Windy City



So for my first full-fledged outfit post, I had to decide if I would hunt up a new outfit today, or choose between the 100+ I’ve already saved; knowing that the longer I put off posting about them, the greater the likelihood of the items being unavailable.  I decided to open the outfits tab, close my eyes and touch my screen and do whatever popped up.  I was surprised with a rather perfect choice as it’s been unseasonably warm here in the Midwest.  So I slipped into this touristy shirt and took myself to feel the wind in my hair in Chicago.

Chicago isn’t called the Windy City for nothing, and with the gift, Plenty,  from Magika I can almost feel the stiff breezes rippling right through my hair  The Magika group is 150 Lindens to join, and for this they currently have seven group gifts available; and 3 of those are hair with all  4 of Magika’s enormous color huds, one of which is the hair that I am wearing here.

My skin, eyelashes, and glasses are things I don’t change out much, so this will likely be only write up on those.  The skin is made by Avi-Glam and was a FREE exclusive gift for  The Free Dove.  The Free Dove is a wonderfully organized store, loaded with nice freebies to deck you out from head to toe!  You need to join the group to get the gifts, but the group is FREE to join!  My glasses, however, don’t fit much in the really cheap category, but they are totally me and I instantly fell in love with them. I found them at Really Rockabilly!  and wasn’t put out by the modest price tag of 99 Lindens.  The eyelashes are just one of the items included Atia’s FREE grab bag, which can be found in the marketplace (link below.)

The earrings here are a little something else I found in a huge box of gifts from Ydena.  I can’t even remember how many complete outfits were in the box, but it was more than 20.  Anyhow, the earrings deserved their own little write-up, because they are a fully modifiable object.  Simple big hoop mesh earrings, and in this case, I changed the texture to a texture available in the system library, chainlink.  It gave it this wonderfully grungy urban steel look that just went perfectly with the vibe I was aiming for.  I found them in at the Free Dove, and they are in the gift box of Ydena all past group gifts.


Alas, my make-up and the lovely checkered skirt are no longer available free.  I only recently picked them up as a Lucky Chair prize from Brii Underground, but they have been even more recently switched out. There are 5 new prizes out for women, and one for men.  I did do a search just in case you fell in love with the look, and it can be found in marketplace (link below) for 178 Lindens.  However, included in that 178 Lindens, is not only the skirt (available in 5 standard sizes) but a shirt in 5 standard sizes, omega appliers for bra and stockings, standard makeup tattoo as shown (omega applier for mesh heads also included), as well as resizable black mesh boots.  Even though you missed this Lucky Chair find, Brii Underground is not a place you should miss!  Several gifts and dollarbies, not to mention the monthly theme hunt with 10 ENTIRE OUTFITS to be hunted and found at the price of 2L each.  Honestly, it’s all worth it for the makeup alone.  Speaking of Brii hunts…the Burlesque hunt’s last day is tomorrow, and on the first, the Halloween Costume hunt begins!

The cute little crop top I have on is a group gift from Vinyl.  It’s the London Crop Top, but it comes with a texture change hud that includes graphic tees for 15 different cities throughout the world, or 15 different colors for solids.  You can turn the bra strap on or off, and when on you can choose between 8 different textures.  There are 3 other gifts up for members, including a cute little Halloween bag. Best yet, the Vinyl group is FREE to join!

Last, but not least, we have my shoes.  I snagged the Stefy shoes at Venus as a group gift.  They come with a color hud that allows you customize 5 different areas of the shoe, with 5 different shades of denim, and your choice of metal for the hardware. In the box are sizes for Maitreya, Slink, Belleza, TMP, and classic avatars. Venus has a total of  9 different pairs of shoes up as gifts, and 4 lucky chairs.  Venus is also free to join!


Get it:

Shirt:  Vinyl London Crop Top – group gift $0L, group FREE to join.

Skirt & Make up:  Brii Underground  Rhea Rocker (very recently past lucky chair item,  group required, but group FREE to join! (uhoh) New lucky chairs are up!  But if you must have it, it can still  be found on Marketplace now for $178 (as a complete outfit with more items included than shown in blog.)

Shoes:  Venus Shoes  Steffy – group gift $0L, group FREE to join.

Glasses:  Really Rockabilly! Zef’s Horned Rimmed Birth Control Specs – $99L

Eyelashes – ATIA’s (marketplace only)  Swag Bag  $0L

Earrings:  Ydena (in The All Past Group gifts box -Marinella outfit) at The Free Dove. group gift $0L, group FREE to join.

Skin:  AG. Anna Skin (T1, black eyebrows, cleavage) Also at  The Free Dove. group gift $0L, group FREE to join.

Necklace:  Vero Modero Lock my Love past group gift, but the store has gone out of business. =(

Belly Gem: Yasum past Gacha Garden Event gift.

Hair: Magika Plenty group gift $0L/Group $150L to join

Nails:  .alme Dots & Squares B&W  group gift $0L/Limit8 group FREE to join, found at limit8SL event

Body:  Violet Studios Tudoto Mesh Body $2,000L

Sim: Chicago 1920’s 

In the Beginning…

When I first landed in Second Life a few years back, I quickly grew frustrated and gave up.  All that is wonderful about Second Life, the vast diversity, creativity, and unlimited options, is all very overwhelming to a new user.  I wasn’t ready to invest in it.  I didn’t want to spend any money as I was unsure how I’d like it, and yet, I didn’t like it without being able to customize myself so that I could immerse into the experience.  So, after a couple of frustrating days, I simply didn’t return again, not for three years.

More recently, I wanted to join a friend in Second Life and secured a promise to be tutored.  What a difference!  With some direction to freebie areas, I was able to become comfortable in my own Second Life skin, and that started me down the path of quickly becoming addicted to what I’ve dubbed my virtual paper doll.  Seeing as I don’t have an unlimited budget to play with, this spurred the thrift hunter in me to seek and obtain quality items that were either cheap or free and learn the various ways with which to obtain them.  Had I known  when I first joined, I would have been able to tap into the generous freebies allowed to newbies thirty days and under, including complete avatars, however since I had in my frustration left for three years, I was left to hunt each item down on my own, learning a bit more every day on what does what.  That in itself deserves a tutorial, but I’m still not sure I’m the one to do that, much of what has become my SL persona is the result of trial and error, many many errors over the course of weeks!  Three months later, I’m still pretty good at those errors, but fairly happy that my avatar appears as I want it to.

I have, of course, spent money now.  There were just certain things that I wanted that required me to do so. The first was a mesh body.  I went a bit out of the mainstream here and didn’t go with the most popular SL body Maitreya, deciding after a demo that it couldn’t provide me the body shape that I truly wanted.  I didn’t go for the second, Slink or third most popular, Belliza either, something I have come to both love and hate.  I love it because I’m more unique, more to what I want to be without being standard.  No offense meant to creators of clothing and accessories, I understand you need to sell items that will reach the largest audience, it just required me to try a bit harder to find things that would work for me.  Which in turn, has caused me to become Mix and Match Missy.  I began out of necessity but quickly grew to love having endless customized looks combining different components into what I feel is a coherent look.

For the foreseeable future, my outfits are based on my Violet Studios Tudoto Mesh Body.  I have retained my system head, and not gotten into the bento craze yet, I just like my face.  Also, other than my shape and face, I’m not attached to any particular clothing style, so this blog will range from average girl-next-door,  rockabilly, goth, siren, roleplay; you name it, I may feel it and create an outfit to match that mood.

Developer’s pictures for Tudoto: