In the Beginning…

When I first landed in Second Life a few years back, I quickly grew frustrated and gave up.  All that is wonderful about Second Life, the vast diversity, creativity, and unlimited options, is all very overwhelming to a new user.  I wasn’t ready to invest in it.  I didn’t want to spend any money as I was unsure how I’d like it, and yet, I didn’t like it without being able to customize myself so that I could immerse into the experience.  So, after a couple of frustrating days, I simply didn’t return again, not for three years.

More recently, I wanted to join a friend in Second Life and secured a promise to be tutored.  What a difference!  With some direction to freebie areas, I was able to become comfortable in my own Second Life skin, and that started me down the path of quickly becoming addicted to what I’ve dubbed my virtual paper doll.  Seeing as I don’t have an unlimited budget to play with, this spurred the thrift hunter in me to seek and obtain quality items that were either cheap or free and learn the various ways with which to obtain them.  Had I known  when I first joined, I would have been able to tap into the generous freebies allowed to newbies thirty days and under, including complete avatars, however since I had in my frustration left for three years, I was left to hunt each item down on my own, learning a bit more every day on what does what.  That in itself deserves a tutorial, but I’m still not sure I’m the one to do that, much of what has become my SL persona is the result of trial and error, many many errors over the course of weeks!  Three months later, I’m still pretty good at those errors, but fairly happy that my avatar appears as I want it to.

I have, of course, spent money now.  There were just certain things that I wanted that required me to do so. The first was a mesh body.  I went a bit out of the mainstream here and didn’t go with the most popular SL body Maitreya, deciding after a demo that it couldn’t provide me the body shape that I truly wanted.  I didn’t go for the second, Slink or third most popular, Belliza either, something I have come to both love and hate.  I love it because I’m more unique, more to what I want to be without being standard.  No offense meant to creators of clothing and accessories, I understand you need to sell items that will reach the largest audience, it just required me to try a bit harder to find things that would work for me.  Which in turn, has caused me to become Mix and Match Missy.  I began out of necessity but quickly grew to love having endless customized looks combining different components into what I feel is a coherent look.

For the foreseeable future, my outfits are based on my Violet Studios Tudoto Mesh Body.  I have retained my system head, and not gotten into the bento craze yet, I just like my face.  Also, other than my shape and face, I’m not attached to any particular clothing style, so this blog will range from average girl-next-door,  rockabilly, goth, siren, roleplay; you name it, I may feel it and create an outfit to match that mood.

Developer’s pictures for Tudoto:





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