  These are FREE if you spend the time to fish them, and wisely if you ask me, invest in a 7 Seas Fishing Pole. Go soon, Ivey apologized to the group that she didn’t switch it out this week, so it will likely be gone soon. As if I’d complain after seeing Birthright and all that involved!  Sorry for all the teasers about Birthright, I’ve still only posted one game gift, but the game was amazing!  I constantly see why Sn@tch is one of the top-rated groups in game, Ivey and her team work their butts off and keep it fun!


The Finishing Touches

My hair the “Freeze” group gift from Sintiklia, it comes with all of the color huds, and 3 separate bangs to mix and match or wear singly.   The Sintiklia group is 100 lindens to join.  There are 7 lucky letter boards which don’t require a group, and currently a free hunt gift for the Once Upon a Nightmare event.

My earrings are from Earthstones and are one of the many group gifts available.  The “Twisted Hoop Earrings” that I am wearing here are the silver and mother of pearl version.  You can also head over to The Free Dove, and snag the gold and mother of pearl version for FREE.   The Earthstones group is 250L to join.

The only makeup I’m wearing here over my skin is ATIA’s “Nutmeg Wet Lip Tatto” for 25L on the marketplace.

The following 3 pictures are stills I grabbed while wearing Tuty’s FREE animation overrider “Lucky Girl”.

Hope you enjoyed my short story and my “lucky look.”  I’m off to go prepare for my date.

Get it:

Hat: Glitterati by Sapphire “Group Gift June 2014 – Hat”  group gift/group 100L to join

Hair:   Sintiklia “Freeze” group gift/group 100L to join.

Sunglasses: Legendaire “Monica Sunglasses Brown Lens” – in surprise box- 10L

Earrings: Earthstones “Twisted Hoop Earrings – Silver group gift/group 250 lindens to join.

Lipstick: ATIA’s “Nutmeg Wet Lip Tatto” for 25L on the marketplace.

Coat: Legendaire “DG 3 Coat” (with boots) -119L

Boots: Legendaire “Harmani Boots” comes in package for “DG Coat 3” -119L

Sweater:  Sn@tch “Sooner Sweater”  from  past Fall Fishing Bag – or Marketplace Fatpack 250L

Leggings:  Sn@tch “Which Witch Tights” current fishing reward at Sn@tch City

Skin: Avi-Glam  “AG. Anna Skin (T1, black eyebrows, cleavage)”   The Free Dove. group gift FREE, group FREE to join.

Body:  Violet Studios “Tudoto Mesh Body”- 2,000L

Boston Terrier in Basket: Legendaire “Nala the Dog”  in surprise box -10L

AO:  Tuty’s “Lucky Girl” – FREE gift to anyone

Sim:Hikaru Snowy Winter

Skulls and Roses


“Spanish lady come to me, she lays on me this rose
It rainbow spirals round and round, it trembles and explodes”

Written by Robert Hall Weir, William Kreutzmann • Copyright © Universal Music Publishing Group

It was serendipity, two different hunts, two different designers, perfectly matched patterns of dress and boots.  Bonus, the dress is FREE, and the boots were 1 linden! I happen to think this ensemble also perfectly sets off this FREE hair I’ve been dying to wear, going out of my comfort zone and rocking an auburn.  Well, not really.  I’m just stubborn about looking like 1st life me, and my hair is such a dark auburn it’s nearly black, however, for years I did lighten it to a truer auburn.

It Must Have Been the Roses

Another goody from The Guest List Event on Flawless.  This “Dead Man’s Party Dress” is the strawberry hunt item set out by Albino Peacock. (OMG I totally didn’t even realize this name when I wrote my last post…lol how embarrassing, and ironic.) The dress comes in 5 standard sizes and is officially the first standard size dress I liked enough to hide my tits for.  Well, I may have before but the cuts never worked with my Tudoto alpha hud like this one did.

Albino Peacock’s cart is right outside their store, and if you wander into the store there is also a gift for the SL Frees and Offers Group, as well as a midnight madness board to slap.

This event was a big hit for me, I’ve showcased gifts in 2 other posts…so far. You can find those posts here and here.

 You Just Gotta Poke Around

These eye-catching slouch boots with a western heel are the exclusive hunt reward from MOoH! for the Boo! Bunny Hunt. Seek out the neon green wrapped candy in the main store (hint: The devil likes herself some free candy too!), pay 1 tiny linden and you too can be the owner of the “Zula boots.”

I’m also a member of the MOoH! in world group.  Group perks include a monthly gift, a monthly gift card of 150L, access to 3 lucky chairs, a monthly 500L gift card raffle, and a weekly half off item.  The group is 100L to join. MOoh! Also has a Fab Friday 50% off item, as well as group gifts for the Fab Free, Third Life, and Teleport Hub groups.

It’s Not for Lack of Bread


Nyne has a load of free hair for group members behind the front desk, 19 in total  (group gifts 4-21)!  This big pompadour pony is just one of them. The “Doreen Hair”  is group gift #5 and comes in rigged mesh with the Nyne Hair gift color pack (pictured above.)  The crescent shapes are base colors, while the circles are streaks.

Space Funk


These swirl and pearl earrings are simply out of this world!  The “Galactica Earrings” are the current SL Frees and Offers gift set out by Mosquito’s Way.  I’ve talked more about Mosquito’s way in a previous post if you’re interested in more information.

Nothing left to do but smile, smile, smile.


Detail for Skull Keeper Nails


Dark Passions is 4/5 so far with me immediately using an event gift.  I went through Birthright , which I plan on covering more in detail later, but it’s not for the faint of heart! Dark Passions has 2 gifts sets out through the game if you can find them.  This glittery “Skull Keeper” polish is one of them.

I pulled another eyeshadow out of Dulce Secrets  Collection for the Free Dove 2017, this time the “Suede Winter Eyeshadow 4.”  My lovely lips are courtesy of Little Black Dress , and are “Damask Large Supreme Lipstick,” which comes in a fatpack with 12 shades, 2 sizes of each shade large and regular, in classic avatar tattoo, omega, akeruka, Catwa, Lelutka for 149L (making it 12 lindens per shade!)

So, splitting the math on the lipsticks, this entire outfit comes in at 13lindens (150 if you count full fatpack price of lips, and exclude my glasses which are practically part of my face) and a low complexity count of 72,245.

P.S. Kudos to anyone who picked up on the Grateful Dead references.


Get it:

Hair:  Nyne “Doreen Hair”-  group gift/group FREE to join

Dress:  Albino Peacock “Dead Man’s Party – Tea Stained”- FREE Strawberry hunt reward at The Guest List 

Boots:  MOoH! “Zula boots w/sock” – 1L Boo! Bunny Hunt reward.

Earrings:  Mosquito’s Way “Galactica Earrings” – SL Frees and Offers gift/ SL Frees and Offers group FREE to join!

Glasses:  Really Rockabilly! “Zef’s Horned Rimmed Birth Control Specs” – 99L

Eyelashes: ATIA’s (marketplace only)  “Plume” in Swag Bag  –FREE!

Skin:  “AG. Anna Skin (T1, black eyebrows, cleavage)”   The Free Dove. group gift, group FREE to join.

Body:  Violet Studios “Tudoto Mesh Body” 2,000L

Nails: Dark Passions “Skull Keeper” FREE game reward somewhere in Birthright .

Eyeshadow: Dulce Secrets “Suede Winter Eyeshadow 4”  in box “Dulce Secrets 2017 Free Dove Collection” at The Free Dove group gift/Free Dove group FREE to join

Lipstick: Little Black Dress “*LBD* Damask Large Supreme Lipstick” – 149L (in box with 12 shades, 2 sizes of each shade large and regular, in classic avatar tattoo, omega, akeruka, Catwa, Lelutka

Sim: Darkstar

Dead Man’s Party


I’m all dressed up with nowhere to go
Walkin’ with a dead man over my shoulder

Waiting for an invitation to arrive
Goin’ to a party where no one’s still alive

My mood can only be described as Glam-o-ween.  I wanted to be playfully wicked, sublimely sexy, festively dark, and maybe a touch sinister. Luckily for me, I decided to pop over to Legendaire for the latest group gift and found the perfect dress to set the foundation for the ambiance I wished to create. I dug into my bag o’ accessories and found just the right touches to meet my goal.

Trust Me, I’m a Legend.

Legendaire is such a great shop to be a VIP member in.  They are oodles of gifts to be snagged, and a good flow of new ones to keep it all fresh.  There are 29L deals every week, and surprise boxes spread throughout the store in a sort of mini-hunt, where you can get deeply discounted items.  The Legendaire group is currently 50L to join.

The “Kate Dress” that I am wearing is the latest group gift, just set out a few days ago.  I was pretty excited when I opened it and found this festive orange color in the HUD, along with 7 other colors to chose from.  I love the sexy drape of the dress along the back, and the sparkly shimmer made my inner little girl giddy.  This dress comes in several sizes, XS-L, as well as Slink, Maitreya, and Belleza.  There’s also a pair of two-toned pumps in the box, but they aren’t pictured here.


Accessories are a Web of Endless Possibilities

So, a glittery orange dress doesn’t scream Glam-o-ween on its own.  Lucky for me, I had a few itsy glizty spiders to give my look that creepy edge I wanted.  Both the clutch and the hand spider are current group gifts at Glint.  There are actually three Halloween Clutches in the gift, along with this spider there are skeleton and ghost ones in different colors and patterns.  Glint is somewhere I go often, there’s 7seas fishing, hunt participation, weekly sales, a 500L gift card raffle each week, and a couple of lucky letter boards.  Being in the group will also let you wrack up store credit every time you make a purchase. Best of all, the Glint group is FREE to join!

The dark crystal “Halloween Spider Necklace” is a FREE gift from Hilly Haalan.  I’m thinking it was part of an outfit and I set the necklace aside in my jewelry folder so that I could pair it up with various things and not forget about it.  I’ve blogged about Hilly before so you can read more about her wonderful shop in that post.

The orange crystal earrings I am wearing are part of the “Orange Crystal Set in Silver- 3 Piece Set” that I picked up for 1 linden at Beloved Jewelry.  Also in the set are a necklace and ring (not pictured, there is such a thing as TOO much jewelry on at once.) While you are there, is a whole section of 1 linden jewelry, a FREE gift for the Fab Free Group, and several past group gifts on the desk.  The group is FREE to join, and gifts are sent through group notices on a regular basis.


Hello, Bootiful

Hair and makeup are brought to you today courtesy of Truth, ATIA, and Dulce Secrets. My lovely updo is “Adeline” found in the discount section at Truth for 50L. I’ve once again slicked on the “Persimmon” lipstick from ATIA,  a marketplace buy for 25L that I get multiple uses of.  The last detail is the smoky onyx eyeshadow that I found in a huge box of makeup by Dulce Secrets set out at The Free Dove.

The very last detail is my manicure, which is a FREE gift from Dark Passions at the Guest List Event on the Flawless sim,  the same event I got the “This is Halloween Dance” I gushed about in my last article. I just realized, that I’ve been to 3 events that Dark Passions had nail polish up as free gifts, and loved and blogged all 3!
Tripping the Dark Fantastic

Finally, I slipped into my shoes to head out for a night on the grid.  I paired these patent leather high heeled Mary Janes that I took out of the box of the “Feronia Burlesque Style Complete Outfit” that I got this week from a lucky chair of Brii Underground. Glam-o-ween complete, it was time to get my Monster Mash on.

It’s a dead man’s party
Who could ask for more?
Everybody’s comin’; leave your body at the door
Leave your body and soul at the door…


Get it:

Hair:  Truth “Adelaide” Blacks and Whites – 50L

Dress:  Legendaire “Kate Dress” –  group gift/group 50L to join

Clutch and Jeweled Spider:  Glint – group gifts/group FREE to join

Necklace:  Hilly Haalan “Halloween Spider Necklace” -group gift/group FREE to join

Shoes:  Brii Underground “Feronia” in box “Feronia Burlesque Complete Outfit”  – lucky chair reward/group FREE to join

Eyeshadow:  Dulce Secrets “Suede Winter Eyeshadow 2”  in box “Dulce Secrets 2017 Free Dove Collection” at The Free Dove group gift/Free Dove group FREE to join

Glasses:  Really Rockabilly! Zef’s Horned Rimmed Birth Control Specs – 99L

Eyelashes: ATIA’s (marketplace only)  “Plume” in Swag Bag  –FREE!

Face light: ATIA’s (marketplace only)  Swag Bag  –FREE!

Body:  Violet Studios “Tudoto Mesh Body”- 2,000L

Lipstick:  ATIA “Persimmon Wet Lip Tattoo- 25L Marketplace only

Skin: Avi-Glam  “AG. Anna Skin (T1, black eyebrows, cleavage)”   The Free Dove. group gift FREE, group FREE to join.

Nail Polish: Dark passions-Koffin Nails “Hauntingly Splattered”  FREE Hunt gift at The Guest List event.

Earrings: Beloved Jewelry “Orange Crystal Set in Silver- 3 Piece Set” – 1L

Dead Man’s Party performed by Oingo Boingo

Written by Danny Elfman • Copyright © Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC, Universal Music Publishing Group






This is Halloween!


Boys and girls of every age
Wouldn’t you like to see something strange?

Low tech recording, sorry for that, I am not a pro at this, I just used the windows 10 game recorder. Anyway, this outfit was mostly covered by me, a few tweaks so we won’t go over all that again.  However, in my humble opinion, if you get nothing else for this Halloween season, head down to The Guest List Event on the Flawless sim, wander the streets of the cart sale, find the cart for Dulce Designs, hunt up the strawberry somewhere on that cart,  open the gift, and discover the goodness that is “This is Halloween Dancer.” I’m pretty much fangirling over it, and may or may not have become mesmerized a few times *blush*.

I won’t go over the entire outfit in this post, because as I said, I did before.  Nevertheless, there are a few things here worth mentioning.  Since this is a video, obviously my physics are on display.  I use the “very soft” version that came with my Violet Studios Tudoto Mesh Body. If I go even to the next level, because I most often use the fitmesh used for Slink Physique with this body, there’s lots of glitching as my boobs bounce through the mesh clothing.

In this town, don’t we love it now?
Everybody’s waiting for the next surprise

I lit myself up in this video as well, using a FREE facelight that is in my ever used ATIA’s “Swag Bag”.  I also used another FREE one that I took from an outfit from Brii Underground. Body lights come in most Brii outfits, and she constantly cycles gifts, dollarbies, and lucky chairs for the group members; and remember the Brii Underground group is free to join!

I won’t leave out the two changes I made to my Halloween Ugly Sweater outfit, the orange ribbon pentagram choker, and the candy corn heels.  I picked up both as FREE gifts at the Trick or Treat Lane event.  If you recall, I blogged about a few other finds here. I’ll credit the designers in the following list, as I usually do.

I hope you enjoy my video, I had some fun creating it.  I had hoped to be at a spooky sim, but with the recorder running, I needed something basic to combat the lag I experienced.   But, I just HAD to redo the video from the previous version I posted, where I was just dancing happily while stalking some lucky chairs and cut it off quickly. Which reminds me, I can point out a bit of my lucky chair routine.   In the video, you can notice the landmarks that I have on my favorites bar.  I will put up ones I still stalk for a prize or more that I’m eyeing, and I pop around the grid checking em when I have lucky chair time, instead of just sitting for hours in one shop.

Don’t we love it now?

Get it:

Hair: Truth, “Josie” – 50L

Glasses:  Really Rockabilly! Zef’s Horned Rimmed Birth Control Specs – 99L

Eyelashes: ATIA’s (marketplace only)  “Plume” in Swag Bag  –FREE!

Face light: ATIA’s (marketplace only)  Swag Bag  –FREE!

Body Light:  Brii Underground (included in most outfits, including freebies)

Skin:  AG. Anna Skin (T1, black eyebrows, cleavage)   The Free Dove. group gift FREE, group FREE to join.

Jeans:  Moonstar By The Sea “Ebony Cowgirl Outfit” -180L

Body:  Violet Studios Tudoto Mesh Body 2,000L

Physics:   Violet Studios Tudoto “Very soft” 2,000L

Lipstick:  ATIA “Persimmon Wet Lip Tattoo- 25L Marketplace only

Nail Polish:  ChiaMia “Candy Corn Nail Appliers”  1L Marketplace

Sweater:  Jellyroll “Snuggle Sweater Mad Circus” 10L at the Mad Circus Event and Gacha Fair

Choker: Pyscho Byts “Katrina Choker”  FREE gift at Trick or Treat Lane Event

Shoes: 1313 Mockingbird Lane “Candies Slides” FREE gift at Trick or Treat Lane Event

Songwriters: Danny Elfman
This Is Halloween lyrics © Walt Disney Music Company




Pretty in Pink


May I admire you again today?”  Duckie – Pretty in Pink

Having a mesh body that isn’t mainstream can leave you fiddling with hiding body parts, distressed over a super cute skirt making you look like you’re packing some major saddlebags, or ditching an outfit altogether because the glitchy parts just won’t hide without leaving a visible gap.  Some days I just say forget it, and turn to my folder of omega applied clothing.  After snagging a fatpack of applied sweaters from Jellyroll out of their lucky chair, I knew exactly what I wanted to pair with it, and luck would have it, the pinks were a perfect match!  A quick dig through accessories and I found an outfit sexy enough to fish for jewelry with.  After all, one can’t fish out diamonds in cargo jeans, can they? Ok, Ok, I may have also had a date.





“This is a really volcanic ensemble you’re wearing, it’s really marvelous!” – Duckie – Pretty in Pink

The “Pipi Sweater” looks soft and wooly, the colors in the HUD are bright and vibrant, and frankly, the design is fantastic.  So often applied clothing can look ultra fake, almost like a comical crayon drawing on my skin, but not the case here, if I didn’t know better, I could almost swear it was mesh.  The “Pipi Sweater” fatpack comes with a hud of 16 colors, with or without an undershirt, for Omega appliers, as well as a box of system layers.

“But it’s all so easy
All you got to do is try
Try a little tenderness”

Songwriters: Jimmy Campbell / Reg Connelly / Harry M Woods
Try a Little Tenderness lyrics © Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC

One can hardly be truly ‘Pretty in Pink’ without at least something floral as an homage. My pink velour and floral lace pants, along with the lacy bandeau,  were a surprise gift within a gift from Tiffany Designs.  Currently, the Maitreya Gifts Sales and News Group gift from Tiffany Designs is shown as the dark blue “Kallos Outfit”, however, when one opens the box, there are also appliers for the pink “Minna Outfit” that I am currently rocking.  I left off the undershirt of the “Pipi Sweater” from Jellyroll, and instead applied the lacy bandeau from Tiffany Designs as a tattoo layer. This allowed the cloth of the sweater to cover most, and the deep V showcased the lace of the bandeau.  One other thing I did, was to use the legs bellbottoms option on the hud for my Tudoto Mesh Body to give the pants a more natural looking drape across my shins. The “Minna Outfit” comes with appliers for Omega, Maitreya, Belleza, Slink, and TMP mesh bodies; along with a system layer.  Tiffany Designs also has free gifts set out for the FabFree Group, Fashion Days Group, and several that are free to anyone.


The last few details of my outfit include these oversized cat-eye sunglasses which are a group gift from Gypsy Chic. The CatGlasses come in 5 colors, and are just one of the gifts available for your group join fee of 5 lindens.  The necklace and earrings I picked up at The Free Dove and were set out by Chop Zuey, The Free Dove group is free to join.  I’m wearing the “Lacey Pumps” which are a group gift available at Slipper.  They come with a hud of choice between 3 colors, and silver or gold for the heel.  The Slipper group is 49L to join.  Finally, I’ve polished my nails with one of Hello Dave‘s past group gifts, gift 149 Baroque Pinup.  The Hello Dave group is 100L to join.


“I’m off like a dirty shirt.”Duckie, Pretty in Pink

Get it:

Hair: Magika  “Honest” – group gift/group 150L to join

Glasses: Really Rockabilly! “Zef’s Horned Rimmed Birth Control Specs” – 99L

Sunglasses:  Gypsy Chic “CatGlasses” – Group gift, group 5L to join.

Eyelashes – ATIA’s (marketplace only)  “Swag Bag” – FREE

Make up:  ATIA Pewter Rose Makeover, Marketplace only, 275L

Skin:  “AG. Anna Skin (T1, black eyebrows, cleavage)”   The Free Dove  group gift/ group FREE to join.

Body:  Violet Studios Tudoto Mesh Body 2,000L

Sweater:  JellyRoll “Pipi Sweater”  FREE Lucky Chair prize

Pants and Bandeau:  Tiffany Designs “Minna Outfit”  group gift/ Maitreya Gifts Sales and News Group FREE to join

Jewelry: Chop Zuey ” Les Petits Fleurs Demi Parure”   The Free Dove.  group gift/ group FREE to join.

Nails:  Hello Dave “Group gift 149 Baroque Pin up” in All Past Group gifts group gift/group 100L to join.

Shoes:  Slipper “Lacey Pumps”  group gift/ group 49L to join.